7 Reasons Why a Garden Room is Better than a Home Extension in 2024

What picture comes in your mind when you think of a lawn-room? Since childhood days, we assume that a garden room is a tiny space in the garden that has been converted into a room. In our imagination, there is a simple shed and is more of a house for all garden equipment.

The equipment is kept in that room since there is no other place where one can keep them. No one visits that room until they have to find gardening equipment. One can discern a lot of wasps taking shelter and all those barbecue grills in there.

Things have changed a lot, and what you think about a lawn-room is no longer the same. Garden rooms are spacious nowadays, and they have progressed as an extension to our homes. You can consider this a separate room and have a whole new area in your home to sit and relax, play or work. Get a chance to embrace nature while doing something. You will experience positive vibes all around.

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Garden Rooms are better than a home extension in numerous ways. Let us know how they are different.

1. Your Work Space

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Work from Home is becoming a new trend, and people love their home environment as their new workplace. With this little garden room, you get a chance to work amidst nature, and you will be more productive for sure. You must have often heard people say that it is very crucial to have a separate corner in your home as your workspace. You can have this garden room as one. It will encourage better sleep, and as a result, your overall health will enhance.

2. Stay Outdoors

When you plan for a home extension, you get a new space with brick, walls, and cement. It simply means you will have to replace this space with your garden and build a garden room in there. The garden element is present there. Whenever bored at home, spend some time here to refresh your mind inside a beautiful environment. You will have a great feeling when you walk through your garden to reach that room.

3. Your own Little Space

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Your garden room is not like an additional room added to your existing building. Instead, you can call it to be your second home. This is a separate building away from your existing one. When tired of your daily routine and a stressful one, you can choose to isolate yourself from all the chaos and spend some quality time alone. You can consider this room as your escape, where you can do anything that you would like to. Dream, meditate, write, read a book, or just anything. Use it as your private zone, where no one will interrupt you.

4. For Entertaining people

It is crucial to relax and work. In your lawn-room, you can conveniently entertain your friends. This way, you will not have to take them to your house, and at the same time, have fun while partying and doing whatever you feel like. Holding an event during the monsoon season will now be possible with this separate room in the garden. You can barbecue a few dishes for your friends and family. Spend a relaxing weekend and chill in your newly found second home.

5. Aesthetics

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The lawn-rooms are believed to be established more in kind of a natural environment. You get to witness nature’s true beauty from within, and in several twists, twirls, curves, spirals, etc. You get them complimentary with your lawn-room in its natural form. It would help if you kept the laws of nature in mind when you construct your lawn-room. Ensure that you are not harming nature in any sense. A garden building that is round in shape looks amazing, like no other design.

6. You can build one without planning

If you want to get a home extension, you will have to go through the hassle of getting the proposal approved. This process is very lengthy and time-consuming as well. Fortunately, this is not the case with getting a lawn-room developed. It falls under the category of permitted development, and you will not have to seek its approval before getting one constructed.

The best part about getting it established is that you can make it more innovative than just your plain and simple extension. A lawn-room is one of the best alternatives that you can choose to get constructed.

7. Sustainability

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When you get a lawn-room constructed, use a more sustainable option with a framed room using timber material. Timber is believed to be more endurable than simple brick and wood. You can also get a lawn-room built from the best and certified lawn-room builders who are known to use all sustainable and certified products. They also let their consumers know that the timber used is completely sustainable, and they use the best quality timber available that are PEFC and FSC certified.

Lawn-rooms are nowadays more preferable than any other way of extending the space at your home. This method is evolving as an increasingly popular technique of creating that extra space to work or enjoy. Many people already have a room with a simple shed in their lawns. They can renovate them to give it an entirely new appeal. The versatility of lawn-rooms is one of the key reasons why lawn rooms are chosen over home extensions.

The Bottom Line

The choice ultimately depends on a person’s situation regarding what he or she is looking for and which option would be more suitable. Moreover, if you are looking just for an extra space to escape yourself from the worries of daily life, get a garden room created for yourself. If you are looking for more information on creating a great garden office, take a look at this guide from Land of Rugs.