CBD for Athletes: Does CBD Oil Help Improve Athletic Performance

Athletes go through a lot of stress. The stress of training to be competitive can cause wear and tear on the body. As a result of this, the body suffers pain and injury. There are several pain management remedies. Among them CBD is becoming very popular now-a-days. Many athletes are even preferring to use a natural pain relief remedy like CBD.

As a professional athlete, you may ask? Is there a benefit in using CBD for improved sports performance? By reading this article that looks at CBD for athletes, you will find the answers.

Why Do Athletes Need CBD?


An athlete’s body gets exposed to significant stress from the strain of workouts. Therefore, one may experience pain and inflammation that exceeds what the ECS system can handle. Thus, CBD regulates the neurotransmitters to keep the body in homeostasis. For athletes, this can mean a faster recovery time and more comfort. CBD for athletes is often taken sublingually in an oil or tincture, creams or lotions. Topical treatment can target specific locations, whereas sublingual ingestion can provide a holistic wellness sense of body and mind.

Benefits of CBD for Athletes

It has therapeutic properties that are beneficial for many health ailments. Additionally, it is effective as a painkiller, sleep aid, and general anti-inflammatory as outlined below:

Reduces Inflammation

Athletes will find their bodies are worn down and inflamed after a long day of intense training or completion. It offers the benefit of reducing muscle and joint inflammation. It attaches to receptors in the body to relieve inflammation. It also improves motion, reduces pain, and minimizes injuries during training.

Reduces Pain

To be a professional athlete is a full-time job that involves enduring pain from long training sessions. On the whole, it helps reduce pain, and there are amazing CBD gummies that can help in pain relief for athletes or even general users. It is easier for an athlete to function in strenuous training sessions. Another factor is as an athlete gets older, old injuries may become a problem forcing them to retire early. It can help them establish a routine with better pain management, enabling them to pursue their passion for the sport.

Improved Sleep Cycles

Professional athletes travel a lot to participate in competitions. This constant travel can cause their sleep cycle to be irregular. As a result, some of them have insomnia which means they do not get enough rest. At the end of it, muscle and joints do not heal. CBD oil helps athletes get a better night’s sleep, which helps relax and keeps them refreshed.

Reduce Feelings of Anxiety


Anxiety is expected even for athletes who engage in a sport they love. They can become anxious or nervous before they compete. However, it helps calm nerves by reducing feelings of anxiety whether it is a PR meeting or interview, a dose of CBD oil taken before an event helps calm nerves.

Improves on Injury Recovery

Injuries are common and are part of the sport. Significantly professional boxers can sustain injuries that make them unable to fight. The use of CBD oil alongside rehabilitation treatment can help heal wounds faster.

CBD As a Muscle Relaxant

The post-workout effect of muscle cramps and soreness can be challenging for an athlete. It is a great muscle relaxant that helps relieve stress by regulating the body’s neurotransmitters that calm the body.

Increases Appetite and Decreases Nausea


Intense training sessions require more calories to support fast recovery and lean muscle mass. CBD is a supplement that can help healthily boost appetite. Another factor is that intense workouts can cause blood flow to divert from the stomach, causing nausea. It provides anti-emetic effects, which help reduce nausea during and post-training.

Is CBD legal for athletes?

The result of increasing popularity of using CBD has led regulatory bodies to reconsider the classification of CBD. CBD oil is now legal for athletes, including those participating in the Olympics. However, it should contain no more than 0.3% THC.

CBD Products That Are Most Effective for Athletes

It comes in different variations both for consumption and application for athletes. Oils and tinctures are for oral consumption and will enter the bloodstream immediately. The relief is instant, ideal for pain relief, stress reduction, and more. CBD topical is for application directly on the affected area. It is therefore ideal for the relief of pain and inflammation. On the other hand, CBD edibles are great for on-the-go CBD consumption. They are also very safe as most CBD edibles are made with THC free CBD isolate or Broad-spectrum CBD types. If you can get your hands-on high-quality CBD gummies as mentioned here, where these CBD types are guaranteed, you can easily carry and travel with them on any US states where hemp is legal.

Some CBD brands for athletes are perfect for a targeted application that quickly absorbs the skin. CBD infused drinks are another ideal option for athletes is go CBD consumption.

Where to Buy CBD Products for Athletes?


Even though CBD for athletes is legal, buying mislabeled CBD products is a risk. One JAMA study published by the AMM reveals 69 cases of the mislabeling of CBD products. This shows that a CBD product may contain a significant THC or prohibited substances. Subsequently, an athlete who purchases this mislabeled CBD product may risk a doping violation. It is always advisable for an athlete to purchase CBD products from a reputable brand that provides a Certificate of Analysis.

Final Thoughts

Currently, the research studies on the benefits and legality of CBD athletes are not extensive. Notwithstanding, CBD oil is worth trying due to its various health benefits. Many athletes continue to report post-recovery after using it for pain management/ muscle relaxation. Finally, any professional or aspiring athlete should continue to educate oneself on CBD before using it.