5 Advanced Bingo Tricks to Dominate the Scoreboard

Online Bingo is just as exhilarating as playing traditional Bingo in real life, if not more. Avoiding long lines to pick up Bingo cards and not having to breathe in an enclosed space with several others makes the experience of playing online Bingo so much better. You don’t have to worry about traveling to the halls where Bingo events are organized or wasting time finding a table. When playing online Bingo, all you need to do is click here to download the Bingo app on your mobile devices, create an account and begin playing.

Unless you are a veteran player, you might be thinking winning a game of online Bingo stems from pure chance or luck. But, veteran players will suggest otherwise. Winning one game might happen from pure luck, but you need to strategize your game plan if you want to win consistently.

If you don’t want your hobby to remain a hobby, but you wish to earn real cash prizes and rewards, here are a few tips and tricks for you to dominate the Bingo scoreboard. Read along to find out more.

1. Avoid playing during busy times

Playing and winning Bingo is all about doing simple math. You can improve your chances of winning the game when the game is slow. If more people are playing and eyeing for the prize, you’ll have more competition. So, it is best to keep an eye out for times when not many people are playing, and this will give you a better chance of winning.

However, note that it might not always be convenient for you to play during slower times. But it is worth the shot. For instance, you can play during the break of dawn or during the middle of the week. Typically, these times see fewer people playing as they might be busy with work or other commitments.

2. Purchase several Bingo cards


As mentioned before, simple math is involved with online Bingo. No, you don’t have to be a mathematician or excellent in math to understand it. To augment your chances of winning the game, you need to purchase more Bingo cards. The more cards you have for a game, the more likely you will have a winning chance. But keep in mind that this strategy might get a bit expensive if you plan to participate in several cash contests and tournaments and keep playing many games. However, if you are willing to keep some money aside to increase your chances of winning, this strategy is worth the shot.

Ideally, players who buy multiple cards for a game also have more to keep up with. You have to keep track of the numbers called, and that’s not an easy task. You must be ready to move quickly and use a dabber to ensure you don’t miss any number.

3. Master Bingo strategies


There are a few Bingo strategies that you can learn to increase your chances of winning. There’s the Tippett strategy and Granville strategy that are worth looking into. You can use these strategies to win consistently and dominate the scoreboard.

  • The Tippett strategy

The Tippett strategy revolves around the cards you’re playing Bingo with, and according to the strategy, the longer the game, the more likely to call numbers in the middle. For instance, in a 75-card Bingo game, the middle numbers would be around 38.

If you are playing a shorter game, the number to be called out would likely be around 1 or 75. So, you need to use the cards accordingly to improve your chances of winning the game.

  • The Granville strategy

It is a simple strategy and involves taking a more concentrated look at your Bingo cards. It is best to have cards that have an equal number of low and high numbers and odd and even numbers. Furthermore, you would want to utilize cards with an equal number of place numbers, ending in 1, 2, 3, …. 9.

4. Start early and prepare for the Bingo game

Besides knowing simple math, staying focused and alert are another great way to win online Bingo games. One way to stay focused and prepare for the game is to start early so that you don’t feel pressured or rushed while playing.

Also, you can prepare yourself by playing free practice games that will help you get acquainted with all the rules of the games. You can hone your Bingo skills and get accustomed to the timer. Once you feel confident, it is time to participate in contests and tournaments.

Moreover, when you’re in the middle of a contest or tournament, it’ll be best to disable device notifications, so you don’t get distracted. You can gather plenty of drinks and snacks to last you the entire game so that you don’t have to focus on anything else but your game.

5. Join a Bingo community


There are many communities and forums on the web that you can join. It is a great way to understand the game and prepare for contests. These communities are typically made of many experienced and professional Bingo players who can give you invaluable tricks and tips.

In these communities, you’ll also learn about the issues and problems players have experienced in the past and how you can avoid them. Since they’re a treasure trove of information, you won’t know what you’ll learn unless you have joined.

Can you win money playing online Bingo?

Yes, you can win real money playing Bingo online. But, you need to select a trustworthy and legit platform with a high reputation, offering multiple payment modes. Also, you need to check if the US state you are residing in allows for earning money through online cash contests and tournaments. If not, it is best to enjoy the free practice games and pass your time.