How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle On A Busy Work Schedule

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, chances are your schedule is jam-packed all day every day. With so much focus on business, it’s easy to forget about your body. Staying healthy and active is not something we should be forgetting about no matter how crazy our schedule is. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you’re working a lot. Today, we’re going to try and show you how you can fit some healthy habits into your busy schedule, almost seamlessly. Let’s get started.

1. Set Your Priorities Straight

Your number one priority should be your health, there’s nothing else that’s more important. Try and find an hour during do day to invest in your mind and body. You could start your day by going to the gym, doing body-weight exercises at home or even going for a run. That way, you’ll really set the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll be energized, motivated and ready to take on any task or problem you have to deal with that day.

2. Eat Clean

One of the best ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthier. That means no more burgers and pizza for lunch, unhealthy sodium-rich snacks when you’re watching a movie, energy drinks when you’re feeling worn out and more. If you want, you can visit a nutritionist or a certified dietician and have them create a healthy diet plan for you to follow. Add veggies and fruits to your diet, throw out processed foods, cut down on candy and alcohol and you should be golden.

3. Drink More Water

One of the easiest ways to keep your body healthy is to hydrate more. The vast majority of people don’t drink enough water. Dehydration can do serious damage to your body. When you’re dehydrated you’re feeling blue, stressed, not motivated, tired, your skin looks pale and so on. It’s easy to forget to drink a glass of water if you’re working in front of a computer all day. Want to know a good trick? If you’re working, say 12 hours a day. Set an alarm for each hour you’re working and once it goes off, drink a glass of water. That should get you well above the daily average and keep you properly hydrated.

4. Invest In A Good Chair

If your back is hurting from sitting down and working from your computer all day – you should probably upgrade your seating arrangements. When you’re forced to sit for an extended period of time, at least you can do is minimize the negative effect it has on your body. Go out and buy an ergonomic chair. Once you get a good, adjustable, ergonomic chair – you can kiss the back pain goodbye.

5. Do Yoga

When your schedule is tight, the best you can do is get the most out of whatever free time you have. Yoga is a great way to do so. A proper, 30-minute yoga workout will definitely do you good. You’ll break a sweat, you’ll get centred, calm and you’ll be more than ready to move on with your day. If you don’t know anything about yoga and you don’t have the time to go to a group yoga training, you can find out a lot about it from a-lifestyle. You’d be amazed at how effective a 30-minute yoga workout can be.

6. Do HIIT Workouts

Another good way to get the most out of your workout on a tight schedule is to make sure you do as much as possible in a short period. In that case, HIIT training is your best friend. Designed to make you do high-intensity exercises for a short amount of time which are then followed by low-intensity exercises as a part of your recovery period. You’re guaranteed to burn yourself out in 20 to 30 minutes. It’s a really good cardiovascular exercise strategy and ideal for those with not a lot of time on their hands.

7. Eat More Soup

Soups aren’t only soothing and healthy, they are easy to prepare in advance. You can easily prepare a large batch of soup on a Sunday and have it last you all week. Another great thing about this is, you can change your recipe every week for a year and you still would eat the same soup twice. Well, more than seven times to be fair, but you get the point.

8. Prepare Your Meals In Advance

Soup is not the only thing you can prepare on the weekends. You can chop up some veggies, cook some rice, cook a few steaks or chicken breasts and have them all sit in a freezer during the week. If you’re handy around the stove, you can prepare a week worth of meals in less than two hours. Even if you’re not, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. You’ll get pretty good at it, pretty quick.

9. Drink Smoothies And Protein Shakes

A great way to quickly down a meal is to drink it. You can prepare some great meals, or at least snacks in liquid form – all you need is a blender. Bringing a smoothie shaker to work and sipping on it as you work is a real time saver. However, they aren’t really meal-replacements, per se, although they could be. Think of them more like a healthy snack or an addition to your diet.

10. Walk/Ride A Bike To Work

Walking or riding a bike to work, instead of taking a train, bus or driving there is a great way to stay in shape. Now, understandably, that will be more time consuming, but if you can do it – you should. If not, well, some of the previous advice should be enough for you.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule is not as hard as it might seem. Sure, it takes some discipline and sacrifices, but it’s all for the best. Staying healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is basically required if you’re under a lot of stress from working all the time. Hopefully, some of the advice we’ve given you will come in handy.