Researchers have taken more than 50 hours and seven days to check the six most ideal pressure washer models for cleaning the cars, patios, furniture and what not! The one listed as the best for homeowners is the Ryobi RY142300 2,300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer. There’s a wide selection of pressure washers available, but each of them achieves different results. If you want to explore more options, you can head over to BestOfMachinery for your buying guide.

Each and every electric washer that were tested had shown good results and cleaned things pretty well. However, the Ryobi has shown tremendous results as it consists of a long hose, motor is durable, wheels that big that help in movement, a cord that is designed in the most beautiful way and a warranty guaranteed for longer periods of time.

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Best Pressure Washer

Adding on to this, we see it is an electric washer and like any other product it has its own pros and cons. Firstly, we will discuss the pros of having an electric pressure. They are much more affordable hence people find it easier to buy.

The range of price is between $75 to $250 only when we compare it to the gas washers whose range starts from $250 and ends at $750. Furthermore, it does not create much noise so that your ears begin to bleed. Because of this reason, people mostly use it indoors as well.

After taking reviews from many customers and studying thoroughly the mechanics, features and designs of this Ryobi product, we can say that it is also safe to used indoors because it does not produce any fumes making it hard for you to breathe. Congested homes are something nobody likes. As we shed light upon maintenance of electric washers it is much more easy in comparison to gas washers.

We are now going to list down the best and most preferred pressure washers by our customers.

1. Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer


Researching for longer periods of time, testing and experimenting for years has brought us to the conclusion that Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer.  The company of Ryobi comes under the most trusted brands for pressure washers. This brand is solely owned by Techtronic Industries. This is functioned as their secondary work which is entirely sold by the Home Depot itself.

As we all know that if something comes with so many perks, a man made thing can have drawbacks to it as well. This washer of Ryobi does not work for long hours because it does not have enough power to function this way.

Additionally, this is not so easy to carry around (less portable) because you always have to look for a switch board if you are thinking of using it. However, carrying the long cord attached to it is just a huge hassle when you know surely that you will not find an electric outlet anywhere and everywhere. These electric ones are not so durable because most of them and built using plastic.

Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer has not been considered the best in terms of cleaning. It is not so fast and better in functioning but it has eradicated all the high inconveniences faced through other washers tested so far. When we specifically look at Ryobi washers, it comes with an awesome hose and cord storage.

The hose is made of high quality and in competition to its competitors, it is not very stiff. This means you can easily bend or move it the way you want. The hose is also 5 feet long than other pressure washers present in the market and this was observed while washing cars.

This pressure washer model consists of big wheels that helps in making it easy to use on any bumpy or rough surface. Be it your lawn or patio steps, Ryobi will not let you down for sure. Then comes the power cord which is already 35 feet long (considered as the standard size), however, Ryobi gives you an option that not every company provides you; an extension cord of 25 feet long.

So far, this product of Ryobi has the reach of 60 feet, the longest until now, among all the washers that have been tested. Moreover, this pressure washer has been studied thoroughly because the power cord has been set from the end, where the plug is, with a GFCI unit. This has made it easy for people to use even when the outlet looks like a crowded box. 

Another thing that people keep in mind is the warranty. Ryobi RY142300 electric pressure washer comes with a 3 years of guaranteed warranty. Until now, this is the longest time for an electric washer you can bring for usage in your home. Home Depot has this model available on their website. This washer of Ryobi has been seen as one of the most expensive electric washer.

It costs around $250 and $50 is paid more than the other expensive models. Hence, when we compare the cost of this pressure washer with others, then this is nothing because the way it functions and the quality work or design it provides you with it simple jaw dropping. So, these convenient features and designs are worth giving a shot and spending money on.

The psi range of this Ryobi model is 2300 psi where other electric pressure washers have the range between 1800 to 2000 psi range. Flow rate of this pressure washer is very low in relation to others. This is measured in gallons per minute which produces the cleaning units (CU) score about 2760 on a par. This is not the unit score that we were able to produce from other models of washer. If we have to describe this aspect in other words, then we can simply say that this Ryobi model does not have good and faster cleaning abilities then the ones in the competition.

This was proved through testing other models who were able to remove and clean up the blobs that came on the pine sap of any car. The gray layer of dirt was easily pushed away from the furniture in patios.

This electric Ryobi pressure washer is presented with three different nozzles naming as rotary, 15 degree and soap. Any task of normal cleaning that is carried out in these 3 nozzles show the best output from Ryobi RY142300 electric pressure washer.

When you have the induction motor added to your bucket then what else do you desire for? Anyone who finds an induction motor, which is usually present in models which cost around $200. Even though purchasing this pressure washer weighs heavy on your pocket, but it is definitely worth it because it brings along many advantages to it. Now let’s list down all the advantage that we get with it!

First of all, any pressure washer that consists of an induction motor is going to spend a good quality time with you because unlike other universal motors used in homes this has gained a lot of people’s attention.

Secondly, the induction motor has been designed in such a way that it weighs heavy now and seems larger in size. Mostly, pressure washers become a little tippy but when the weight is added, it automatically saves us from all the hassle. With a very low center of gravity, this specifically designed model did not lose its grip over anything. The long hose of Ryobi had been given a tight tug, the washer did not tip over the unit.

Relative to the universal motors, induction motors are way quieter which is why they just give a buzzing sound then whimpering. Therefore, we can quite surely say that Ryobi pressure washers do not have a sound so offensive which usually most washer motors do.

The Ryobi motor, when you turn it on, is so good in working that it can continuously work than the gas pressure washers. So when we had to test other electric washers, we noticed that whenever we pulled the spray trigger, only then did the motor cycled.

Hence, RY142300 has an edge and is the best amongst others because this one is ever ready and pumped to go on unlike other electric washer models that need some time or a few minutes to get its full pressure. These differences can only be judged by people who have been using their washers all this time otherwise it is difficult to pin point the differences so easily. Although continuous operation of the motor is a high benefit, but if it had created sounds that could make your ears bleed, then you might not have considered this pressure washer for your home maintenance.

<strong>Storage</strong><strong>Other high points of Ryobi</strong><strong>Drawbacks but no unresolved negotiations</strong>

The nozzle tips that come with a good storage, are seemingly easily to use and nice in shape. You will see that there are a series of pressure fit holes near the top of the handle. These pressure fit holes helps you in handling the tips with great gripping for securing them but if you hold it very tightly then, it might get a little problematic to take it out of it. For instance, if you are planning to add another nozzle in future, the storage space provides you with one extra hole for it.

Both, the cord and hose have an excellent storage. The looped holes are simply handled by the Velcro straps provided. Many people like and appreciate the design of Ryobi because the hose is not confined to a tightened loop in any way possible.

When we have to compare the hose reels of the competitors with this Ryobi hose, it is noticeably not strained and is gently looped. When you use the hose you will find out that it will be lying flattered than any other hose that could be stored on a reel. Through this deep observation, we can compare the quality of the hose with other electric washers in completion and it is simply concluded that Ryobi has a better quality.

Similar to the hose, the power cord storage consists of a side single hook which is as simple as it can get but along with that, it is very easy and convenient to use. The cord should just be looped like any other extensions you come through and hook it up. Other washer models might come with similar features and designs but specifically, this Ryobi model has been designed in such a way that it provides you with a compact bungee for securing the power cord once it has been hooked.

While looking at other hose or cords, they all come with two or three brackets around which these could be wrapped around. The hose and cord remained tucked in these pieces of straps but a drawback of it is that they are very tiresome to be looped because when the winds blow, the hose and cords give a memory and that they are not likely to flatten when being used.

Ryobi RY142300 has a very good high point to it and that is that it consists of huge wheels. The diameter of the wheel is about 1 foot (double in size to other wheels of majority electric washers). This difference is indeed a remarkable one and it has made this Ryobi pressure washer to be moved around easily mostly when were are planning to transverse a lawn, a curb that has to be hopped or it has to fixed on the steps of a patio.

If we have to honest about the testing time period, this Ryobi washer was the only product that we had bothered about rolling across the lawn. Other electric one’s were highly ineffective in this manner because half of them had to be dragged and the other half had to be carried because they could simply not roll over the surface. These problems were faced with others because they had comparatively smaller wheels. There is a padded handle in Ryobi model which lets you roll it around without any discomfort.

Another best point of Ryobi is that the end of the plug of the cord has been designed in a very unique manner. For adding more safety to the usage of pressure washers, we know that all of them have a neutral combination of water and electricity and that all models also consist of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that is built in the power cord.

It is noticeable that GFCI brick is always found to be bulky and here Ryobi has used their creativity with all enthusiasm so they have put the brick several inches behind the end of the plug. Due to this reason, the plug seems to be a little normal in size and lets it be fixed in any outlet nearby. Some outlets are covered and sometimes other things might have been plugged in in the outlet, then it becomes a problem. But now you do not have to worry about these issues anymore. Ryobi has come with a solution.

Taking a deeper look at other models of pressure washer, we realize that the GFCI has been constructed right into the plug end by making it look too big in size. It is not only big in size but almost impossible to carry it around because of the weight of it. Dealing with such a hassle and difficulties is something people run away from and then Ryobi seems to be the best option available.

Assembling and set up of Ryobi pressure washer is not a big deal and is not so time consuming as well. Calculated the time, it took us hardly 90 seconds maybe to take it out of the box and clicking the handle right into the body. Unlike all other models, this model does not need any super-duper tools or accessories to be assembled. After assembling it, we notice that the washer is a strong design made of metal roll bar that is way more firm and stable than the plastic bodies used in most other electric models.

Last but not the least, the three year long lasting warranty provided by the Ryobi RY142300 is so far the longest time of warranty we have come across if any electric washer. The tools of Ryobi are easily accessible from the Home Depot. Not only this, any services needed are also provided by the retailer himself. This option is so good that it negates all the inconveniences brought with this pressure washer.

While we have previously focused on all the goods and advantages brought by Ryobi for our homes and daily usage, we do realize that no man made thing would be so perfect to have no flaws at all. So here are a few drawbacks of Ryobi. However, none of these problems cancel out the inclusive comfort.

The soap dispenser (that is used with the co-existence of the pressure soap nozzle) is the first glitch of Ryobi. It is considered to be the most bizarre slip of the washer that makes it seem more inconvenient. All other dispenser machines tested during this process did not have this kind of glitch in it when used. This model does not come with a soap dispenser that is transparent. This way you are unable to see the total quantity of the detergent present inside it and also when you are filling it up and it pops out making you stare at the mess you made in the process.

However, the worst part comes here. The detergent tank is fastened with the body of the washer and because of this you are unable to pour back the remaining detergent into the bottle. The guide to using the pressure washer highlights that after using the detergent you are supposed to fill in water in the tank for cleaning up the system.

When you want to empty the thank then put the unit at the back side and on the underside just simply pull out the hose soap supply. However, when we actually performed this it did not give the exact result but it got worse. We wanted to preserve the detergent but in order to do so, the machine went all rolling over the ground on the side and the entire detergent came flushing out on the lawn.

Adding on to this, we see that the soap dispenser’s cap was fixed at an angle right on the top of the container. We do also know that the soap dispenser is tightened with the container so the cleaning and filling of the detergent process becomes very hard.

  • Cord and hose storage is really fantastic
  • The hose is 5 feet longer than other pressure washers
  • Big wheels which help you on rough lawn or patio surfaces
  • Can cover 60 feet longer areas
  • Has huge and oversized wheels
  • Can be assembled in less than 2 minutes in total
  • This Ryobi pressure washer does not carry out the cleaning process fast
  • It is a little expensive in comparison to others
  • Soap tanker is opaque (this causes difficulty in checking the amount of detergent present)
  • Soap tank is fixed with the container, hence, the filling and cleaning process becomes difficult

2. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer


Are you looking for a good quality yet less pricey washer for your home? We now introduce you to the Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer. This model of washer was one of the products that are not so heavy on your pocket and you can easily purchase it.

Nevertheless, we will not assure you that this washer will give you as best results as that of Ryobi RY142300 but if you cannot afford Ryobi and you have to use your pressure washer once or twice a year then you must go for Sun Joe SPX3000.

It is not ergonomically designed and does not have such good features in comparison to Ryobi. Sun Joe is not so bad when it comes to cleaning but yes, of course, it does have a few more annoyances than other washers. If we look at the price ranges of all competitor washer, then we can simply put it this way; Sun Joe does not make any or fewer compromises.

As far as cleaning power is concerned, then Sun Joe and Ryobi RY142300 stand together and both are highly recommended equally. The psi unit of this is 2030 which has capacity of moving water at 1.76 gpm. This gives it an edge and due to this, there is a high cleaning score of 3572. When calculated on paper, we notably observe that this cleaning power is one third higher than any other electric washer’s models CU.

On the other hand, when we go to the website of Sun Joe for looking at the specifications it shows that the pressure is around 1450 psi. So, we will have to take into account the manufacturer’s specs. Despite the real number, we observed that Sun Joe is on par with all other pressure washer models that got tested by our group, in terms of power of cleaning and speed of cleaning.

The spray wand of Sun Joe is made up of metal, where all other competitors have their wands made out of plastic and there are 5 different nozzle tips with the unit such as 0, 15, 25, 40 and soap. Despite all this good stuff, the cleaning process becomes a little harder since there is no rotary nozzle. So mostly you will have to choose the 0-degree nozzle or 15-degree nozzle because that is the nearest you can get. This is not the best thing for you because you are using a concentrated spray so it is very perilous for you as well as the material you will be cleaning.

A really nice features has to come to your way if you are thinking of buying the Sun Joe and that is, unlike Ryobi, it has two tanks for detergent. There are certain tasks which require different kinds of detergents to clean up and so this tank of detergent is able to withhold two detergents at a time.

This way you will not have to face the hassle of filling and emptying the tank between cleaning process. We would highly prefer the detergent tanks of Sun Joe over Ryobi’s because they are easy to remove. Apart from that, they are slightly transparent so that you can check how much detergent has been used and how much is left behind.

The storage of hose and cord are very good of the Sun Joe SPX3000. This can be said because it consists of two very simple hooks, just like the ones on Ryobi RY142300, and pleasantly place the loop over the cord and hose. This method is plain yet helpful than using the hose reels generally found in the less cheap models. It has been designed as a hook for making it simple for people, unlike the hose reels, so that the hose does not curl up too much. Therefore, while using it, you will it lying flat.

A Velcro strap or a small sized bungee could not be found in Sun Joe contrary to Ryobi therefore, your cord and hose will not have something to secure it and will just simply hang from the hooks provided. However, when we were testing these models we could not this as a drawback because the hooks were pretty deep and fixed in place that there were no chances of the cord or hose falling when we kept moving it around.

Additionally, Sun Joe lets you use the 25 feet extension cord provided along with the model and yes, this is something not every manufacturer does. An area of 60 feet can be covered with this Sun Joe product because along with the 25 feet extension we already have a 35 feet long power cord. It is some really good stuff for you home.

Now here is where the Sun Joe slips and loses its balance. There are other features that are not so convenient to use. The hose of Ryobi electric model in comparison to Sun Joe is 5 feet longer. Even though the hose is very fine and flexible but when you will encircle the hose for washing your car then it might get a little difficult to get your work done.

Well, the wheels are somewhat smaller in size and seem specifically designed to be used on flat surfaces. We were lucky enough because this model weighs about 32 pounds which seems pretty light in weight. Henceforth, it was not a huge problem unlike other models who had to be dragged or even had to be carried up in mid-way. If you want to picture it, then it can be seen as you dragging your suitcase over a bouncy and rough surface.

It is not surprising to know that the Sun Joe SPX3000 is inexpensive and that the reason behind it could be the universal motor used in it rather than the induction motor like the one in Ryobi’s model. One great advantage of the Sun Joe is that the motor needs water for cycling in contrary to the Ryobi motor which remains on during the entire time of using.

Moreover, there is no sound problems or whining faced by the Ryobi model but just a gently humming sound. The Sun Joe has this huge drawback. If you keep using it for longer period of time, then the noise it makes can make your ears bleed.

Last but not the least, when you have to check the cleaning capability of the Sun Joe then it is no less than that of Ryobi. It knows how to get its job done very nicely. Ultimately, this is the most important thing that any person would look for when choosing a product for their home. Generally, and by the overall looks and specifications of Sun joe, we can conclude that it simply lacks the suitability and finishing like that of Ryobi.

The Sun Joe also does not have a metal roll bar which makes it seem unstable and the connections of the hose are a little hard to build. The storage of the tip is not so good. The plug of GFCI will bring some problems if the outlet box is crowded until and unless you have an extension cord.

Keeping in mind all the problems and issues we have discussed above, like the short length of the hose, small sized wheels and the noise made by the motor, all add to the less price of this machine and how convenient this model sounds for usage.

  • 2030 PSI which is a really high maximum pressure
  • It is very light in weight and portably design
  • Detergent selector is very unique and different
  • Removal of dirt is done without any kind of trouble
  • Spray wand is made of metal
  • Consists of double removable detergent bottles which are not feasible for using at home but for commercial use as well
  • 0.9 L of removable detergent tank
  • The pressure washer comes with 35 feet cord and a power hose of 20 feet
  • A good safety lock
  • Equally good cleaning speed and power than other machines
  • Setting up the unit takes a little time
  • A larger area cannot be covered with this
  • The motor makes a lot of noise
  • Wheels are too small to only function on flat surfaces only

3. Ryobi RY803001 3000 PSI Honda Gas Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY803001 3000 PSI Honda Gas Pressure Washer


This Ryobi RY803001 3000 psi Honda is a gas pressure washer which lets you use it for longer periods of time and on daily basis for longer length areas. The Ryobi’s electric 60 feet long cord model seems shorter in length in comparison to this. We will like to recommend this Ryobi RY803001 3000 psi Honda gas pressure washer because it is offering you almost all the same features and designs in the same price as that of its competitors.

Among all the extremely preferred gas washers, this RY803001 has a really good reliability because it consists of an engine of Honda 160 cc. Apart from this, as its equivalent electric model it also well known for the best and convenient features it provides such as the 35 feet hose. Moreover, this product is readily accessible on Home Depot which comes with a direct 3 years of assured warranty.

The flow rate and psi unit of Ryobi is 2.3 gpm and 3000 psi, respectively. This model works at a cleaning unit of 6900. By looking at the overall functioning of it, through the psi and flow rate numbers, it is easy to say that this gas Ryobi cleans two times better than that of the electric one. However, we did not take into account the speed of it during cleaning of the cars, wheelbarrows or even patio furniture but the speed could be monitored when you will drop it on the driveway, the size of the deck and long stretch sidewalk is enough to know the check it out.

Starting with the engine of this gas pressure washer, Ryobi RY803001 Honda gas washer has been built with a 160 cc Honda engine which stands out for its high quality performance. It has the similar engine (a little small in size) just like the one we chose as the best lawn mower, Ryobi RY142300.

And this engine has been considered and praised universally because it is equipped with the best features one may need for their lawns. This gear has also been studied thoroughly by us so it is indeed one of the best ones you can find. Adding on to this, we see that the engine used is specifically of Honda and this adds to the significance of this pressure washer and Ryobi knows how to utilize it well for publicity. 

When it comes to features specifically, then Ryobi Honda gas and electric washer have almost the same characteristics. For storing the hose, there is the same user friendly Velcro strap available, the same oversized wheels and the same roll bar handle made up of metal and all this can be set up in less than 2 minutes. Generally, the looks and entire feel of the two models seems ditto the same. Both models of Ryobi, electric and gas, have gained the same attention from customers and have been successful in functioning.

The sprayer tip of this gas Ryobi pressure washer is single hence quicker to put to use. The design of it such as that of a garden sprayer or a shower head because you can change the direction or set an angle according to yourself. There are various cycling options to spray. This Honda gas model comes with two soap settings as well as 0-degree, 25-degree and 40-degree. More to that is the accessibility of the fan and jet.

The features are very convenient to have in your home and surprisingly, not all washers consist of these similar designs. There are no problems in terms of connectivity because both have the same connections with nozzles, due to this, RY803001 has high compatibility with the sprayers used on surface and other additions such as the tips of the spray. This is something you need to go and get for your home! Unluckily, there is no on board storage offered by RY803001.

Distinguishing this model of Ryobi from others, we compare the length of the hose. Like other gas washers, that usually have a 25 or 30 feet hose, this Honda gas model has a 35 feet long hose. You will, expectedly, like to add more to your garden hoses because there is a wide range of hoses present. You can visit Wirecutter’s guide to discover the best garden hoses.

But bringing in extra or extensions of hoses is beneficial for competition. Similar to the electric models, gas pressure washers are also available at Home Depot with a guaranteed 3 years of warranty. What else do you need? Fetch your bag and get this one for your home!

Bringing into consideration its drawbacks, there are same issues as that of the electric one. The detergent tank of this gas Honda washer is opaque so one is unable to check the detergent level and when you will want to clean it, it creates more difficulties. This difficulty also occurs because of the container being attached to the unit. Hence, filling and cleaning would be a great hassle for you when working with it.

Furthermore, RY803001 Honda has been powered with gas like any other gas model. With this comes with high and best maintenance possible. As we all know that Honda engines are just awesome so it needs oil changing on a timely basis, the spark and plug should be maintained. Seasonal shutdowns are also necessary for these to function properly.

When you are thinking to purchase this Honda product then you have to keep in mind the gas and stabilizer charges that will cost you later to purchasing it. Since, it works with gas, you will have to regularly check the gas levels. If you will not check it then it will stop working at any point and that could be irritating at times. However, we do not recommend these gas models because unlike electric washers, they need a lot of maintenance and they might not be suitable for your home surface.

  • Standard and best gas washer
  • It cleans up areas pretty quick
  • Engine is highly reliable
  • The nozzle is easy to handle so now you do not have to switch it with awkwardly
  • It is not an embellished, attractive basic features or design
  • It can be dangerous if you use the 0-degree nozzle on the five in one
  • Soap tank is opaque just like the electric Ryobi

Why you Should Trust Us?

Are you having troubles understanding and trusting companies? Nobody is really helping you out choose the best pressure washer models for your homes? Looking up for some best features and designs with good pressure qualities? You can visit our website and go through the details of each and every pressure washer listed here.

We know that quality is big deal for almost everyone who has to buy a new branded thing for their homes and prefer clean hereabouts over anything. Yes, you heard it right! Here you can find the brands that go well with your home structures and needs. If you want your whereabouts or homes clean, then you should trust us for guiding you with the best.

Trust is the foremost and much valuable perspective when it comes to purchasing something. If you trust a certain brand, then there is always a reason behind it.

In order to get a deeper information about washers, we communicated by getting in touch with Jamey Kramar. He is currently running PressureWashr, an online website that is solely focused on things related to pressure washers. It has been over 15 years since Kramar has been involved with the business of washers.

Apart from his service, he had also worked as a mechanical engineer helping in designing the well-built and strong washing vehicles as well as equipment. Since 2013, Kramar has been publishing regarding residential washers and then from 2015, he had been looking after PressureWashr as a whole. At the moment, he is owning 10 pressure washers. Two of them, he has taken into pieces. Apart from this, 30 other models have been tested by Kramar himself.

Furthermore, we had also reviewed other articles related to pressure washer for 30 hours straight to get more information about these washers and how they function. Reviews from customers were also taken into account.

Amazon and Home Depot helped us a lot in reading the reviews from customers. And guess what we got in return? We came across a retailer who had specialized in pressure washers known as Pressure Washer Direct and he had turned out be very valuable in terms of providing us with the best information regarding washers.

Among all other publications, the most reviewed by me are the Fine Homebuilding, Popular Mechanics, This Old House and the Journal of Light Construction. Through these articles, since 2007, I have gained knowledge about tools and garage gears.

Moreover, for almost 10 years I have served as a carpenter, foreman and site supervisor in building trades as well as a wide range of high class homes in areas of Boston. But when it comes to Wirecutter, I have penned down all the guidelines related to lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers and snow blowers, for any season to come so it is easy for you to clean up the mess. Due to this reason, I know pretty much about the things or equipment needed inside a home and outside for lawns or yards.

Who this is for?

If you are wondering who can use these amazing products or pressure washers from an array of selected esteemed brands? This part of the article solely highlights who can, so it helps you understand in detail if you should be opting to get the model you have been laying eyes on for quite a while. We know how life comes to a stand still for any person who is a neat freak and wants everything inside out to be spotless, or to be pristine. A pressure washer does the job for you perfectly.

But if you are starting up your very own cleaning business start a regular hose does not seem to satisfy your needs of cleaning just the spot. Therefore, we have just the pressure washers for you to make the big cleaning projects for you easier, even the one messy spot you have been scrubbing for a month to get rid of from the front porch. Stains are a thing of the past thanks to all the washer pressure.

Wondering how this washer pressure makes the difference? Well, it is quite simple as the intensity is amplified much greater once you use the washer’s nozzle, because water gushes out with immense pressure. This makes removing, or lifts up dirt, mildew and grime. All these pesty dirt specs are not able to be removed by that regular garden hose in your garage. Now, these very unique pressure washers can take on this task easily.

Some of you might be interested in buying a pressure washer, but are not exactly sure if you can use this a pressure washer at home? But we are bearers of good new! We are proud to tell that you use a pressure washer to clean those spots you had to scrub your heart out to get sparkly clean. But now it is more than easy to clean the deck, driveway, house siding, fences, patio, patio furniture; cars and much more.

On the other hand, some people are quite into the fact things to become drastically different and clean. Thus, for dramatic results you could see videos and end results of how efficient a pressure washer is for cleaning. If you want a fast and efficient cleaning device, well a pressure cleaner is exactly what you have been on the hunt for. These pressure washers will just do the right job for you on a quick note, really fast that a garden hose might have taken around 30 minutes at least.

Usually, we know how a basic sponge, a brush, a wire brush takes us around 30 to a minimum of 20 minutes when using water from a garden hose. Whereas, a washer comes on the opposite end of the spectrum taking around 2 minutes, as the washer pressure is extreme to get maximum results in less amount of time. Better results in less amount of time is all that we require. Isn’t that amazing? We are totally head over heels over washers.

While we were on the quest to test our desired pressure washers, we tested various items out to know the accuracy. Therefore, in our testing phase a filthy wheelbarrow was used as the test subject, which was sparkly clean within a matter of minutes. Another test was carried out on the very ancient set of Adirondack chairs we found in the attic. Can you guess, what was the time it took to clean those cob webbed chairs with the pressure washer? Just a mere time period of 3 or 4 minutes per chair.

This is something worth admiring and appreciating, as I for one know how hard it is to make something so antique make as good as new. Yes, if you were thinking it we are just about to touch on the topic how cleaning speed is affected with bigger the task. So, speed is increased of the pressure washer on demand, as you try to make it work for a bigger job, like that dirty driveway from last night’s windstorm, or your home’s sidewalk out front. This means you need a certain set amount of pressure requirement once you start cleaning with a pressure washer. Our super cleaning friend, pressure washer needs to be justified and be up to the power it deems to work best at.

If you are planning on buying a washer, you need to use this mighty machine and do justice to its power. But I know some of you just like to have fancy cleaning materials in their garage for cleaning, but this surely does not mean to buy such a beauty and use it once, or twice a year. Therefore, if you plan on using it to clean your car once a while, you can go to the nearest rental service and get the service cleaning. Because mostly all rental centers have a pressure cleaner available. Don’t let a washer rust in your garage, or even take up that space where you could do something productive.

Anything you own should be used to its potential rather than seeing to go to waste; therefore, once you start using a pressure washer more than 3 times a year owning one would make sense. Interesting to note that any rental center owning a pressure washer charges the same amount in which you can purchase a pressure washer. For me that is extremely absurd. We know how much it costs and just paying such as amount to get it wash once is just funny to us.

Over the country it seems to be the scenario; therefore, if you are an avid visitor at the rental place, we would recommend you to buy yourself that prized washer. This way it will be more convenient and efficient for you to clean, just wipe out that amazing pressure washer. Our statistics tell us that on the purchase of washer, clients have told us later how they have used this amazing machinery more than they have expected, because cleaning just became fun and efficient.

This seems to make the difference when you use something unexpected more than expected to get all your work done on time. A garden hose and pressure washer are two different cleaning items that are present at the opposite end of the spectrum. Besides, we live in a day and age where we want everything to be washed and rinsed in a quick dramatic way rather than slow and tediously.

On the other hand, our testing panel decides to carry out another test on using the pressure washer. This was one of the unexpected one cleaning the tomato cages, soccer net, kids’ toys, such as wagons and shovels. We do not pay attention to the dirty lawnmower we have parked in our garages. We think it does not require cleaning, but it has come to our attention how the underneath the lawnmower it is quite dirty and unkempt. No regular, non-pressure cleaner seems to do the job, but pressure washer is amazing when it comes to cleaning small cervices. The putty knifes became quite clean when tested.

How We Picked?

Looking for the perfect pressure washer for yourself? We had a little chat with PressureWashr’s Jamey Kramer and together with our own extensive research, we have listed a couple of features to help you choose the best pressure washer. These features will prove to be very convenient for you and act as a guide to buy the best pressure washer. Have a look at some of these great features.

Electric powers: Pressure washers that are powered with the help of electric energy prove to be very convenient. Users find electric powered washers to be very easy to operate. Moreover, they are also quite powerful and do the job in the best way possible. However, washers operated on gas are more strong and powerful. Despite this, these electric machines are also excellent for everyday use around the house and are extremely convenient and comfortable to deal with. In addition to this, they hardly need any maintenance.

All you have to do is flick a switch in order to turn it on. During the seasons when you don’t need a pressure washer, you only have to switch it off. You can then easily store it in any corner of you house or even your garage. The best part about an electric pressure washer is that it takes up very little storage space.

On the other hand pressure washers operated on gas need to be constantly maintained. You need to make sure it has fuel, is constantly oiled and correctly winterized when you don’t need it. In addition to this, these gas pressure walkers also need air filters and the spark-plug needs to be changed.

All of this proves to be a huge hassle and can be very inconvenient for users. Moreover, there is also a vast difference in the price range of the two products. Where an electric pressure washer costs up to $150 to $200, the gas pressure washers can range from a whopping $300 to $500. Therefore, isn’t it better if you get the best quality in a more affordable price?

Despite the excellent quality of electric washers, gas washers are also quite popular due to their extreme strength and mobility. The best electric washers are able to make it to about 60 feet from an outlet. However, a gas pressure washer has no such limitations. Moreover, these gas washers are also considerably efficient and get the job done quickly. In some cases they are twice as fast as their electric counterparts. This difference is only drastically apparent when you have to clean large areas like driveways etc. However, for a smaller area, an electric pressure washer should be your best and number one pick.

<strong>Cleaning Power</strong><strong>Cost</strong><strong>How We Tested</strong><strong>The Competition</strong>

Kramar gave us interesting information regarding an electric washer’s pressure. Its pounds per square inch (psi) ranges from about 1800 to 2000 psi. This is an excellent feature especially when compared to a garden hose which only has a capacity of about 40psi. The cleaning power of a pressure washer is an important feature to check. A strong cleaning power can usually move about 1.3 to 1.5 gallons of water every minute. There are two measurements that one must not ignore when looking at the cleaning power.

One is the PSI and the other is the GPM. Kramar gave us an easy description in order to help us differentiate between the two. Where the PSI means that the organic matter is being pushes away from the surface, the GPM carries this organic matter away. Upon multiplying the PSI and GPM units, you get the CU of the pressure washer (or cleaning units as said by the pressure washer industry). The cleaning units (CU) provide you with a detailed analysis of two different washers. Thus you are able to know how one washer compares to another and can judge their performance on the basis of the CU. The interesting thing is that the cleaning unit values (CU) are far more accurate and precise than PSI alone.

An example is the Ryobi electric models of a washer. Its pressure rating is that of 2300 PSI which is a lot greater than most of the pressure washers. However, due to its low GPM value of only 1.2, its total CU then becomes 2760. The Ryobi machine is great for all those who need a pressure washer for everyday routine.

The AR Blue Clean AR383 on the other hand has a much lower PSI of 1900 but has an excellent 1.5 GPM. This makes the cleaning unit (CU) round up to almost 2850. Thus, through the help of the CU, we are able to compare between the two machines. Since there is not a lot of difference between the PSI of the two pressure washers, we can deduce that they almost have the same cleaning potential.

The washers operated on gas are more powerful and excellent to use. These washers have a great PSI ranging from about 2800 to 3200 PSI. According to pressure washer’s Kramar, any washer with a PSI of over 3200 is quite excessive and damaging. This is even difficult for professionals to use. If the GPM is high in gas models, usually it ranges to almost 6000 to 7000 (even in residential pressure washers).

This means that these gas models are able to work efficiently and clean twice as quickly as the electric pressure washers. There are gas models with even PSIs ranging from 2000 to 2800. However, if you are going to invest in a gas model, it is not logical to get one with a low PSI. In such a case, you should get a model that has a powerful PSI so that you get your money’s worth.

Induction motor: An electric pressure washer with an induction motor is a great option for you to buy. It in an excellent feature for a pressure washer to have an induction motor instead of a universal motor. Induction motors can be slightly pricey. This is because you have to pay an extra $50 to $75 for the induction motor together with the entire cost of the washer.

It must be kept in mind that induction motors are only are only available in washers with a price range starting from about $200. So if you are on a strict budget, then this won’t be the best option for you. However, if you are able to afford it, it will be an excellent investment. The induction motors are noiseless and can last you for a long time span. The induction motors are also a bit on the heavier side.

However, this is taken as a good and positive feature especially if your washer has large wheels. A heavy induction motor prevents the washer from falling over since it is more likely for these machines to do so. Upon testing both induction and universal motors, we came to the conclusion that the former is more quite. Induction motors only produce a humming sound whereas the universal ones have a loud whining noise.

Big wheels: Most of the pressure washers are quiet heavy. This makes it difficult to carry them around. You may end up damaging some property or some other thing. It is not unusual for these heavy pressure washers to pull over on street curbs, downstairs, on lawns and even on mud. If a pressure washer has big wheels, it allows you to move the machine in a more steady and comfortable manner. Thus, it is one of the most important features to look at. It is recommended to use wheels that have a 12 inch diameter.

Spray wand: A spray wand is also an important feature that a pressure washer must have. It is recommended to buy a pressure washer with a metal spray wand. These metal wands are more long lasting and sturdy. Therefore, it is a onetime investment.

The spray wand also comes with a removable tip to determine the pattern in which the water will be sprayed. The tips range from 0 degree to 40 degrees designed for the water to disperse well. A rotary or turbo nozzle is better to use in order for good cleaning. Otherwise, you can use any tip with a 15 to 25 degree spray.

The pressure washers that are cheaper come with plastic spray wands. These wands are not recommended for use. This is because they are not at all durable and only your money will be wasted.

Hose storage (but not on a reel): Storing the pressure washers is a very important factor that must be kept in mind. The best pressure washers are the ones where you are able to gently loop the hose and the cord for convenient storage. Most of the times, these only have a hook or a Velcro strap to hold the hose in place.

It is easier to unfold a largely coiled cord. This is because it lies flat against the surface and is not tightly wound. Features like hose reels and multiple brackets are quite difficult to use and can even cause you to trip. This can be very dangerous and not at all recommended for usage.

Hose reels are pretty useless and not at all convenient. They cause excessive strain at the end which is connected to the pressure washer. Moreover, it is a very clumsy accessory and is not feasible at all.

An electric washer with a PSI ranging from about 1800 to 2000 should cost you around $150 to $250. On the other hand, washers with a simple design and basic features usually have a lower price. The gas washers begin from a $300 to $500 price range and can go up to as high as $2000. According to our research, we believe that you can get an excellent pressure washer in the $350 to $400 range.

Everyone searching for a cleaning monster would want to know what our criteria of checking, before suggesting these pressure beasts. Initially over the span of two week of analyzing and testing, we started by washing the following items: six cars, patio furniture, lawn tractor, brick chimney, two individual dirty wheelbarrows and much more. We experimented cleaning of basic material, such as small soccer net, garden and dusty extension cords.

If you are wondering to what extent were the cars filthy? Well, to give you a clearer picture, one was completely soaked with pine sap. If you are into nature, or have some knowledge on you sticky and damaging it can be to the exterior as it is covered in paint. Moreover, the patio furniture sets were also covered with cob webs and dust which had been accumulated over many decades in the attic.

After completing our comprehensive tests, we failed to differentiate between the cleaning speeds in the electric models. But if we look closer at each model, the manufacturers had tweaks here and there making it completely different, because of the convenience feature that were brought to our attention. Our judging criteria was as follows: stability, cord length, hose storage, accessibility, availability, accessory storage; hose quality, durability of model and motor sound.

Not only did we found great differences in the speed in all the models, but the criteria mentioned earlier had major differences making all the models set apart. The expensive models made their mark with all their high-quality and assuring features in front of the inexpensive models. Even though by the looks and hearing those inconveniences at first might have felt small, but after empirical evidence showed how it made a huge difference.

We have done our research and tested all the products, such as Kacher K4 Electric Pressure Washer. After our complete analysis we give it a green signal, because we approve everything about it, especially the induction motor. Even though if we compare the Kacher with Ryobi RY142300 it does not have many convenience features: smaller wheels with a less stable vertical design in Kacher; moreover, a plastic wand not so sturdy.

If we talk about the wheels of Ryobi RY141900 200 PSI Electric Pressure Washer they are not as big as we would like with only a universal motor and a reel hose. On the other hand, AR Blue Clean AR383 is not so hefty on the pocket among the washer, but it is not our top recommendations. You ask why even at a bargain price why you should buy this model? To be honest, we were not huge fans of it, because of many reasons. To name a few, such as the hose reel, tedious cord storage issue, wheels are quite small and not a stable base making it easier to tip over.

In all fairness and honesty, Ryobi RY141900 was a little too much on the expensive end; therefore, we did not test the 1800 to 2200 psi machine. Moreover, it comes with a CU score of nearly 200, which makes it less of a powerhouse of all the other machines we have picked for you. We think it would have been a clean pick from the rest, but it has won the hearts of clients, because it over 2600 good reviews available online.

Moreover, it has big wheels with a metal wand which has a well thought design GFCI plug in the price range of $170. This is in comparison with Sun Joe SPX3000; whereas we would suggest to go for the inexpensive option, Sun Joe. You ask why this Ryobi model? Well, to begin with an opaque detergent tank, which is divided into 2 semi opaque sections, and a not so convenient cord wrap. But Sun Joe has a better metal wand.

Just to give you the best, we did not test every electric pressure washer as they did not qualify; thus, we ended up dismissing them. If we compare the two model from Karcher, K4 and K5, K5 can be used at a higher pressure, but the flow rate is lower in gpm. This means the two are still even on the score board of cleaning and they are quite identical on all aspects after comparing the two. Therefore, after a close analysis of the two model, we do not think it a wise decision to buy the one with the added cost, because the two are quite similar in performance. Thus, no need to pay the extra bucks.

On the other hand, K3 comes with the most intriguing 4-wheel design, which can be carried along you. But we have read average comments about it, not out of the extraordinary, as the cleaning unit score is on the lower end, so it is not a strong contender for the top place. We bring good news that Karcher is now selling the following models: K2000, K1900, K1800, and K1700. They could run for the best-looking cleaning machines on the market, but they are of no competition to the best model from Karcher: K4 and K5.

Furthermore, these bomb cleaning machines have separate nozzles other than an adjustable wand with opaque detergent tanks and GFCI which has clunky plug design. Coming to other models, such as AR Blue Clean’s AR383SS which does not only come with a tight cord storage, but a reel hose in the same price range as Sun Joe SPX3000, not more. You can also get AR2N1. This is another interesting model with a removable motor from the frame which can be mounted in the wall. It is the only cleaning model with a universal motor available in a good buyable price range. Lastly, all these are manufactured by AR Blue Clean, but instead of being painted yellow, they are blue in color.

In our testing phase we checked Greenworks, which is currently in the transition testing phase of launching. GPW1950 is not showing on the company’s website, but luckily it is available in stores. Besides, the Greenworks website is not updated as GPW1954 is showing up on the website, but is not available in any stores. However, after extensive research and analysis of all the cleaning machines, sadly we did not find a match that can be in comparison to Ryobi RY803001, because it has the most convenient use, warranty available, available everywhere and Honda engine.

The only model we thought was closest to competing with Ryobi is Simpson MSH3125-S, which has the larger Honda engine installed in it. It is nearly 1900 cc with no quick-change top. Coming with manufactured smaller wheels and a short time period of warranty; moreover, heftier on the pocket. Not only does Simpson sells this particular model, but MS60773-S, which comes with a shorter hose range and less warranty.

If you compare the two: Cub Cadet’s PW3024H and Ryobi both are around the same price range and have the same engine installed. On the other hand, Cub Cadet lacks a quick-change tip with a shorter hose length.


  • The elements that create complications are the measurements manufacturers take of the cleaning power. They take the psi of any washer per the standards of ASTM which are taken right after the pump is taken off and not from the nozzle. Mr. Kramar has highlighted this point by saying that there is a 10% tolerance rate so if there are 1300 psi to test at least 10 times which can be divided by 0.9 so that it gives 1444 psi. then you can round it off to 1450 psi in the manuals as well as the nameplates.
  • The pin point focus of the 0-degree tip projects water so strongly that it can cut through your flesh or clothes. Kramar has mentioned it on his site that this could be damaging for the materials you use such as car paint, wood and other things. But this also has a huge advantage when you have to get rid of the toughly covered mud from any equipment used for construction. Removing the rust or highly caked concrete is not a big deal for these tips. After interviewing Kramar, we got to know from him that 0-degree tips are of no use when it comes to usage in homes. It is because the jet spray takes a life-long period to clean a huge area.
  • The tip, however, is not of great significance in comparison to the wand distance when it comes to cleaning. As Kramar says that the adjustment of the surface feels can be made by simply pulling it back by the 15 or 25 degree nozzle. In general, you will be decreasing the force to half by doubling the distance. For more details, you can visit his own website and you will find more information regarding this matter.
  • Since the reels of the hose are present solely for storage, so you need you disconnect both ends of the hose to reel on it. However, you think that reels are present because the hose should remain contained then you are definitely wrong here. You can go back to get more information.
{ "@context": "", "@type": "Table", "@id": "#table", "description": "Researchers have taken more than 50 hours and seven days to check the six most ideal pressure washer models for cleaning the cars, patios.", "url": "", "name": "best electric pressure washer" } { "@context": "", "@type": "ItemList", "name": "Best Pressure Washer", "itemListElement": [ { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 1, "image": "", "url": "", "name": "Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer", "description": "Researching for longer periods of time, testing and experimenting for years has brought us to the conclusion that Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer." }, { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 2, "image": "", "url": "", "name": "Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer", "description": "This gives it an edge and due to this, there is a high cleaning score of 3572." }, { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 3, "image": "", "url": "", "name": "Ryobi RY803001 3000 PSI Honda Gas Pressure Washer", "description": "This Ryobi RY803001 3000 psi Honda is a gas pressure washer which lets you use it for longer periods of time and on daily basis for longer length areas." } ], "itemListOrder": "", "numberOfItems": "3" } { "@context": "", "@type": "BlogPosting", "image": "", "url": "", "headline": "The Best Pressure Washer You Can Find in 2024", "description": "here's what we think is the best pressure washer. After more than 50 hours of research and a week using six models to clean cars, patio furniture, and more.", "dateCreated": "2020-04-30T03:45:31+00:00", "datePublished": "2020-04-30T03:45:31+00:00", "dateModified": "2020-05-01T17:45:58+00:00", "inLanguage": "en-US", "isFamilyFriendly": "true", "copyrightYear": "2020", "copyrightHolder": "", "author": { "@type": "Person", "name": "Hibba Ahsan" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "", "url": "", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "", "width": "540px", "height": "160px" } }, "mainEntityOfPage": "True", "keywords": [ "best gas pressure washer", "best power washer for home use", "best home pressure washer", "ryobi power washer", "best cheap pressure washer" ], "genre": [ "SEO", "JSON-LD" ] }