Better Than Us Season 2 Release Date

This sci-fi television series is a must-watch. It is also known as Better Than Humans. The collaboration of technology and mankind is seen in one world. This modern series gives us a glimpse of the future, a smarter world. Techno-savvy fans would truly admire the series.

A Peek Into The Storyline

The story takes us to the future. It’s 2029 and the world functions in a very different way. Robots have taken the majority of the work done by humans. The storyline of season 1 will give us a hint to what we can expect in season 2.

The androids are offering various services to humans, even the most minuscule jobs are being done by them. The one-child policy in China has not only affected its economy and population. The policy is affecting the relationship between men and women as well.

There is a shortage of marriageable women in the country. An engineer designs an advanced robot called Arisa. She has been designed in a way where she can play multiple roles. Arisa can play the role of a doting mother and a caring wife. She ignores the three laws of Robotics by Isaac Asimov. She has been conditioned and manufactured to protect her family.

The sad part is that her creator dies and she is sold off to another agency. Arisa kills a man at the new agency who tries to misbehave with her and she runs away. On her way she meets Sonia, a little girl who she adopts. Arisa takes care of Sonia like a mother and they form a strong mother-daughter bond. The story revolves around Arisa and the family she adopts. Egor Safranov and his girlfriend who are part of a rival group called The Liquidators and Viktor Torpov hiding his failure of being unable to make a robot like Arisa. The storyline is quite amusing.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

The series has been produced by Andrey Junkovsky. The series is confined to a small number of characters. The lead of the show is a smart robot named Arisa. She is a prototype of a new generation of empathetic bots. The character of Arisa is played by Paulina Andreeva.

Georgy Safnov is a pathologist and the father of Egor and Sonya. His character is played by Kirill Karo. Viktor Toropov is the director of CRONOS. His character is played by Aleksandr Ustyugov.

Alla Sofronova is Georgy’s ex-wife. Her character is played by Olga Lomonosova. Egor Safronov is Georgy’s son and is part of an anti-droid militant group. His character is played by Elday Kalimuniv. Egor’s sister Sonya Safronova’s character is played by Vita Kornienko.

Season 2 will witness the same leads though there might be a few changes in the storyline.

When Can We Expect The Release

Season 1 was broadcasted in 2019-18. The production of season two would start by the end of 2024. The series would be released between 2002-2023. The creators of the show have stated that season 2 would be divided into 10 episodes. Season 2 will be shot in Beijing and Moscow. It will also be available on Netflix.

Summing It Up

This Russian series is now also available in English and many other languages. It’s a favorite in the Asian market. Techno-savvy fans truly admire the series. The makers have now decided to come out with season 2.