6 Reasons Why You Need a Dueling Lightsaber in Your Replica Lightsaber Collection

Since it first premiered in 1977, Star Wars has managed to garner one of the largest and most active fanbases in the world. The franchise features a host of amazing props and collectibles for fans, of which, the lightsaber is the most iconic. This amazing energy sword is something every true Star Wars fan should have in their possession. From display and cosplay pieces to duel-ready replicas, there is a lightsaber for everyone. But why a dueling lightsaber? Keep reading to find out why a dueling lightsaber would make a fantastic addition to your collection.

They are More Durable

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One of the things that set duelling lightsabers apart from other replicas is their durability. Duelling lightsabers are made for combat, so they are made with the best quality heavy-grade (polycarbonate) blades and hilt materials that can withstand intense combat conditions. This means that you can fully immerse yourself in any type of lightsaber duel without having to worry about your replica lightsaber getting damaged. Their durability also means that they would last longer.

They can be Customised

Every die-hard Star Wars fan has at some time imagined what type of lightsaber they would build if they were a Jedi. Well, duelling lightsabers offer the opportunity for such imaginations to become a reality. Many companies and online stores that sell duelling lightsabers also offer customisation services, so you can pick out specific colours for their meaning and hilt designs to be included in your one-of-a-kind duelling lightsaber.

They Have Better And More Advanced Sound Effects

One of the features that make the lightsaber such an appealing weapon is its different sound effects. While most replica lightsabers on the market today do come with some sound effects, they are nothing compared to a duelling lightsaber that has a high-quality soundboard installed. Also, because duelling lightsabers are very durable, you won’t need to worry about the soundboard inside the hilt getting disconnected or destroyed from battle impact. And the latest lightsaber replicas, although they aren’t powered by Kyber crystals, can be recharged and last a very long time between charges.

Their Features Make Dueling More Realistic

From motion-sensitive sound effects to colour-changing features, duelling lightsabers are simply the best choice for making your lightsaber duels feel more realistic and thrilling. For example, with the motion-sensitive sound effects, you won’t have to resort to pressing a button to make a sound; the sensors will just pair the motion of your swing to the accurate sound effect.

They are Well-Made

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While there are several cheap lightsaber replicas on the market, their qualities are not very appealing- especially to an adept collector. Duelling lightsabers from high quality retailers like Padawan Outpost offer more quality in both their appearance and function.

They Make Great Display Pieces

Duelling lightsabers also make for great display pieces. They are beautifully crafted pieces with high-quality blades, bright LED lights and well-made hilts. The attention to detail in most duelling lightsabers is guaranteed to make any cosplay more accurate and eye-catching.


When it comes to Star Wars merchandise and props, lightsabers definitely stand out. There are several lightsaber replicas on the market, and as a fan looking to add a lightsaber of high quality to your collection, a duelling lightsaber is definitely the choice for you. Their top-quality blades, hilts, colours, and sound effects make them the ideal choice for not only combat but display.