How Do I Know If Your Coronavirus Face Mask Actually Works?

It seems like the situation with the pandemic is getting under control in the whole world, especially after pharmacies managed to create several versions of the vaccine. However, there is still no room for relaxation since the numbers could start rising again. It has been over a year already when the whole world introduced measures and lockdowns to prevent further spread.

Even though many countries allowed people to start going out, visit bars, stores, and restaurants, you should still be aware that the virus is not extinct. When it some to well-known measures of prevention, they include wearing a mask all the time when you are near other people, and paying attention to sanitation, and keep yourself clean. Masks represent the most common way of protection, and most countries introduced a law where we are obligated to wear them all the time when we are in public places.

In that matter, be sure to always have your mask, and to keep it clean all the time. The easiest solution is to get a pack of surgical masks. However, their effectiveness is questionable. On the other side, N95 and FFP2 are much better options. If you are interested in buying masks, check out

On the other side, it is still unknown on what level can a mask protect someone and is it going to prevent people who are infected to spread the virus around them. In this article, we are going to introduce you to different types of masks, and which one is the best option.

Surgical Mask

This is the most common type of mask that is in use all this time. The main advantage is the cheap price, and it still can be great protection since it has several layers. However, the main issue caused by a high demand for masks is that many producers are trying to get an even cheaper price of the production by decreasing the number of layers, which leads to decreased protection as well. In that matter, the best solution is to choose only those types that are confirmed by official medical institutions.

A much better option is to get an N95 model since it serves as a respirator as well. It offers much higher protection and you can wear it for a longer time. The main feature is that it will remove the particles that you bread along with the air and prevent them from getting into your lungs. The main problem with this mask was a shortage in production, we can see that there are now enough supplies. The only downside, when compared to the standard model, is a lack of comfort.

What About Fabric?

Another very popular choice is the fabric. Most people are interested in this option because of its flexibility in terms of design. Also, it is a cheaper option since you can wear it more than once. If you are interested in cloth masks, you can find all sorts of designs that can fit your outfit. Even popular brands have introduced their models of these masks. The great thing is that you can wash it and use it for a long time.

However, the common problem is that many people often wear the same mask for a couple of days without washing it. That can lead to infections and issues with the lungs. Also, you should learn more about the features before you decide on the model you want to buy. The goal is to protect yourself, not to look more attractive while wearing the mask. Therefore, you should avoid cotton as a material since it will absorb all wet particles, which increases the chance to get infected. Moreover, you should replace the mask after wearing it for a couple of hours since it will get full of bacteria.

How To Test It?

There are various methods that you can use to test whether your mask is efficient or not. One of the easiest ways is to try it with a candle. In case that you can turn off the fire while wearing it, it is not efficient as it should be. Besides the prevention of air getting inside, you must test it for water resistance. The virus is spreading the fastest by droplets that people are spreading while speaking, sneezing, and coughing. The main issue related to lack of water resistance is found in fabric masks.

Whenever you are looking to buy a new package of masks, we suggest you read more about the efficiency of a particular model. Also, you can contact some experts to provide you with proper advice. The easiest way is to buy them only in pharmacies. Still, you will find only basic surgical models there. If you want to buy something that you can fit with your clothes, the things are much more complicated. In that matter, learning about the main features can be crucial for the right selection.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to proper ways of wearing a mask, you should know that you won’t get anything by wearing it under the nose. The point is to cover all the areas that can spread the virus. Also, find a fitting model and size that will be in a good position on your face, and be sure that there are no holes around and spaces where particles might get through. Moreover, you should pay attention that your hands are clean before you put on the mask since you could get infected that way as well.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a mask is not an alternative for social distance, which is proven to be the best way to protect yourself and other people from the virus. That is the main reason why countries introduced well-known measures and closed down the restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and many other crowded places. The mask is effective, but there are still chances to get infected or spread the disease even when you are wearing it.