How do I pick the CCNP Enterprise Specialty exam?

The CCNP certifications have revamped. Examples include Wireless, CCNP R and S, and CCDP. The modifications make it harder to find out which CCNP test you must take to achieve your profession. Most CCNP certificates are straightforward; the title of the CCNP Enterprise certification indicates experience in this field. For security engineers, CCNP Security certification is the way to go. If you want to work on the data center infrastructure, the CCNP data center is the suitable choice that you prefer to choose. CCNP, on the other hand, is not easy. The CCNP now includes several specializations. It implies that you need to locate the appropriate specialized test to achieve similar to previous R and S or wireless certificates. With six different exam specialists, there is a chance to find out.

The certification Enterprise verifies your abilities and understanding of Cisco networking solutions. Software and networks have an interconnection with the current world of computing. Technological advances have offered the perfect platform for businesses and applications to link almost everything with each other. It includes links to individuals, machines, devices, and other applications. With intentional networking, companies have now become able to use automation to scale up and safeguard their infrastructure. Modern network specialists should be ready for expansion in several important technology sectors to exploit the numerous benefits.

Here’s all you have to know about the current certification path and the specification test of CCNP Enterprise.

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How do I select which one?

  • Register to acquire the CCNP Routing and Switching Certification for the 300410 ENARSI Enterprise Specialist Examination.
  • Read more with an exam ENSDWI Enterprise Specialist 300415 on edge routing and SDWAN.
  • If you wish to develop networks, take the ENSLD Enterprise Specialist test 300420.
  • To become a wireless designer, take Exam 300425 ENWLSD Enterprise Spezialist.
  • The 300430 Enterprise Specialist test must pass by a wireless technician.
  • By skipping the AUTO CCNP 300435 Exam Specialist, you may become a network automation engineer.

How to choose the exam?

Before certpocolypse, CCNA specializations were available at the certification level. By making CCNA more fundamental today, Cisco has modified the structure of its certification program. Start with a solid networking and hardware base that can be accomplished at the CCNA level and then specialize in a specific area. For example, as a tech support specialist, you can start doing some of all and find yourself looking for safety along the road. You can get CCNP security now that you have experiences to help you in the next phase. When you begin specializing,  will be. Make sure you pick a vocation.

350401 ENCOR Core Exam:

All CCNP specializations need a 350401 ENCOR Core Test. Review corporate network setup, troubleshooting, management, security capabilities, and the underlying principles. Each candidate for the CCNP must pass the basic test because it covers the subjects of all subjects. Two advantages are available here:

  • All holders of CCNP certificates have the same set of basic abilities and concepts.
  • Specialization tests can concentrate on the most significant subjects of specialization.

Six specialization examinations:

You can pass a degree if you combine six examinations of specialization with 350401 ENCOR.

1. Cisco Advanced Routing and Services Implementation:

The 300410 test focuses on Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services Implementation. It means that Layer 3 and VPN servicesF are, among other things, supported. If you are looking to replace an outdated routing or commuting test, the ENARSI 300410 is the best solution. Cisco Certified Specialist – Advanced Implementation Infrastructures (CISO) certificates and Cisco Certified Specialist – Core credentials have passed the prior ROUTE (300101), SWITCH (300115), and TSHOOT (300135) examinations.

Focus area:

  • Network engineers
  • Network Administrators with experience

2. Cisco SDWAN solutions implementation (300415 ENSDWI):


Routing with Edge and SDWAN is growing. The Cisco SDWAN Solutions Exam (300415 ENSDWI) offers you the ability to be up-to-date. This examination covers topics like zero-touch supplementing (ZTP), overlay for Cisco SDWAN, and extensive management and monitoring of the SDWAN.

Area of focus:

  • WAN Engineers
  • The core of the solution designers is SDWAN and edge technologies.

3. Cisco Enterprise Design Network (300420 ENSLD):

It takes a lot of effort to design a business network. You need to consider costs, performance, and security when transitioning a project from needs to solutions. You’ll learn how to establish a company network using Cisco technologies. Build networks (ENSLD) 300420. If you are trying to create networks from scratch, this can be the appropriate test for Enterprise. Learn about subjects such as advanced routing, SDA, and network/safety services in this test. This test is available online.

Focus Area:

  • Network Architects
  • Network Managers

4. Design of the network (Cisco Enterprise Wireless: 300425 ENWSLD):

There are more fascinating things happening on Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e. If you want your  CCNP Enterprise Certification to focus on building Wireless solutions inside business networks, Cisco is a perfect choice for you (300425 Enwsld). Cisco This test comprises wireless and wireless infrastructure, mobility, site surveys, and WLAN(Wireless Local Area Networks).

Focus Area:

  • Wireless Engineers
  • Wireless design Engineers

5. Implementation of the wireless network by the Cisco company (300430 ENWLSI):

Assume you are a wireless lover but want to become more involved in setting up and fixing network connections. If you are interested, take the Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks examination (300430 ENWLSI). The ENWSLI encompasses advanced device security, device monitoring, and device setup related to enterprises’ wireless solutions.

Focus Area:

  • Wireless technology engineers.
  • Integrators of the wireless network

6. Cisco Enterprise Solutions Automation (ENAUTO 300435):

It is certified DevNet Professional CCNP Enterprise and Cisco Certified certificates achieved by passing Core Exam and Cisco Enterprise Solutions Automation (ENAUTO 300435). If you want to focus your career on the junction of DevOps and Cisco devices, this certification will be perfect. Python, NETCONF / RESTCONF / YANG and automation technologies cover ENAUTO 300435.

Focus Area:

  • Network automation engineers
  • DevOps engineers work

Final thoughts:

Recently, Cisco made numerous modifications to its certification program when CCNP firm altered the leads in their credentials and tests. But first, the Cisco 350401 test needs to be initiated. You can therefore take practice tests, take training courses and open various possibilities for your job.