Casino Secrets – Revealed! Trying your Chances Online?

Whether you prefer to play casino games online, or at a land-based venue, there are some well-hidden secrets that casinos avoid letting you know.

From online slots to land-based security systems, read on as we reveal some of the best-kept casino secrets…

The casino always has the edge

You probably already know this one, but the casino always has the edge. Despite this, it’s important to remember that the dealer doesn’t actually want you to lose. They are professionally trained to ensure gameplay remains fair and fun, and are paid a base rate- although it is polite to tip them.

This means it doesn’t matter to them whether you win or lose, as they get paid the same either way.

There are no clocks or windows

Casinos tend to avoid putting clocks or windows in their venues. This is so players are more likely to lose track of time and play for longer.

To avoid this, we recommend always wearing a watch, or even setting an alarm to notify you of the time you want to leave.

Casinos used faster dealers at night

Have you ever felt like gameplay takes a little longer during the daytime than it does at night?

This is because the casino swaps in faster dealers at night to push more bets and close out the tables. On average, a Blackjack dealer will deal up to 50 hands per hour!

This could cause you to place more bets and make decisions faster, so make sure to keep this in mind when you next play in the evening.

All slot games are written in the same musical key

Whilst listening to a range of soundtracks all at the same time is uncomfortable, all slot machines are designed to play in the same musical key – C Major. This not only makes the music sound more cheerful – as it’s in a Major key – but it also ensures the notes don’t clash and you’re more likely to spin the reels for longer periods of time.

Real chips can be used like crayons

There are many ways casinos can tell if the chips you are using are real or fake. Some have a hidden image that can only be revealed under a blacklight, and others can be used like crayons! That’s right, if you turn any chip on its side and use it to draw on paper, it’ll create crayon-like lines.

In addition to this, casinos often also use radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) for security, so it’s pretty easy for them to spot fakes.

Huge jackpots are often networked across multiple venues

Have you seen a slot game with a mind-blowing progressive jackpot and wondered how the casino is so willing to put that amount of money up for grabs?

Well, this jackpot is actually made up of other player’s bets, from a variety of different casinos. Known as a ‘network’ progressive jackpot, many games by the same developers or in the same chain of casino may be linked, creating what looks like a pretty impressive jackpot.

With these secrets revealed, will you be visiting your local land-based casino soon? Or will you stick to trying your chances online?