The Evolution of Mobile Gaming Over The Past Decade

A lot has changed since Nokia’s famous game with a snake that moves around the screen and grows by eating pixels. The question is how many of you reading this article even remember this game? It’s not ancient history, really, we used to entertain ourselves like this in the early 2000s. So, let’s say that approximately 15 years ago, these kinds of games were the only possible type you could play.

It didn’t take much until the mobile industry went smart, and the whole gaming experience on these devices changed. According to TheLostGamer, the mobile gaming industry has seen spectacular growth in the past few years, and there are countless games for mobile phones. From puzzle games, and RPGs, to strategy or social games, even those who never found this type of entertainment amusing have started playing.


With the introduction of WiFi internet things went even differently. A decade ago we had the internet, but if you wanted to indulge in a good game online, you had to use a computer. These days are long gone, and today you are able to play even the most demanding games you love, on your smartphone. Moreover, you’re able to do this on the go, which is by far the biggest convenience the mobile gaming industry has made possible.

Parallel to the development of smartphones, the quality of mobile games developed. At the same time, not only the graphic possibilities and complexity were improved, but also the functionality. One of the key things that have been introduced in the last few years is online multiplayer, which allows you to play games with friends anytime, anywhere. Of course, that requires an internet connection, but even more important than the internet itself is unlimited traffic. These two things are no longer an issue.

The digital revolution with smartphones started a wave of moving applications to mobile devices, which was also used by digital game developers to expand the market. And changed the perception of online gaming. Something that was reserved for kids and geeks, with the arrival of mobile platforms, and especially with its popularization through social networks, has become a pastime for all ages and all profiles, and mobile gaming has become a new type of social interaction.

So, if you compare today’s smartphone to a smartphone from just a few years ago, you’ll see that computing power and connectivity have increased exponentially while power consumption has decreased. These are all things that enable mobile gaming even more convenient. Moreover, the usage of these devices has increased to the point where there isn’t a single soul in this world who doesn’t own one. And if there is, these people are very rare.


Today, users can do amazing things with their smartphones such as make high-definition video calls, take professional-quality photos and videos, play mobile games with desktop-level graphics and performance, and much more. If all this is possible today, imagine what is possible tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence is probably something that is going to be introduced in mobile gaming. How will it change the gaming experience? It is yet to be seen.