7 Best Thai Cookbook in 2024

Do you want to cook Thai food? You might know that Thailand people eat delicious food with an incredible aroma. It is essential to know recipes before starting cooking any cuisine. You can explore a variety of ingredients and techniques that Thai people use to prepare their dishes.

In this write-up, we will be discussing some authentic cookbooks that you find helpful to learn Thai cooking methods. It is easy to make any cuisine if you follow simple steps. Make sure that you can understand the language, and you have those ingredients in your kitchen. So, let us discuss some exciting cooking books that are loaded with Thai recipes.

1. Simple Thai Food by Leela Punyaratabandhu

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This interesting book with 100 unique recipes is available at an affordable price. You can explore the authentic taste and classics of cuisine that Thailand people prefer the most. All the dishes are simple to make with accessible and reasonable ingredients. The author lives in Thailand and knows everything about their cuisine.

She has shared all tips and tricks to make your food beautiful and tasty. You can follow her simple guidelines to make whatever you like. You can make a different cuisine and surprise your family. Create some of the famous Thai dishes like congees, pad thai, satay, delicious curries, etc.

2. Thai Street Food by David Thompson

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If you want to prepare traditional recipes of Thailand street markets or stalls, then it is one of the best and preferable cookbooks. You can get a variety of fantastic dishes and mouth-watering photographs that make you surely try them in your kitchen. Some foods are common on the streets of cities like banana pancakes, egg noodles soup, roast duck, fried fish, and much more.

If we talk about the author, he has explored the culture and traditions of Thailand. He discovered these vibrant recipes from various streets of the cities. If you want to explore the customs and traditional food of the country, it is better to try out this cookbook with more than 100 recipes.

3. Thailand: The Beautiful Cookbook by Panurat Poladitmontr

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The book focuses on dishes, which you get in every region of Thailand. There are many ways to cook tangy curries and seafood in this book. Every region of the country is popular for making different and delicious dishes. There is a slight change in the techniques of cooking. If you want to explore dishes carefully and get in-depth knowledge about the recipes, you must buy them.

Make sure that you collect all the required ingredients before you start cooking. You can get a chance to understand the culture and taste of the country. It is easy to prepare these famous dishes if you follow the guidelines step by step. Follow small tips for the accuracy of spices as well as enhancing the taste.

4. 101 Asian Dishes that You Need to Cook Before You Die by Jet Tila

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The author lives in LA with his Chinese and Thai family, who is also a famous chef. He masters all the recipes of Thailand, and it is an opportunity to learn cuisine perfectly. It is a must to try some of his unique recipes like Panang beef curry, Banh Mi sandwich, beef curry, barbeque short ribs on coke, drunken noodles, etc.

The Asian flavor is a different taste that many people crave for trying it. Jet chef mentioned all the ingredients, tips, flavors, and methods to cook delicious food perfectly. You can use this book and follow simple steps to cook for your family. Try the chef’s style and prepare delicious cuisine with great taste.

5. Better-than-Takeout Thai Cookbook by Danette St. Onge

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If you are looking for Thailand recipes that are easy and quick to make, then consider this cookbook. There is no need to reach restaurants for collecting such food. You can read this book and prepare a delicious meal for your family. The author added Thailand recipes that you can cook within 30 minutes, only if you keep ingredients ready with you.

There is a favorite menu in the book, which consists of craving dishes like soups, seafood, salads, curries, and much more. More than 100 recipes are available to cook authentic food, i.e., available in famous restaurants in Thailand. Get this book and try different ways of preparing tasty meals.

6. Pok Pok by Andy Ricker

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The author spent too many years traveling in Thailand and then bringing up this exciting cookbook on various street foods. He has a restaurant named Pok Pok, in which he has included Thai cuisine. The book comes with more than 50 interesting recipes that he serves in his restaurant.

You can learn different tips and techniques to prepare food like Som Tam, Khao Soi Kai, fish sauce wings, and much more. You can make healthy dishes with the help of this cookbook for your family. It shows the vibrant culture and life of the Thai people and what they eat. Try new recipes by Andy Ricker with unique taste and flavor.

7. Everyday Thai Cooking by Katie Chin

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The author is a famous food writer, as well as a TV celebrity. Her book is available with amazing recipes, including curries, appetizers, street food, desserts, and much more. She claims that you can prepare the food within 30 minutes if you follow the book step by step.

When you see mouth-watering images of food, then you will try new dishes. She has included some of her favorite recipes of Mee Krob, Tom Yum Goong, Shaking beef, coconut fish in banana leaves, and much more.

The Bottom Line

If you want to try Thailand cuisine, then you must use a good cookbook. You can pick any one of the mentioned books for cooking the delicious food of Thailand. Prefer simple techniques with accessible ingredients so that you can easily prepare it without much effort. Surprise your family by cooking different and healthy meals for them. Become a Thai food chef within a few days.