Is the CCNP Security exam Worth Your Time and Money?

We know hacking and data breach is a horrible thing to face especially in this digital day and age. There are lots of sensitive information on the internet like bank details, addresses, private photos, which are never supposed to be hacked and accessed. Data security, hence, has become a priority.

This can be ensured by The Cisco Network Security Engineer who handles the security through routers, switches, networking devices, and appliances. Another important function he has is choosing, deploying, supporting, and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS solutions for various networking environments.

So, to be qualified for all this there would be an exam. It is called the Cisco Certified Network Professional Security or CCNP Security certification program which on passing qualifies you to become the Cisco Network Security Engineer. This job is quite distinguished and ensures the protection of the data of many people.

What is the exam structure?

There are two parts to this exam. One is a core exam with theory and basic knowledge questions on technology, computers, and automation. This exam is considered your qualifying exam and without passing this, you won’t be able to write the specialization one. You can avail of the concentration exam labs within the validity of your core exam.

The other is a security concentration exam which you can choose. Why is it called a concentration exam? Here, you would be specializing in one particular aspect of network protection and security. This gets you a personal specialist certification so you can get extra credits this way.

While fr core exams you can prepare  on your own, concentration exams require professional training and courses. There are many websites and groups that offer these training courses and one such online school for information technology certification that diligently helps people pass CCNP exams is SPOTO.

The test is taken in English or Japanese and is of 2 hours duration. The main focus of the exam is the basic security aspects of cloud storage, network access, end-point protection, and, enforcement. The laws pertaining to global and local security will also be a focus. Both the theoretical and practical aspects will be taught to the exam contenders and passing the basics of all aspects is very important. After that, focusing on a particular aspect will be easier.

Since there are no preformed requirements for taking this exam, anyone can take it. However, people who are in this field with two to five years of experience may find it easier to understand and pass this exam.

After taking the exam, there is a recertification window of three years to pass it again. All you have to do is pass the core exams again or any concentration exams.

1. Is the CCNP Security exam worth your time?

Career Boost

If you are in the IT field and deal with digital products, having extra knowledge about trying to make your software secure would be a very attractive aspect to employers. A score above three hundred and one to seven hundred can easily be obtained and once awarded, these marks can be used to avail any number of specialized concentration exams later.

This is valid all across the world

If you are looking for transfers in your company or representation as an executive to a partner company from another country, then these types of certification courses are ideal. Cisco is a world-famous technology giant and is branded. So, any certifications from Cisco can give a huge boost to your resume and get you more noticed from the top IT companies across the world!

2. Is the CCNP Security exam worth your money?

Sure, the certification costs quite a bit, but it’s an investment. This new Cisco-based exam has much more validity than the other exams that were previously available. The new curriculum that has been employed currently actually hones skills and lends expertise, thus giving this course value for money.

The pay scale offered to you by companies hiring you will differ considerably before and after your certification. For example, the average salary offered will be in the range of approximately $88,000 per year for network engineers to $110,000 per year for network security engineers. Sometimes, certain experts are just paid $115,000 annually!

How hard is it to learn for the CCNP Security exams?

While a basic requirement of some amount of technical aspects is required to study for the CCNP Security exams, these types of courses can be learned very easily by having the right materials. In this age of online learning, the materials for study that you get are very advanced and insightful.

This helps boost your confidence and arms you with the right technical knowledge to take these exams and score above three hundred and one to qualify for the concentration exams. With a little practical training, you can easily pass concentration exams too.


In this digital age, people desire privacy and network security above anything else. Everything personal is now getting digitalized. So, the demand for security engineers is booming and certifications like this can go a long way!

Any exams that give certificates tend to be worth the time, effort, and money you put into it. However, imagine the brand name Cisco for web solutions and security. That name behind your certification of network professional security is unparalleled in the recommendation.

Companies hiring candidates would always give you an edge over the others if you have this certification because people availing services from IT companies get more reassured when they are dealing with a person well-versed in security protocols.

So, are these exams worth your time and money? We give a vehement yes. These are great value-for-money, quality certifications that you can avail of without any second thoughts. The exams take effort and require you to learn from only the best quality materials.

This will be reflected in your skills; it would be at a significant level. If you want to give the CCNP Security exam and have the prerequisites, go for it. It would only benefit you positively.