eToro Club Membership Tiers in 2024

Since the start of eToro in 2007, in Tel Aviv, there has always been a focus on the retail trader niche, and every subscription and account referring to eToro has always looked at that way of doing business and treating their clients. But things have changed since then, and eToro has diversified its offer and accounts, dividing its club membership in specific etoro tiers (more info on this site).

eToro club is a new interesting feature implemented by the broker that will enhance the eToro trading experience in many different and exciting ways depending on your tier level.

eToro Club Membership Levels

eToro is one of the biggest and famous brokers in the trading business, and trading stocks, currency pairs and other financial assets with it means that you are already in good hands. So why should someone join the eToro club? And what is it?

The eToro club is, as a matter of fact, a premium programme thought for all those people who possess a certain equity value in their account. Equity level is then used to unlock on of the following five levels present in the eToro club offering:

  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Platinum+;

Once becoming an eToro club member of one of the aforementioned levels, you’ll automatically gain access to a vast number of benefits.

eToro Club Membership Benefits

AS we already mentioned, there’s going to be plenty of benefits once you become an eToro club member.

First of all, every club member of every tier level will have a dedicated account manager, plus a low-interest credit line. On top of that, if you want to expand your trading knowledge, every level also includes live webinars where you’ll be able to learn as much as you want in order to optimize your future investments.

Included in the formation-program offered for the eToro club members, there’s also a daily market analysis which will provide the members with many useful insights provided by financial experts.

Regarding personal financial access, eToro club membership also includes numerous reduced fees for some specific levels which includes different discounts, free withdrawals and useful waivers of exchange fees which will be a vital money-saving option for high-volume traders.

On higher tiers such as platinum+ and diamond levels, you will also be invited to important events sponsored by eToro and gain free access to private analyst consultations for advanced trading.

Why invest with Etoro

Etoro is certainly one of the most important online trading brokers in the world. There are thousands of professional and beginner traders who invest in the stock market using the powerful Etoro trading platform.

With Etoro it is possible to invest in stocks, commodities, currency pairs and many other assets. A very valid solution to diversify your capital. Because in a context like the one we are experiencing, where the Coronavirus emergency has upset the world economy and knocked out many companies, it is essential that one’s investments are “safe”.

To do this, you need to develop an effective strategy and, above all, diversify the assets on which you decide to invest. Of course it is also very important to invest with a safe, professional and reliable broker! Etoro, thanks to the certification, is certainly a valid partner for investments in cfd!

We must not forget social trading as well. Thanks to this tool it is possible to copy the best traders who invest in Etoro and replicate their investments. In this way, even an inexperienced trader can learn quickly and get very important returns. Social trading, which Etoro was one of the first brokers to launch, was a real revolution in the world of financial investments. Today it is a fundamental tool that gives satisfaction to many traders all over the world!

eToro Club Membership Requirements

If you want to join the eToro Club, you will have to meet certain requirements linked to the amount of equity present In your account.

In order to join the tier showed in the next list, you must have an equity above the amount shows belove:

  • Silver: + $5,000;
  • Gold: + $10,000;
  • Platinum: + $25,000;
  • Platinum+: + $50,000;
  • Diamond: + $250,000.

The equity is calculated on the base of the realized equity present in your balance account. In this case, the term “realized” stands for both your uninvested funds and the amount of money invested in opened positions.

In other words, equity doesn’t take into consideration any profit or loss obtained through your trading activity, only the money you deposited and invested in your account.

To give you a practical example: you make a deposit of $10,000 in your eToro account, then you open a position for $8,000, which will rise to $15,00 but you keep it open anyway.

In that case your realized equity is: $10,000 (meaning: $2,000 in your balance + $8,000 opening amount invested). With this equity level you qualify for the Gold tier eToro club membership.

Do not forget though that, if you closed your open position for $15,000, your balance would become automatically $25,000, and so will be for your realized equity, advancing your tier to Platinum eToro club membership.