Fun and Easy Hobbies to Try This Summer 2024

Summer is finally here, and everybody’s mood is up because the temperatures are up. Summer is also associated with holidays and relaxation for most people, so what a perfect time to try out a new hobby, right? Well, to keep yourself active and engaged and have something to do apart from your professional job and daily activities, we recommend you adopt some type of hobby. These activities will not only entertain you, but they will also stimulate your brain cells to get excited about doing new things.

You might be wondering, what are some fun and easy hobbies to try this summer? Well, you have landed on the right page because today we will show you different hobbies from learning how to do easy cards tricks, to geocaching, to outdoor painting to DIY crafts. So, join us on this journey and see what catches your attention the most and why not, try it this summer and you can always come back and thank us later! Let us get started!

Learning how to do card tricks


If you are someone that is looking for an accessible and fun hobby, then card tricks might be the best choice for you. We are sure you have at least seen some type of card trick video somewhere on the internet while scrolling, and you cannot help it but get mesmerized by it. We are also sure that at least once you have thought about card tricks and tried to understand how they did that. Well, if you would like to know and perform the tricks on your own, then we suggest that you start off by learning these five card tricks that you can do today. Once you master these and if you think you like them, then go ahead and learn more complicated ones and amaze everyone around you!


If you would like to do something that is an impressive outdoor activity, then do go geocaching. Geocaching is all about finding a treasure, while exploring different things that you might come across. If you do not know what geocaching is, here is the definition and concept behind it. This hobby is done by a group of people globally who hide containers by using the GPS coordinates. Once the GPS coordinates are shared via an app, such as Geocaching®, people from all around the world can access them and go hunting. The coolest thing about geocaching is that you get to go outside and enjoy the activity, but also keep your mind excited for what you can find. In addition to that, you can also feel as being a part of the community because you will contribute to other people doing geocaching, but also others will hide treasures for you to find.

Outdoor Painting

Are you more interested and skilled in the artsy side? Then for this summer we recommend you try outdoor painting. This activity is also known as plein air painting and like the name suggests, you go outside to paint the surrounding environment. This is a terrific way to connect with nature and by observing a lot of things that you might not have been aware of. So, once you are out and trying to paint the view in front of you, you will be able to see and analyze every detail there is and translate it to artistic expression. Also, on the bright side, you will be getting more fresh air, which might not have been the case if you were painting inside your atelier. We all love some fresh air, don’t we? However, there are also some challenges when it comes to plein air painting such as the light changes or the shadow switching up because of the sun moving. Nevertheless, the whole experience is rather rewarding and an absolutely immersive hobby.

DIY Crafts


DIY crafting, or do-it-yourself crafting, is a classic when it comes to hobbies that people adopt regularly. The DIY crafting world is huge, as you can literally DIY any project there is in the world, which consequently makes it a hobby that people of all ages and with any skills can adopt. The coolest thing about undertaking DIY projects is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, you would only have to go out and buy the supplies. Some of the most common DIY crafts are jewelry making, sewing, candle making, knitting, home décor, woodworking, soap making, paper crafting, and so forth. The biggest advantage of DIY crafting is that you get to make something on your own and as a result, have it personalized or customized. In addition to that, DIY crafting is a cost-effective alternative for something that might be just a little bit over your budget. So, go ahead and get your materials and let your creativity flow!


It is a great idea to start new hobbies that you enjoy and that help you relax as the summer approaches. There are many possibilities available to you, whether you enjoy being outside and painting, being creative as in DIYing, or learning new things such as easy card tricks. Do not forget: the most important thing is to choose a hobby that makes you happy and makes you enjoy the summertime a little bit more.