Car Accident in Queens, NY: All you Need to Know!

Some car accidents and crashes in Queens have devastating consequences. Right after an accident, you are expected to take action. Pull over and call the local law enforcement immediately. If anyone is injured, you are required to call 911.

Injuries from car crashes are not always apparent, so make sure to check with an injury doctor soon after, even if you don’t have visible injuries. Once you feel better, you need to inform your insurance company and call a Queens car accident lawyer. Below are some more important aspects worth knowing.

Informing your insurer

For the unversed, NY is a no-fault car insurance state. In all likeliness, you are required to file a claim with your own insurer. Your PIP insurance will typically cover all financial losses, including medical bills. There are some circumstances when you can actually hold the at-fault driver responsible for your losses. In that case, you need to file a claim with their insurer.

The pure comparative fault rule

New York follows the pure comparative fault rule. If you had a share of fault, your eventual settlement will be reduced by your fault percentage. You can file a personal injury lawsuit, even if your share of fault is more than 50%. For example, if you were given $50,000 in settlement and were 60% at fault, you can still recover $20,000. Of course, circumstances surrounding an accident can be vastly different.

Hiring a car accident lawyer

In your best interests, you may want to work with a reliable car accident lawyer. Attorneys know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies, and they can take things forward to court if things don’t go as expected. You should definitely consider calling a lawyer, if:

  • You have suffered serious losses
  • You have sustained injuries that can impact your life ahead
  • You were at fault to an extent
  • You are not sure of what caused the accident
  • You don’t want to deal with the insurance company

Car crashes and fatal accidents are not uncommon on NY roads. Immediately after an accident, you are expected to take action, provided you are physically capable of doing so. Before anything else, check if someone injured requires medical attention and call the police. It is necessary to report a car accident if it results in death, injury, or considerable vehicle damage (the vehicle cannot be driven safely from the accident scene). Once you have taken the necessary steps, it’s time to call a reliable car accident attorney for legal advice. Below is an overview of how an attorney can help.

How Long Will You Suffer from Back Pain Following a Car Crash


Often, back pain subsides within 6 weeks in most patients injured in a car accident. But, most of the pain must reduce within just a few days after the inflammation subsides and the soft tissue recovers. You and your doctor can come up with a proper treatment plan to accelerate your recovery. And while you recover, your Everett car accident attorney will ensure you get the compensation to pay for your medical bills and lost wages.

How a Car Crash Causes Lower Back Pain

If you had comprehensive coverage through a trusted car insurance company such as then you are able to simply focus on your health and recovery instead of worrying about the damages. A car accident can cause different unpleasant ailments; however, muscular strains or tears are the most common. These injuries occur when your head is forcefully moved forward and backward, causing a whiplash. Because of this motion, spinal disc, bone structure, and facet joints injuries may develop, depending on how serious the crash is.

If you have experienced back injuries, you should see a doctor and get a medical evaluation. You will be asked to get an X-ray, CT scan, bone scan, MRI, or myelogram. Treatment differs depending on the type and degree of the damage you experience after your diagnosis. A lot of back issues only require short-term treatment like pain medication, physical therapy, and inflammatory injections.

Common Back Injuries Suffered After a Car Crash

The following are common back injuries you may sustain after a car crash:

  • Back sprains and strains. Back strains occur because of overextended and damaged soft tissue. They involve the ligaments. Meanwhile, back strains impact the tendons in your back that link your bones to muscles.
  • Herniated discs. A car accident can move your discs and squeeze the nerves, leading to a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when the spinal disc’s inner component pushes out through the outer ring.
  • Lumbar or thoracic vertebrae fractures. These injuries produce moderate to serious back discomfort that can worsen when you move. If the fracture is caused by high-energy trauma, you may suffer brain damage.
  • Face joint pains. Facet joints let you twist or bend your body without damaging your spine. But, if these joints are damaged, they can interfere with your nerves, causing pain.

Insurance companies are here for profit


Texas is a fault state. If the accident happened because of the other driver’s disregard for safety, you might have the scope to file an injury lawsuit. You will be filing an insurance claim with their insurer (you must still inform your insurance company). Don’t be fooled to assume that the claims adjuster will be fair to you. Insurance companies will do anything to maximize their profits, and they may deny your claim without solid reasons. Get an accident attorney so that you don’t have to deal with the insurance company directly.

When you have a share in the fault

If the other driver is solely at fault, getting fair compensation shouldn’t be hard. However, when you have a share in fault, this can hugely impact the settlement you get. Texas follows the modified comparative fault rule. If your fault share is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything at all. Otherwise, your awarded settlement will be reduced by fault (measured in percentage). Insurance companies often use these facts against the other party, and you need an attorney to defend your rights.

Minimize your stress


People often have reservations about hiring an accident attorney because they worry about the lawyer’s fee. The good news is most personal injury law firms in Houston take such accident & crash cases on a contingency fee. The lawyer only gets paid if they win. The contingency fee can vary – 20% to 40% – of the final settlement. Hiring a lawyer is an assurance that you are not alone in handling your case. Your attorney can take care of the paperwork and ensure that you have time to recover.

Always remember that insurance companies are not in the business of paying settlements. The claims adjuster will want to offer the lowest amount possible, and without an attorney, you may end up with a raw deal.

As for the cost of legal representation, most car accident lawyers in Queens work on a contingency fee. That means that the lawyer only gets paid if they win. Find a lawyer soon after the car accident. Click here for more information.