Should You Match Your Dining Room And Living Room Furniture

Holidays are a time when we all like to decorate our homes. Many of us have been thinking about buying new furniture in recent months. When we want to refresh our space with new furniture – we first think of the living room and dining room. In modern times, an increasing number of people are turning to the so-called open concept when it comes to home decoration. But does that mean you have to match your dining room and living room furniture? Of course not! Therefore, we will show you some of the ways to decorate these premises smart and with style – even if the furniture is not uniformed.

Compatibility Or Smart Difference Fitting?

The dining room and kitchen, in modern interiors, are usually located within the living room. This space is decorated as a whole unit – in the same or similar style, and compatible colors. However, this may not always be the case. In fact, the dining room, kitchen, and living room can be grouped in space. You can do it in such a way – that each of these three parts of the space represents a separate functional unit. If you also have a living space like this – it’s up to you how will you arrange it. We can offer you a couple of tips that you can use when decorating a room like this.

When The Dining Room, Kitchen, And Living Room Are 3 In 1

The color of the walls in a unique room that includes the kitchen, dining room, and living room – should be uniform, with lighter shades and pastel tones. The furniture should be in the same style, the same design, and similar shades. You can use some details in a contrasting color – so that the whole room looks harmonious. In such spaces, it is necessary to emphasize some of the pieces of furniture. It can be a fireplace or a wall made of stone in the living room. However, it can also be a dining table in the central part of the room – or decoration such as an interesting painting of larger dimensions or a curtain on the windows. Don’t let the furniture pile up in a chaotic order in rooms like this – but follow a straight line when you place the furniture. Leave enough space around the dining table, set, and coffee table for smooth movement.

● Tip For This Type Of Rooms

Place an accent on one wall to draw attention to it. You can place an interesting colorful picture, photo wallpaper, or wall sticker – and make it more interesting. Also, you can combine interesting modern carpets with abstract patterns. The furniture is best to be in the light color of the wood – because the dark colors will visually reduce the space. The floor should be even, with perhaps smaller rugs in the part where the furniture is placed – and also, under the dining table. These rugs should be of a similar pattern and color. So, you shouldn’t mix styles here – because then you will get one tasteless whole. We don’t advise you to install carpets – because they reduce the space. All those who have problems with allergies should avoid installing carpets and curtains. This will make your space clean faster and easier.

When Kitchen, Dining, And Living Room Are Separate Units

You can visually separate the dining room and kitchen from the living room – so that the smells from cooking do not spread through the home. You can use a screen made of plexiglass or tempered glass. Such a screen doesn’t reduce the room physically or visually – and again you get two separate functional units. If you really mind if your dining and living room are connected with the kitchen – you may try to fence it by installing a plasterboard. However, you must take care that there is a window for ventilation and daylight.

Can We Visually Separate These Rooms?

You may achieve this by placing a bar or work table between the kitchen and the dining room. The dining table as a part that connects or separates the kitchen from the other space is a trend in recent years. According to HDS, the rule is, that the dining table is closer to the kitchen for a faster serving of food. Therefore, you can place a high dining bar table with high bar-chairs. If your space is big enough – you can set up a kitchen island. That will give the space an elegant and modern look – and it is also practical because it is used for dining.

● Tip For This Type Of Rooms

In modern homes, it is not mandatory to traditionally have a dining set such as a dining table with chairs – which you might need to match with your furnishing in the living room. You can replace them with a modern bar, or kitchen island – that will take over its practical role. If you still have a dining set – it should match the style, design, and color of the kitchen cabinets. The only thing that can separate these two functional units – is an interesting brightly colored carpet. You can let yourself the freedom to paint one wall in another, contrasting shade – or put a photo wallpaper or decorative stone. This way, you will visually separate these 3 functionally different units.

In The End, Don’t Forget About The Room Lighting

The dining room, as well as the kitchen and living room – has separate lighting. In the dining room, the lighting should come just above the dining table – so that the light spreads evenly during dining. The kitchen can have central lighting – but it is necessary to install ambient lighting for those kitchen elements that you use the most. The living room must have central and ambient lighting. For example, it can be above the reading area or pictures on the wall, etc. You can install a floor or wall lamp – the choice is yours.

The Bottom Line

The concept of combined spaces has become very fashionable in recent years. It provides greater interaction with friends and family – and looks chic and urban. We hope we have given you some useful ideas for the design and combination of these rooms.