Commercial Property Management: Fire Services—Is Yours Up to Date?

Making money is most businesses’ prime focus and takes up a lot of time. But no company can afford not to put aside enough time in the day, month and year to consider health and safety aspects.

For this, an important aspect is fire services Melbourne companies must consider the strict rules about. We summarise some of the most important facts about fire safety, so you have a quick reference guide to become and stay compliant.

Fire Services Explained

The topic of fire services is important for all types of properties: commercial, industrial and even residential. By using the system you have in place, should a fire break out, you want to know you or others on the premises can start getting the problem under control until the emergency services arrive.

Quick action can reduce damage and even save a life. But you need the appropriate tools on hand and easily accessible in such a stressful scenario. This is the value of having quality fire services and the appropriate fire systems in place and in working order.

Neglected Fire Services—What are the Risks?

Industry regulations is of course one of the main reasons no company can avoid having an appropriate fire safety system in place. However, looking at all the risks involved when a fire breaks out may motivate you to rather spend a little more and get even more than just the industry standard:

  • With fire spreading very quickly, you can experience product and property damage in a very short period of time.
  • A fire creates smoke that reduces visibility and this quickly lets people feel disoriented. This can prevent them from finding a route to safety.
  • Whether because of toxic smoke or the fire itself, commercial property fires can lead to people being injured or even dying.
  • If it’s found a company was negligent in terms of fire safety, there could be legal ramifications that can even ruin the business.

Customise for Compliance


Installing and upgrading your fire services isn’t just about getting a fire extinguisher. Based on your property layout, activities and many other factors, you need a customised plan to cater for all the needs you have. Reputable service providers, like plumbers, can discuss the necessary details with you and create a plan suitable for your premises, to optimise safety and ensure compliance.

Maintenance is as Important as Installation

Once you have the necessary fire services components in place, you can’t simply tick this task as ‘done’. You must ensure that system is maintained and functional at all times.

If you notice a problem, get it repaired by professionals immediately, because you never know when a fire could break out. If it’s found you were negligent in getting the problem sorted, you could be held liable.

Components to Consider

The term ‘fire services’ covers a wide range of components and elements on a commercial property. Common items can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • In-ground fire systems
  • Water meters
  • Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers
  • Hose reels
  • Sprinklers

These are the type of elements that service providers, like a plumbing company, can often assist with.

For a total overhaul of your fire protection on site, your areas of consideration can even include fire doors and fireproofing, if relevant. Of course, a fire alarm is a handy feature to let you know when there’s a problem.

Don’t forget that a fire could require an evacuation. Clear signage for exit points, along with lights to help people navigate in low visibility will go a long way to keeping individuals from panicking and helping them towards safety.

For each of these elements there are experts in the industry to provide the best options.

Team Training is Important Too

Getting your premises’ fire services up to date doesn’t only mean you’re upgrading the facility. You also have to ensure your team knows how to use the components on site. Effective communication and even training should be done to cover the following:

  • Exactly where fire safety equipment is located
  • How to use fire safety elements until an emergency crew arrives to take over
  • The location of emergency exits
  • Your evacuation plan
  • When to evacuate in order to leave it to the professionals to handle

Last Words


Facing any fire is a frightening event, especially because fire is unpredictable. Give you and your team the best chance of limiting its impact on your lives and your business by having the correct resources on hand. Doing regular checks is how you can have peace of mind you’ll be empowered to take action should an emergency ever take place.

We can hope you never have to use this system, but always be safe rather than sorry!