What is a DDoS Attack And How to Protect Your VPS Server Against One?

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to interrupt hosting services with a large level of false traffic redirected to the network. This event happens due to multiple compromised computer systems which are infected by malware and linked together. It’s important to be aware of the same risk and find out how to get over it!

How does a DDoS attack work?

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A DDoS attack is frequently caused by a botnet. This is like a network of computers and IoT devices, controlled by a single person. Once the threat is planned, there will be instructions that are followed.

Each device will send requests to the target’s IP address, causing slowdowns and downtime in the end. Separating regular traffic from the malicious traffic is a difficult job. Fortunately, most hosting providers work hard to ensure safety of the users and you can be ready for what’s coming.

How do you know you’re under attack?

The most obvious sign is the fact your website becomes unavailable. Even if this can be just a performance issue, further investigation will lead to the real conclusion. Another thing to check is the traffic levels in analytics tools.

Suspicious amounts of traffic originating from a single IP address might represent a clue. The flood will share common characteristics, such as geolocation or web browser version. Depending on the situation, you might receive up to hundreds of thousands of visitors at the same time.

What could happen to your business?

There are different types of DDoS attacks, but all of them have similar purposes. The first idea is to create a bad user experience, so your brand gains a negative reputation. This can happen if a competitor wants to eliminate your chances of winning. The second reason for DDoS threats is the fact they’re good distraction tools. While you’re busy solving this issue, another hacker gains enough time to go into the system and insert another malware.

A DDoS event consumes all available bandwidth. That means your SEO rankings are affected as well, because you can’t stay on the first page without your website working. Too many slowdowns will also impact the first impression of new customers.

How to eliminate the risk of DDoS attacks?

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Although it’s impossible to prevent all of these attacks, a good hosting package will help you avoid the consequences. Make sure you have a web application firewall installed to filter requests. The process start with specific rules in mind that can be modified later. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the real customers apart from the attack traffic.

In the modern era, many forms of this attack are launched and vary in design. Most times it’s a single source, but it might be a multi-vector threat as well. In both cases, it’s important to have DDoS protection installed on your server. With Host-World.com hosting packages, your website remains safe and the network will have certain rate limits.