Beyond The Bright Lights: The Hidden Side Of Las Vegas Casinos

Many people will think about Las Vegas when they hear about gambling. This city represents a gambling center of the world for a long time. Even with the rise in popularity of online platforms, Las Vegas’s popularity is still high.

This is a great time for people interested in gambling since they can choose different options according to their preferences. Visiting some luxurious resorts in this city is a great way to have a lot of fun. On the other hand, playing online can be much easier, especially if you live in a country without many luxurious land-based casinos. If you live in Germany, check out verde casino deutschland.

Moreover, if you are planning to visit the main gambling spot in the world, you should check out some interesting things about this city. In this article, we will introduce you to the hidden side of Las Vegas.

It is More Than a Gambling Spot

While it is most famous for its many luxurious casinos, you will be surprised by the many hidden gems of this place. The fact is that many people are going there to have some fun, without real intentions, to make a lot of money by playing some games.

For example, if you are looking for a unique experience where you can feel more special, check out The Underground Speakeasy. First of all, the number of people that can enter is limited, and you will need to register online to get a unique password that you will need to say at the entrance. This underground club is designed in a way bars looked during the 30s when the prohibition was active. It was common to have hidden bars during that time where people could relax and have a couple of drinks.

Furthermore, if you love art, you will be amazed by the many hidden details and interesting pieces installed all over the place. But, unfortunately, people often miss them since neon lights and large resorts attract them more. The best example of that is the Akhob, which is an interesting installation made by James Turrell. It is a visual experience that you should not miss when coming to Las Vegas. Also, keep in mind that you need a reservation for this art show, and in some cases, you might need to reserve it a couple of months in advance.

Walking around the city in the desert will also provide some interesting sights, such as the Seven Magic Mountains. Also, if you want to learn more about the turbulent history of this city, be sure to visit The Underground, which is a museum dedicated to criminal organizations that run the city more than 100 years ago.

Last Words


There are many other hidden gems as well. In that matter, even if you are not interested in gambling so much, you will have a great time in Las Vegas if you focus on finding these hidden gems. That is the hidden side of the city in the first place. The focus is on luxury, and many places are offering unique art collections.