3 Best Tongue Rings in 2024

Piercing the tongue at first sounds like a fearless feat, however people who have pierced the tongue say that piercing the tongue hurts less than piercing the ears.

The beginnings of this modern way of drilling the tongue come from America at the end of the 1980s.

The tongue is the strongest muscle on the body and responds well to all changes. Pain when piercing the tongue is almost non-existent or is minimized.

The procedure itself is done by holding the tongue with medical tweezers that have a hole in the middle and drilling the thickest part of the tongue at the root of the tongue in the middle. It is possible to do two piercings on the tongue simultaneously, although it is recommended that some time passes between the two drills.

Tongue piercing heals faster than any piercing and has almost the least chance of infection during drilling and maintenance. The secret in the mouth contributes to faster healing and protects against disease.

The earring that is placed in the hole after drilling must wear significantly longer than the jewelry that is placed later.

In the beginning, on average, two days, the tongue is swollen, and a long stick on the earring enables the balls that are on both ends of the stick not to injure the tongue during that period. Do not be afraid of the ball falls into your hole, as soon as the swelling passes, everything returns to normal without any damage.

Tongue piercing should be maintained in the first five days as follows:
• Rinse your mouth with saline as often as possible, and always after each meal
• Shake the panthenol solution several times a day

Whitish deposits on the tongue are the most normal phenomenon and sign that the healing process is underway and that everything is going as it should.

If the earring is taken out, the hole on the tongue grows with incredible speed, especially in the first weeks.


The earring that is placed on the tongue consists of a stick with two balls wound on both ends. It is best for the jewelry to be made of surgical steel or bioplastic, to avoid an adverse reaction, i.e., for the body to start rejecting the earring.

When placing or changing the earring in the tongue, care should be taken that the ball that is unscrewed and twisted is well tightened to prevent swallowing.

During the first few days, it is desirable to avoid hard and spicy foods. It would be best to eat soups or similar soft foods. Ice cream and ice are great things that you can consume indefinitely during this period. In addition to helping to make the swelling go away faster, it also helps with the healing process.

CrazyPiercing 12pcs Colorful Ball Tongue Rings, Stainless Steel Barbell Tongue Ring Retainer, or Nipple Ring 14G Bar Length 16mm

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These are the best tongue rings you can find on the market, and they are made of the highest quality acrylic and stainless steel. These materials will protect you from allergies and irritations. These are the sizes of this jewelry: the thickness of the barbell is 14 gauge / 1.6 mm, length of the bar is 16 mm (5/8 “), and the diameter of the ball is 6 mm. Most often, they are sold in a package of 12 pcs AB colorful 14g tongue rings.

CABBE KALLO 100Pcs 14G Tongue Rings Assorted Surgical Stainless-Steel Barbells Body Piercing Jewelry

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If you want to give yourself a new and colorful experience, be sure to buy these super acrylic, hypoallergenic, surgical stainless jewelry. This jewelry is characterized by ease of wearing because they are very light and flexible. These tongue rings are great for both women & men because the design is unique. The dimensions of this beautiful colorful jewelry are 14 gauge = 1.6mm, with acrylic balls 6mm. The silver has both sides unscrew and flexible internal screw for comfortable wearing.

OUFER 4 PCS Stainless Steel 14G Barbell Tongue Rings Purple Black Splatter Tongue Barbell

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Tongue Piercing Jewelry

It is a 316L surgical steel 14G Barbell Tongue Rings Tongue Barbell Tongue Piercing Jewelry with a special stainless-steel design with a purple-black, blue splatter ball. Dimensions are bar thickness: 14GA / 1.6mm; bar length: 5/8 “= 16mm. The order comes in a 4Pcs Tongue Barbell Rings package with four different designs. The designs are Splatter, Purple Black, Purple Blue, Black Ball. They are very comfortable to wear and have a high polished bar surface.

It is known that oral piercing is accompanied by swelling to a certain extent, and that is why hot food and drinks should be avoided. The heat works by increasing the blood flow in the piercing zone and thus increasing the swelling. However, if you let the food cool down a bit before eating, there will be no problems.

All in all, as we said before, a healthy body heals faster. Don’t starve yourself while waiting for the piercing to heal – a regular diet will help your body achieve safe healing sooner.

The care of oral piercing is simple and involves frequent rinsing of the mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash.
In the first few weeks, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash every 3-4 hours. It is also necessary to use it during the first six weeks after each meal, drink, or smoke cigarettes.

The toothpaste should be used twice a day (necessarily before bed and after waking up) by applying it directly to the piercing surface. A few drops should be applied to the place where the jewelry touches the skin. (For lip or cheek piercing, this should only be done on the inside of the mouth). It should be left to act for about 20-30 seconds.

When it comes to jewelry on the tongue, it is best to check the jewelry’s tightness periodically. Cleaning products can sometimes loosen the thread head and shaft so that in this way, the loss of the same or the possibility of swallowing some part can be prevented.