4 Easiest Mythic+ Dungeons in Wow Shadowlands

If you are spending a lot of time getting the keys done can be a very daunting and overwhelming task. Because of this, in this article, we prepared some of the easiest Mythic+ Dungeons in Wow Shadowlands that you can look out for in case you want to push keys either by yourself or with your group.

The first easiest Mythic+ Dungeons is Mists of Tirna Scithe


We must agree that MoTS become incredibly fast the most famous dungeon for pushing keys during the WoW Shadowlands. In general, this is the most static and easy layout that does not have very many variations that players can experience. It is important to know that there are no keys that are impacting MoTS. The bosses here are very hard compared to other dungeons on Tyrannical weeks. Also, mob packs are being very forgiving. There are multiple reasons why we selected MoTS for being the first option of the easiest Mythic+ Dungeons. One of the most crucial reasons refers to the fact that the dungeon here does not have any scary scenarios and moments.

This means that people feel relieved for passing so easily the first few pulls. The MoTS is really focused on the fron-loaded concept and therefore there are not enough roadblocks that will make some of the dungeon harder for passing. One and the only obstacle that can present some burden can come from the Haze Maze. In case you are not feeling very confident about this one or you do not trust your PUG group that will deal with the duties fairly, you can seek help from an addon or Weakaura. In that way, you will not have to worry about the game so much.

The second easiest Mythic+ Dungeons is Halls of Atonement


When it comes to the second option that we prepared for our list of the easiest Mythic+ Dungeons, we must say that HOT become as much popular as the MoTS itself for those players that are seeking to push keys. In general, you can expect that there are differences between HOT and the MoTS, however, those differences are not very noticeable. The main difference refers to the fact that dungeons here are extremely front-loaded. Once you get to the point of approaching the second boss in the game, you will notice that you easily got yourself at over 90% of mob progression which will be a very beneficial thing for you. Logically, you will need this progression for further game development. There is just one room of mobs after you approach the second boss.

Your goal in the game is to be at 80% when you are confronting the second boss in order to be fine and finish the game properly. Despite this mentioned one, there are no other complex dungeons that you need to worry about in the game. Basically, your goal is linked to making sure that everyone stays inside the circle on the first boss, stuns on the second, and soaks on the last one. However, you really do not have to invest a lot of effort and feel pressure because it is a very simple dungeon. If you pay attention and be very careful with pulls, your job will be to handle properly the tricky gargoyle packs. All in all, you will not have any additional troubles to face with.

The third easiest Mythic+ Dungeons is De other side


Many players misunderstood the DoS a lot. They all considered primarily that this is one of the harder dungeons in the game. Their opinion comes from the fact that there is truly some challenged add pulls as well as some really hard bosses that you need to confront hard bosses. All of the mentioned things influenced players to feel uncomfortable while passing these obstacles. However, DoS got a new nerf which allowed two more minutes to the timer. This means that all those players who missed out on the key, will not only be able to finish those keys thanks to that nerf, but also time the key. When it comes to dungeons here, it is not linear, therefore, you can assume that it is necessary to understand how to develop the play at the beginning of the game.

There is one beneficial note to remember about mob percentage in DoS and it directs to the fact that the Adenwield section is the one you should want to use in order to get your percentage. Adenwield section is the one that ends with the bomb boss. It would be a wise idea to save this section for the last thing to do just so you can control your percentage better. This last boss is a generally tricky one on grievous. At the point where you reach higher keys, you can pair up and make sure to save some defensive cooldowns for this area. This would be beneficial for you because you will not be stressed later. However, in case you still have some trouble, you can always decide on taking an easy road and get some additional effective help fromĀ https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost

The fourth easiest Mythic+ Dungeons is spires of ascension


Finally, as the last one of the easiest Mythic+ Dungeons in WoW, we want to mention the SoA. The last one is just a little bit harder than any other one mentioned above. The reason for this is that the SoA has some difficulty affix combinations. However, the main takeaway is that SOA is easy for managing with CC as well as with interruptions. In case you just decide to run into mob packs gun-ho, you will be faced with some problems.

That is why you need to be careful with your approach and with the organized pulling of trash packs, you can manage this properly. There is only one thing that might be the main obstacle for you and that is the trash before the Devos which is the last boss. All three angles should not be pulled together. This is because of fact that not only will heal each other when one dies but they will also cause immense AOE damage to your whole group of yours. However, with a fair timer and paying attention to bosses, SOA is one of the ways where you can look for your key hunting adventure.