6 Blockchain Games to Pay Heed to for 2024

Blockchain gaming is having a real moment, as more and more players have directed their attention from regular games to Web 3.0 games. That’s because they can earn a considerable income and immerse themselves into fascinating gaming realms at the same time. This type of games has come to have a deep impact on the industry, bringing rewards to all parties involved – video game companies, players, and investors. But how is this possible for investors? Well, they buy a game’s token that’s likely to go up in price, especially since the progress of the blockchain game industry is on the brink of setting the scene for a next level era of gaming.

Blockchain is undoubtedly about more than cryptocurrency. As the technology has expanded, people can not only buy Bitcoin after checking the Bitcoin price on Binance but also immerse in P2E games where they can gain actual crypto or real-life money. Game developers are increasingly leveraging blockchain technology, and their work is remarkable. Many iconic titles came into being, and many more are going to be released.

Here’s only some of the titles 2024 is cooking in the oven:


Source: geekmetaverse.com

KLAYMETA is based on the South Korean Klaytn blockchain, aimed at the creator economy, gaming, and metaverse. The blockchain platform has promised innovation and scalability, and this is what it delivers. The Play-and-Earn game KLAYMETA is an excellent example in this regard, as it highlights the chance to earn provided as an add-on feature, unlike the profit-seeking Play-to-Earn model. Klaytn already launched its initial gameplay particularities, counting adventure modes, and the grand launch is planned for the first quarter of 2024.

GameFi enthusiasts are thrilled to adventure in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), as, among other opportunities, it gives them access to several digital currencies. Users can earn bonuses and NFTs according to their advancement into the game. Moreover, the embedded NFT platform lets people convert in-game NFTs into $META – the platform’s native currency – as well as exchange and trade tokens.


Source: caesarverse.io

CaesarVerse is among the most awaited NFT games, and for a good reason. It’s a bit distinct in comparison to other games of its sort, as it concentrates on education rather than finances. Indeed, the NFT game allows users to make significant gains, but this isn’t its primary purpose. The leading motivation of CaesarVerse is to teach users facts about the Roman era, its very peculiarities, traditions and customs, and legendary personalities who marked the period. What’s amazing about this blockchain game is that players can actually go to real events and places and engage with these historical figures.

Colin Helm, CaesarVerse founder, also said that the game focuses on education and that the team behind the platform further plans to introduce an educational tool aimed at universities to offer their students an immersive and rich experience.

Although its release is set for January 2024, CaesarVerse intends to gradually incorporate elements to keep users engaged. Gladiatorial and legionary contests are some of the game’s most looked-for features.

Mighty Action Heroes

This Web 3.0 game is to be released at the very moment of writing these lines, i.e., 16 December 2024. It’s developed by Mighty Bear Games, a popular game studio releasing several successful projects (including Disney Melee Mania and Butter Royale), believed by traditional gamers to bring back the imaginative gameplay and fun of yesteryear. Mighty Action Heroes challenges you to compete against 59 other gamers in an action-driven combat to the glorious end.

Guild of Guardians

Last but not least, Guild of Guardians – the F2P game counting over 300,000 players already on the waiting list. Scheduled to launch in 2024, after a 2024 delay, this game is likely to be a real hype, as it’s inspired by the great Dungeons & Dragons and Diablo. Besides, it’s a blend of authentic ownership of in-game assets and non-fungible tokens, so it gives players the chance to materialize their in-game prizes in real-life money. Director Derek Lau claims that this is only the beginning of what’s going to develop into a legendary blockchain-based yet traditional game.

Current video games to keep a close eye on:


Source: sagaverse.tumblr.com

SageVerse is considered by many one of the few Meta MMORPG P2E games that put gaming first. It has changed the landscape for games of this kind, being the first Free-to-Play (F2P) martial arts fantasy MMORPG based on a P2E model and displaying crypto and digital gains. Its aesthetics and Asian fantasy are based on two popular Chinese literature styles – Wuxia and Xianxia. So, it harmoniously fuses Ancient Chinese superhumans and mortality limits, making the gameplay astonishingly alluring.

Your goal as a player is to gain longer lifespan and supernatural abilities by caring for your “cultivation realm”. Once you become stronger, you must endure “Heavenly Tribulation” and collect resources and companions to revolt against the heavens and declare your DAO.

What makes SageVerse stand out in the world of Meta GameFi projects out there? Its mindset that prioritizes gameplay, community collaboration, and an evident ROI structure. So, if you’re looking for something special to bring you real gains and enthrall you at the same time, this might be your thing.

Elfin Kingdom

Source: medium.com

Elfin Kingdom is another MMORPG much awaited by the gaming community. It’s inspired by Pokémon, a game that, even today, evokes a childhood nostalgia hard to put in words. Elfin Kingdom’s essence involves solving quests and earning for your work so that you create a great individual adventure and compete to be the best.

Released last year in November, this P2E-F2P blockchain role-playing strategy game is a coalescence of non-fungible tokens and farms, having several gamification elements combined into a single project. It also intends to make decentralized technologies more accessible to users, enabling them to reap the many benefits of blockchain gaming.

Famous titles also include NFT Champions, TreeVerse, Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, so if you’re looking into immersing yourself in blockchain games, you definitely have options!