8 Best Books for 3-Year-Olds Toddler in 2024

The main advantage of reading a book to your young child is that you can help it to develop much faster and provide the kid with basic knowledge before it reaches years for elementary school. Many types of research confirm how reading to a young child can help it to reach literacy much faster, and become more interested in reading books from a young age. The kids at the age of 3 are called preschoolers, and while it is a rare case that a child can read in that age, reading books to it can be beneficial for many reasons.

The main benefits that the kid at the age of 3 will get if you read books to him are that it can play various rhyming games, learn songs, understand the stories, and learn new words you are reading to him. There are many genres that you can choose and find out which one the kid prefers the most. If you notice that your child prefers science-fiction, check coolthingschicago.com, where you can find some of the best books related to robots and sci-fi.

You should pay attention to what kind of books your kid is entertained the most. Some of the best choices are books with pictures which kid can relate to various stories, rhymes and songs, and fantasies or fairy tales. There are numerous titles that you can choose to read to your child. We have selected some of the best, which were specially written for kids this age.

1. Green Eggs and Ham

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The main character in this book is Sam-I-Am, and he is continuously trying to give ham and green apples to the ill-tempered character with an unknown name. Throughout the book, we can see how the main character is offering food in various places and with different people. Sam-I-Am is determined to succeed, and with a lot of effort, he finally succeeds to give food to that grumpy unnamed character. After his success, that person is interested in sharing food with anyone. Your kid will find this book very entertaining because of the interesting places and characters you will describe to him.

2. The Giving Tree

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The main story of this book is full of emotions, and it can bring a sense of nostalgia and even tears. The Giving Tree is about a tree that loved a kid who often played on it and ate from that tree. However, as a kid become older, he starts demanding more and more food from it, and the tree is showing and unconditional love by giving him whatever he asks for. In the end, that kid cuts the tree but returns to sit on it as an old man. The symbolism of this book represents the unconditional love of parents and how they are willing to give everything for their children.

3. Jamberry

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Jamberry is an interesting story about the friendship between a bear and a boy, and their adventures through the fantasy world full of blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. The book is full of fantasy creatures, ponies, waterfalls, and many other illustrations that your kid will surely find amusing. Also, this book will motivate the child to join you while you are reading to it, and try to understand all symbols and the whole story.

4. Corduroy

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This book is about a little bear named Corduroy, who was laying in the store while waiting for someone to take him home. Luckily for him, there is Lisa, a little girl who passes near the store and decides to buy him and take him home. However, her mother refuses to buy him because he was missing a button. The adventure in this book is about a little bear who spends all night in the store while trying to find a proper button for himself, which he did. The happy ending in this book is related to the fact that a little girl did not give up on getting him, and she came to the store tomorrow again. The symbolism in this book is related to imperfections and how that will not affect someone from loving you.

5. Lost and Found

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The main characters in this story are a little boy and a penguin. The boy found him in front of his home in the morning and tries to help him to reach his home, the South Pole. There are many happy and sad moments. For example, the penguin becomes sad when the boy leaves him. On the other side, the boy becomes sad as well when he changes his mind and tries to find a penguin again. However, there is a happy ending where both of them are together again and become best friends. The main story of this book will teach your kid about the importance of keeping a good friendship.

6. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

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This book is full of amazing illustrations that are great for little kids and help them to understand the story. The Wonderful Things You Will Be is about the mother and her kid who are walking together and holding a balloon. As the story goes on, the mother starts imagining what her kid could become when she grows up. There are many rhymes, illustrations, and imagined characters, which helps your kid to improve its creativity.

7. Guess How Much I Love You

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This book is about the father and the son, and their efforts to show each other who loves whom the most. The start of the story is about the father who wishes a good night to his son and says how he loves him. Boy answers to him that he loves him even more, and they start to compare who can express more love. This book can also have a positive effect on parents and motivate them to find a way to express their love even more. On the other hand, you will make your kid much happier when it knows how much you love him.

8. Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

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This book is perfect as a bedtime story. There are many illustrations about diggers and trucks and what they are doing before sleep. This book will help you kid to develop some routines like brushing teeth, taking a bath, cleaning the room, and much more. Influencing a child to learn to organize and develop healthy habits is best and most effectively developed in this way.