Business Signs: When to Repair or Replace?

Business owners often frequently invest a lot of effort and budget into making the interiors of their building or store beautiful and contemporary.

Nevertheless, to keep a good aesthetic and to avoid harming the fundamental structural components, the exterior of the building also requires routine cleaning and maintenance.

The first impression from the visitors normally comes from what they see in your exteriors and the business signs that are installed there. They are made to display your brand and draw attention to the location of your business. You wouldn’t want your business to be advertised by a sign with worn-out graphics or cracked paint.

However, there are times when fixing your exterior signs may not be enough, and installing a new one is the preferable choice. How can you tell when such a time has come? Here are some things to think about when choosing the ideal outdoor signage for your business.

Indicators When Your Sign Needs Repair

Your Exterior Sign Is Legendary

You might want to retain and restore priceless vintage signs like 1950s neon signs from Colorado, which are currently being kept intact by a number of dining establishments and theaters.

If you own a sign that is so recognizable outside, you should speak with signage experts to determine how to preserve and repair it. Consider maintaining it as an indoor decorative item if the price or damage makes it too expensive to keep as part of your exterior signage.

The Signage is Quite New, and Maintenance is Simple

Each variety of signs has a usual lifespan, and within that time, minor damage can be expected and of course, fixed. It is possible to replace electronic systems, convert lightbulbs to LEDs, repaint faded colors, change vinyl elements with freshly printed ones, treat corrosion, and coat over them.

Ask your signage professional for assistance on how to effectively preserve your signs so that they last, as some fixes may be more difficult or expensive than others.

Furthermore, they might suggest fixes that you haven’t thought of.

It Financially Makes Sense

Instead of replacing your signs completely, you might find that redeveloping them is more affordable.

In addition to the price of making new outdoor signs, there may be other expenses like installation permits.

If changing your sign is out of your price range, think of repairing your old sign as a temporary fix.

Only Minor Adjustments are Required

Some components of your exterior sign may shift as your company grows. You might wish to add your social network accounts, a new online shop website, or perhaps your latest contact details. If you haven’t changed your branding whatsoever, it’s possible that you’re now providing a new program or using a new slogan.

You don’t necessarily have to replace your signage if such adjustments don’t need extensive changes to them.

For a reasonable price, an experienced sign installer can make those improvements blend perfectly with your current sign.

Indicators of When to Replace the Signs

Sometimes the best course of action is to fully replace your outdated exterior signage with new ones. It’s time to change your signage when it fails to work properly, when it no longer accurately represents your brand and business, when it fails to draw people, or, even worse, when it encourages them to shop in your competitors’ shop.

Your brand identity, façade, and even power are revitalized by an entirely new outside sign. Then again, it’s nice to enter your place of business each day and be greeted by a stunning new sign that makes you smile.

Additionally, changing an outdated sign gives you the chance to incorporate current technologies, such as LED lighting systems, digital signs, etc., modernizing your company’s image while saving money on energy.

This is the time to think about updating your outdated signage.

The Damage to Your Sign Cannot be Repaired

Despite proper maintenance, all signs eventually reach the expiration of their service life and cannot be fixed with repairs or upgrades.

In some instances, a sign could sustain damage from a cause unrelated to typical wear and tear, like a very powerful storm.

Regardless of how new, a sign that is severely damaged is just as awful as one that is plainly worn out because they both reflect poorly on your company.

Therefore, choosing a new sign is an excellent idea when your existing sign is too broken to repair or the price of refurbishing it is too expensive.

Your Outdated Signs are No Longer Making You Visible

If your company has been operating in the same area for some time, there’s a good possibility that your outdated signs are no longer appropriate considering the changes the area has undergone. Maybe more people are traversing the street now. There may be more competition today.

The pace of the traffic may cause people to pay more attention to their mobile devices than their surroundings.

Would your sign still draw attention in light of the current situation? With the current volume of traffic, is it substantial enough to draw attention? To maximize the impact of your LED signs outdoor and ensure a professional installation, consider partnering with a reputable Austin sign company that specializes in LED signage solutions.

The Business is Rebranding

Rebranding is a process that becomes essential following an acquisition, new partnership, new owner, etc., as well as when an organization wants to renew its brand.

Changes to logos, fonts, colors, or messaging are expected in rebranding. These changes can’t be done by simply refurbishing your current signs. Choosing a new sign is typically the best option from a financial standpoint as well as in terms of branding effectiveness since you can carefully pick the techniques and materials that best complement your redefined brand with the new sign.