4 Common Grill Types, Explained

As the temperature rises and nothing seem to beat the heat,  it only means one thing. Summer is coming. As we all know, summer is a season associated with lots of outdoor activities and adventure with family and friends.

But since the pandemic had instilled in every individual’s mind that it’s not yet safe to wander around, it would be much better to spend the whole summer with backyard activities. When you think about summer fun in the backyard, what pops out in your mind first? I bet it’s grilling.

Yes! Summer has been the official season for grilling, and it’s a staple in almost every household. One important piece of equipment that you will need is, of course, the griller itself. However, there are tons of them. So if you’re looking for some information to identify what type of griller you need, here are some basic facts for each of the four common types of grill;

1. Charcoal Grill


This was the first type of grill ever invented. It was primarily used by experts and in every household back in the day. Aside from that, out of all the other grill types, this is the most inexpensive one.

When you’re looking for a griller with versatility, a charcoal grill is what you need. It does not limit itself to operate at a high temperature or low temperature. It can do both based on how you control and set it up. Since charcoal pits do not have a max or minimum temperature, you can make it hot or mild, depending on how you need it to be.

You can even easily manipulate the coals to create dual-zone cooking. You can either create direct heat for a quick grill or indirect heat for slow grilling.

When it comes to flavor, nothing beats the original. When using this type of grill, you will need charcoal or wood chips. This is where the smoky flavor comes from. When used for direct heating, charcoal vaporizes the food drippings into authentic smoky and savory aromatics that translate into a flavor.

However, this type of grill can get a little messy and would take more time to achieve a certain temperature since you need to do it manually.

2. Gas Grills


Another grilling staple piece of equipment is gas grills. It is a much-preferred alternative to charcoal grills since it is easier and more convenient to set up since you’ll only need to turn on the burner to get everything started. No mess, no hassle. You can even maintain stable levels of high temperature, which enables you to prepare a complete meal for the whole family with no pressure.

Aside from the convenience it provides, gas grills are very customizable as well. You can find different styles, sizes, and models in the market. You’ll get a lot of choices to choose from a wide variety of options being sold today. Plus, you can get designs that are very timely and stylish. Some have LED Light displays, mirror-polished stainless steel, and more.

Although it can’t really achieve an authentic smoky grilled flavor, it is still a good alternative if you based on the advantages you can obtain from it. The versatility, temperature control, instant ignition, efficiency, and convenience are factors that make it worth the upgrade.

3. Pellet Grills


This has combined features of both charcoal and gas grills. If you want to achieve perfectly smoky flavored meat without having to consistently monitor the process for hours, this is the right equipment for you. Using pellet grills is one of the easiest ways to have an authentic BBQ experience.

The use of special fuel called wood pellets is the reason behind the wide range of wood flavors absorbed by the meat. Aside from that, you can just simply press a certain button to ignite the grill, and you’re good to go. You can even leave it as is since it produces a stable temperature which provides a generally even heat.

Another feature of pellet grills is their wireless connectivity. Yes, you can connect your grill through an application. This feature enables you to monitor and control the temperature, cooking time, and many more through your mobile phone. So, no need to worry about flare-ups because it will not most likely happen.

Overall, pellet grills are a practical choice if you want an upgrade. Since it has multiple notable features such as easy ignition, wireless connectivity, wide range temperature, consistency, and many more, it is surely worth the value of your money.

4. Electric Grills


Last but definitely not least are the electric grills. These are preferred by individuals who are situated in an urban area where there are lots of property restrictions, rules, and regulations. Most of this happens in apartment dwellers. Since these rules prohibit them from using grillers that cause too much smoke, electric grillers are the best alternative for them.

Even though it is operated through electric power, it can still deliver a good smoky flavor to your grilled dishes without having to do it on an open flame. Plus, it is designed to be safely used in any compact space.

Aside from that, electric grills are easier to clean since their materials are specifically made as removable and dishwasher safe. It is easy to use as well since all you need to do is plug it into an outlet that can support the equipment with enough amp. Lastly, it has built-in timers, automatic shutoff functions, and many safety features to keep your electric grillers off when not in use.

Final Words

The information stated above will serve as your guideline when choosing the right griller for your outdoor cooking plans. All of them have unique features and advantages that aim to provide you with the same purpose: to achieve perfect and smoky grilled meat.

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