Family Fun in Anthem: Top Kid-Friendly Activities and Parks

Anthem City is a perfect destination for families with kids. Plenty of community centers, activity parks, and other attractive spots for entertainment and fun exist. You can enjoy going to these places with your kids and participating in several activities. You can plan for a vacation and visit well-maintained parks and community centers.

If you plan to visit the city in the peak season, booking tickets and hotels in advance is better. You can also stay at rented homes available for tourists. You must check out and book Anthem AZ Homes for Sale. Before you reach there, you must create a list of places you will visit in Anthem.

This guide will help you make a list of places where you can go with your kids. You can enjoy and have fun during your holidays in this beautiful city. When you reach the destination, you will already know about the family-friendly places. You can even book tickets to these parks in advance to prevent waiting in long queues.

1. Community Park


There is a popular 60-acre community park with immense greenery, beautiful trails, scenic sights, etc. It is an amazing place you can visit with your family and enjoy for hours. You can take a walking tour of trails, try different sports, do fishing in lakes, and do other entertaining activities.

You can also go to the railroad along with the splash pad to enhance your fun level. You can allow your child to move freely in the park and explore different things. Your kids can make friends and enjoy playing with them. Your kids will love spending time in the community park with other children and families.

2. Veterans Memorial

It is a monument established in 2011, where people who served in the armed forces in the United States are honored. The architecture is simple yet beautiful. There is a paved circle which is surrounded by five pillars.

You can sit on the benches to relax and read the carved names of the people mentioned in the circle. Your kids can also visit this memorial and learn more about its history. They can explore more details about the armed forces and how many sacrificed their lives for everyone.

3. Daisy Mountain Railroad


You can find this place in the community park. It is a 2800-foot railroad that is named after Daisy Mountain. Even though it is in the community park, many people must remember to come here. A small tunnel connects with lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes.

You can buy tickets for the train ride of 10 minutes and enjoy the scenic view with your family. You should miss the train ride anyway. If you plan to go to the community park, visit the railroad and take the train ride.

4. Fishing Lake

If you want to visit a lake with beautiful landscapes, then you must go to the catch-and-release lake. You can also enjoy sitting close to a waterfall and fishing. You can also walk near the lake and enjoy mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. It is a peaceful place with stunning views everywhere.

For a fresh breeze, you can walk around the greenery. Your trip will be worth it when you visit this place. You can also arrange for a picnic with your family. You can sit there for hours and enjoy fishing with your kids.

5. Recreational Center


If you want to stay fit and energetic during your vacation, go to the recreational center. You can join fitness sessions, swim, or enjoy different sports. Many gaming courts are there for local people and tourists.

If you love to do thrilling or adventurous activities, you can try rock climbing and other adventurous outdoor activities with your kids. It is a perfect place for sightseeing as you can get town views from this authentic place. Many people prefer to swim here at night to relax their bodies and enjoy their family time.

6. Anthem Days

Only a few people are aware of this annual festival that happens in the community park. You should plan your vacation when this event occurs. You cannot miss this festival if you want to explore the local Anthem culture and experience fun activities with your children.

You can try different cuisines from food stalls, go shopping, and enjoy local games. You can afford to visit this event with your family. You can see the entire city here enjoying the Anthem Days festival together.

7. Civic Center


If you like listening to music, Civic Center should be on your list. It is a live musical event in Anthem’s civic center. You can come here on weekends and sit with the local crowd to enjoy beautiful melodies and songs.

You can enjoy the performance and sip-free coffee. The artists performing in this event will blow your mind, and your kids will also like it. This event is mostly free, and you can come here with your family to enjoy it for hours.

8. Cave Creek

It is a regional park which is spread across 3000 acres. You must exit the Anthem border and go 20 minutes from the city to Cave Creek. If you desire to explore scenic sights, you must visit this place.

You can stay here with your family in camps and go hiking. You can explore the mountain range and capture the beautiful views. It is better to stay a night in the camp and enjoy all the camping activities with your new friends and families.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a family-friendly or kid-friendly place for vacation, then Anthem must be your choice. You can visit the mentioned places in the city and have fun with your children. Within your budget, you can arrange fun activities and entertain yourself.

You should mark all the mentioned spots and add them to your bucket list. Once you reach Anthem, you can go to all the places one by one and enjoy your trip with your family to the fullest.