Electric vs. Traditional Shaving – 2024 Comparison Guide

Choosing between the manual and electric shaver is quite a difficult decision for men. The experience of shaving is quite different for every person. The manual razor comes at an affordable price, whereas the electric one is quite expensive. Now, how these two devices are different and why various people prefer different gadgets for shaving.

It is necessary to know some fundamental differences between these two types of devices and how it is favorable to choose. In the following write-up, we will go through a comparison guide between electric and traditional shaving. Before comparing anything, we should get an overview of different types of razors.

After getting all the information, you can easily decide which one to choose according to your requirements. Everyone has specific shaving needs, and a useful device must fulfill those needs effectively.

Overview of Electric Razor


It is a shaving device, which is operated by electricity. Such gadgets are available with or without battery and power cord. The essential requirement with such a device is that it should be portable, durable, and has plenty of exciting features. Depending on your choice of dry or wet shaving, you can choose the desired razor. It comes in an expensive price range, and one needs to take care of the device so that it does not wear out.

When it comes to trimming the hair, you need to pass the device on the surface several times to get a perfect shave. It is like a scissor cuts your hair. Therefore, it does not give a completely clean and shaved look. There are plenty of brands that provide high-quality shaving razors for men. You can check some of the great models from shavingduck and get the one you think is quite good.

Overview of Traditional Razor


Everyone is aware of manual razors, which are available at an affordable price. It comes with sharp blades that give a fantastic shaving look to your face. You can even change the blade of the razor after every use. Some are available with non-changeable blades, which you need to throw after some shaves.

With time, it becomes dull, and do not cut the hair precisely. If you want to get a closer shave, then it is necessary to go with this option. Even an average person can also afford this type of gadget.

Comparison Between Electric and Traditional Shaving

There are certain factors that you must consider when you want to compare these two devices.

  1. Better Shaving

Both devices work effectively and remove hair properly. But what matters is the one who shaves better. Many people prefer to have a close shave and get a clean look. It is possible with a traditional razor. But if you do want to clean shave, then it is better to prefer the electric one.

Close shaving does not suit all. Some people get acne, ingrown hair, and other infections if they use a dull razor on their faces. On the other hand, the blades of the electric shave are easy to clean and maintain. The blades are long-lasting and work for more time than the manual one.

  1. Fast Shaving


Everyone wants to get rid of unnecessary hair quickly. Nowadays, every person is busy with his tight schedule, and they do not have enough time to spend in the salon. Fast shaving is what everyone looks for.

When it comes to close and quick shaving, then a manual razor is the perfect option. You need to pass the electric one several times to get the perfect shave. Therefore, it will take more time, and hence, you have to keep a separate time for grooming.

  1. Safe Shaving

Undoubtedly, both razors are safe to use. The blades of the traditional razor are more exposed as compared to the electric one. It means that one can get acne and other skin problems if you do not shave properly. You have to take care of your skin. On the other hand, the electric shaver’s blades do not cut your hair deeply, and hence, there is no risk of skin rashes, cuts, acne, and much more.

  1. Reusability

You can shave with a manual razor for a limited time, like 4 to 5 times. After every usage, the blades get dull and then, you have to replace it with a new one to get a better and precise shave.

On the other hand, there is no need to replace the electric shaver because the blades are long-lasting and get dull after many months or years. Therefore, when it comes to reusability, then electric ones are better as compared to traditional ones.


  1. Price

Everyone knows that a manual razor comes at a low price, and anyone can afford it. Even if there is a requirement to replace it, spending a little more is not a big deal. On the other hand, electric ones are quite expensive, and therefore, one must think again before investing money in such a device. Many people are concerned about the price, and therefore, every person invests their money differently.

  1. Cleanliness

It is necessary to get the right shaving device, which is easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, you should prefer the electric one because you can use a brush to clean your hair and debris from the trimmer.

On the other hand, traditional razors are also easy to clean, but hair gets stuck many times between the blades. Therefore, cleanliness is an important aspect to consider. If you maintain the device properly, it will last longer, and you can use it for more time.


The Bottom Line

Every person has different requirements and preferences while choosing a good shaver. Many individuals get confused between the traditional and electric razors. There are certain factors, as mentioned above, that one must consider while choosing the right device.

You should know about the product very well and how much money you have to invest in it. Everyone desires to buy a good shaver, which is durable, portable, and long-lasting. It should be simple to clean and maintain. After comparing both, the choice is entirely yours.