Does CBD Oil Expire? Average Shelf Life and How to Extend?

CBD has grown in popularity over the past few years and its benefits have been discussed and disputed all over the world, or at least where it is allowed. Yes, you read right, CBD isn’t allowed everywhere, but hopefully, this will change because all the more recent and newer research have proven that it is good for the body.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabis product that essentially reaps all the benefits of the plant but extracts one key ingredient – the one that gets you “high”. So with CBD, you can have all the benefits of cannabis but without being intoxicated or high which is remarkable by itself. But, this is not all, CBD is known for so many things but its ever-growing popularity is due to its ability to reduce anxiety and promote happiness. Its applications, according to a lot of research, is seemingly endless and it is also used to cure pain, insomnia and depression. There is something magical in CBD, if I may say so, and we are all thankful for it.

But there is one thing that many of us are rightfully wondering about. Can and does CBD oil expire? What is its shelf life and is it extendable and how? This article today will try to address these questions and bring you all the knowledge we have gathered while making this, so sit tight and keep reading.

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Let’s start with the first one on the list – Does CBD oil expire? The simplest answer is YES, just like any other product, medication or other herbal remedies out there. CBD, although almost a magical medicine shouldn’t be considered an all mighty one. It has its flaws, not big ones but it has them nevertheless and the expiration date is one of those. After just a few months after being opened for the first time its start losing some of its freshness and, sadly, becomes a lot less effective. Despite the attention to details, packaging quality and warnings on the labels this herbal remedy will spoil. It will lose most of its concentration when exposed to sun and air for long periods. Like any other medication, it doesn’t tolerate sudden and constant temperature fluctuations. Moisture is another factor that can affect the quality and longevity of CBD oil so be sure to take care of that as well. Stocking up on these or holding them for over a year, means that you can expect a lot milder remedy than when you bought it. It will lose its effect and the results will degrade causing you to have bad results. Another thing to note here is that oil also degrades and becomes rancid, which is why you must take particular attention to this because introducing rancid oil in your organism can lead to damage to your body.

To prevent all this, you need to keep track of the manufacturer date on the bottles or packaging, depending on which form of CBD you opt for, and pretty much not hold them for longer than one year. This of course goes for oils, while other forms of CBD medications like edibles should be treated like any other food that spoils quickly.

As far as average shelf life is considered we already mentioned a year, but according to research, average CBD oil can stay on your shelves from one to two years. This is an estimate of average shelf life and you shouldn’t risk going over this. What affects the shelf life of CBD oil, besides sun, air and humidity we already mentioned is also its ingredients, their quality and eventually the way and place your storage these. When you know what affects its shelf life you will have a better picture of what to look for next time to extend its life even longer.

When we mentioned quality you have to know that higher-quality CBD oils, although a bit pricier are lasting longer, this is due to having better processing machines that the company uses, due to better quality plant and extraction processes where more of the good stuff gets preserved in the oil. Although these can be expensive, a long-lasting CBD oil and one that can be stored for some time should be your number one option. What is even more interesting is that quality CBD oils also mean quality ingredients which is a plus for you and a plus for its preservation, so please consider these when buying your CBD next time. Specific ingredients in the oil, like flavourings all, have their own shelf life and the better those are the better and longer the overall shelf life of your oil.

As far as extending the life of these oils there are a few tricks you can do right from the time you go to buy one. The first thing to consider is to go for airtight and dark containers or packaging. This will make sure that from the moment of bottling or packing, no sun or air has got into it, and with this none of these factors have potentially “contaminated” or weakened your CBD oil. When you do take these home try and keep them in a less warm area of your home that doesn’0t have constant temperature fluctuations. Some even recommend keeping these in your refrigerator to make them last as long as possible. The last tip you should consider, no matter how silly it seemed, is to always tightly close your bottles after using your oil. I know that most of you will laugh at this, but just try to remember how many times you took your oil does in a hurry and just slapped that cap on, without knowing if you screwed it all the way. This way you are shorting the life span of the oils and you are allowing air and other potential contaminants in your oil rendering it unusable after a short period.

So as a conclusion to this, no matter how remarkable and magical these CBD oils are, you have to take good care of them. Like any medicine out there, or like any medicinal herb it has its life span and it has its peaks when its effect is strongest. Try and follow these instructions and tips and you will always ensure that your oils are on top of their game.