7 Crafty Things You Can Do With Glitter

Glitter can make your day when you’re in a bad mood. Sparkly things tend to do this. Also, it can be useful in making other things sparkly with ease. Have you ever thought about putting it into use this way? If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place. We have some brilliant ideas on how glitter can be used to do it yourself action if you’re up for some do it yourself. Whatever you have in mind, we took it a step further as here we’re going to talk about sparkly fashion ideas, home decor, presents, and various other projects. You’ll be surprised at how versatile our thoughts are, as we have little something for the young ones, teens, middle-aged people, and even older adults. Glitter is age universal, and we’ll die on the hill where this thought needs to be defended. But, enough with the introduction, keep reading and see what we prepared for you in terms of seven crafty things you can do with glitter.

Mouse Pads


This is the idea we’re starting with, as all of us have one in our homes. I’m looking at one rather ordinary right in front of me. If yours is the usual black one, you probably understand how much difference can a little of this shiny substance make. If you apply only a bit on your mouse pad, it can make all the difference in the world. Try to do this at your workplace if you work on a computer, and you’ll make your days brighter. Just imagine giving a glittered mouse pad to someone for their birthday. It’s a simple but rather interesting and unique present. The colors are yours to pick, as anything is better than plain black.

Smartphone Case


Another simple change. All of us have smartphones; this is not something we longer need to ask. They’re boring machines, but you can spark life into them with a bit of glitter. We need our phones, and we all have them. As technology advanced, they’ve become more expensive; thus, smartphone cases started to appear so that we could protect our investment. Smartphone cases are also lifeless, as they’re usually black, see-through, or pink. Yes, there are other colors, but what we want to say is that manufacturers lack the needed imagination. Luckily, we have it, and you can borrow some if you like. Just get your hands on some glitter, and start the hard work. Decorate your smartphone case in the colors of the rainbow. You can do this for yourself, but it can also be a nice gift for someone you know will like it.

Makeup Brush Holder


You use makeup brushes to make yourself prettier, so why not make your brush holder more beautiful. Just be warned, once you complete this task, you’ll have an irresistible rush to do this with all the cups in your home. We’re not kidding; it can draw you to glitter all over the place. But, for now, let’s stick to the brush holder. It won’t be hard to do it, because they usually come in regular shapes. You know how you like your makeup, so do the same treatment on the makeup brush holder. Be imaginative on the colors, but try to tone it with the makeup cabinet, the mirror, and maybe even some other furniture in the room where you do your makeup.

Glitter Hair Brush


Why not? While we’re in the makeup department, why not switch to hairstyles. If you are a lady or have a lady friend, this can be something that needs to be done. You can make a daily tool, which lacks soul, one of the most exciting pieces of the devices you use on your hair and face. It doesn’t take too much time or effort as you’ll only cover the handle and one side of the brush. Don’t worry; if you glue it the right way, none of the glitters is going to end up in your hair. Even if it did, you’d just shine brighter, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Glitter Gift Bags


You can’t do anything more straightforward with glitter and yet find a thing that would get so much improved after being glittered. Gift bags are simple, as they have one purpose of bringing people gifts in them. But, when you apply glitter onto them, they receive a new dimension and become a gift themselves. This is a nice touch, and the time it takes to make it is measured in minutes. Don’t be lazy; always decorate your gift bags with glitter. Trust us; other people will enjoy them too.

Glitter Travel Mug


How about a glitter travel mug? Tell us; you are jealous you didn’t think of it first. There’s no way anyone in the world doesn’t want this mug. We didn’t put this idea on the top of our list, but you should do it. It makes sense. Just imagine rushing to work while carrying a glitter mug in your hands. People would move out of your way on the street, and you would even have a guaranteed spot on the subway. We won’t even talk about your colleagues at work – the jealousy can be felt here in our office. Starbucks would call you and ask for trademark permission. We believe, and this is not an exaggeration on our part, a glittered travel mug can change the world.

Glittered T-Shirts


You probably thought of this by yourself. We’re not stealing your idea, just reminding you. Glitter goes perfectly with fashionable objects. Get yourself a t-shirt with a heart in the middle, and make the heart out of the glitter. It will look amazing on you. You can even be more extreme and decorate one of the Metallica t-shirts with glitter. Our suggestion would be to cover only the letters. Imagine showing up at the concert wearing a shirt like that. James Hetfield himself would notice you. Just be careful; decoration clothes takes a lot of glitters. If you’re planning to use it in large quantities, be sure to get supplies from lrisy.com, as they offer high-end quality products.