When is the Best Time to Get a New AC Installed?

If your current air conditioner keeps breaking down and is in need of constant repairs, it may be time for an upgrade. Don’t waste money paying to keep a dying unit operating.

Before the summer heat arrives, purchasing a new system offers you an ideal opportunity to compare installation prices and find an affordable installation package.

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Your HVAC system won’t last forever, so it’s wise to invest in a replacement system – early spring being the ideal time to do so.

At this time of year, HVAC companies are less busy and can offer you better service. Plus, this gives you ample opportunity to shop around for the ideal system and take advantage of manufacturer rebates or sales on new models!

Installing a new air conditioning unit during home renovations can reduce installation costs significantly and is convenient since all the work can be completed at once.

Furthermore, installing a new unit during kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects may help avoid expensive repairs later down the line. Many manufacturers will even offer bundle deals during the spring and fall seasons.


Spring or fall are ideal times to purchase an air conditioning system, giving you plenty of time to evaluate which model best meets your home and get everything installed before the summer heat sets in. Furthermore, technicians will have plenty of time to finish installing the unit before summer arrives (temperatures skyrocket and many homeowners start calling in for emergency repairs).

Off-season savings opportunities on an air conditioner are at their greatest during this period, when HVAC companies are not as busy. Better pricing options may become available from dealers while manufacturers might even run promotions to attract more customers.

Summer is more hectic for HVAC companies especially in desert regions like Arizona where heat is no foreigner. Unless you have to, avoid installing a new unit in the summertime.


If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, it would be wise to replace your old unit as soon as possible. Your money would be better spent investing in something that will work better with both you and your home environment.

Other than spring, fall is another ideal time for purchasing new HVAC equipment because HVAC companies tend to be less busy, giving you a greater chance of scheduling replacement service at times that best suit you. Summer months often see HVAC providers overwhelmed with emergency calls that make scheduling discretionary services such as replacing an AC difficult.

As the demand for cooling systems declines during the fall, manufacturers tend not to increase prices. You can often find some fantastic deals on quality equipment that will keep you cool when summer swings back around. Furthermore, manufacturers frequently offer discounts or rebates when purchasing off-season cooling solutions.


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HVAC sales and installation tend to be seasonal businesses in most parts of the United States, depending on local weather patterns. Winter months – late autumn through early spring – offer ideal opportunities to buy an air conditioner for either your home or business.

HVAC companies tend to offer lower prices during this period as air conditioning manufacturers often launch new models during spring and summer. When off-season rolls around they often discount older inventory to make space for fresh stock.

Air conditioner purchases are significant investments and it pays to do your research in order to secure the best value deal. Although it might be tempting to wait until your old AC breaks down during a scorching summer heat wave before replacing it, that strategy often proves costly in terms of both money and hassle.

Consider replacing your unit in the spring, fall or winter for maximum value with minimal hassle and minimal disruptions.