7 Best Pool Cues Under $100 – 2024 Review

While most of younger generations play video games as a main source of entertainment, older ones would rather choose darts, bowling, or game of pool. Having some of these in your home is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family. While having a bowling area in your home is not so easy since it requires a lot of space, and can cost a real fortune, you could easily find a table for billiard for under 500$.

The main benefit of having one these in your home is that you can spend a lot of free time and have fun while playing it. Also, if you have kids, a billiard might motivate them to have a little rest from playing video games throughout the whole day. There are many types of tables available on the market, with a variety of price and quality. Besides the table, you will need cues, balls, and cue holders. If you are interested in buying a cue holder, check pingpongetc.com see the reviews of some of the best available on the market today.

There are all kinds of pool cues available on the market, and their price can vary according to their quality. For professional tournaments, you will need a high-quality and expensive cue. However, if you are planning to buy a set of them just to play for fun at your home, there is a wide selection of pool cues for under 100$. Here are some of the best pool cues that you can buy for less than 100$ in 2024.

1. AB Earth Pool Cue

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The main benefit of this cue is its ergonomic design and great details. It was constructed under industrial standards with a design that provides the player with increased accuracy. The shaft is made of Canadian rock maple. Also, the stick is polished and has a high-quality paint. The main benefits are its design, ergonomics, anti-slip feature, curved shape, and length of 58 inches. On the other hand, the only downside is that the bottom can scratch easily. The price of it is around 40$.

2. Viper Underground the Raven Pool Cue

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This cue is another one made of maple wood, with a length of 58 inches, which is around the average length of this billiard equipment. It has a modern design with interesting graphics and additional stainless steel around the forearm and sleeve. The weight of it is around 20 ounces. The main advantages are that you can adjust its weight, it is easier to transport it since it is made from two separate parts, and has a faux leather wrap. The downsides are the fragile tip and rubber bumper. This one is an excellent choice with a price of around 50$.

3. Players C-801 Classic Crimson Pool Cue

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Classic Crimson Pool Cue represents a cue with a traditional style and design with a white collar and a black wrap. This company is well-known when it comes to the production of various billiard equipment, with all of their cues being made of hard rock maple. They are using a special process of wood treatment to produce high-quality and long-lasting pool sticks. It is one of more expensive pool sticks in this list, with a price of 95$, but it has a quality like some much more expensive cues.

4. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

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The main advantage of this pool stick is that it is sharing some features with much more expensive cues. The company, which is producing billiard equipment, Viking Valhalla, is a well-known name and holds its popularity for over 50 years. You can choose between seven different designs. Also, this stick has metal details, and it is quite comfortable when you are holding it. Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty for this cue. Some of the best features are parts made of stainless steel, better accuracy, and rubber on the tip for protection. Its price is around 70$.

5. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue

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This stick has a length of 58 inches, which is around the average, and interesting details with additional silver rings. Both ends of it are specially designed to provide you better comfort and higher accuracy. Also, there is a 13mm leather tip. Moreover, you can use it for both light and harder shots. This cue is another one with a lifetime warranty. The main advantages are great design and comfort when you are holding it. However, you should pay attention to the tip since it is fragile.

6. Viper Clutch Pool Cue

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This pool stick shares many features with other similar products, such as the length of 58 inches, two separate parts for easier transport, and Canadian Maple wood as a material. However, this cue stands out with its amazing design and lightweight, which allows you to control it much easier. There are also parts on this stick made of ABS and silicone, and you can choose many colors. This one also includes a lifetime warranty, which a great deal for a pool sticks with a price of around 60$.

7. Viper Junior 2-piece Pool Cue

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While this pool cue shares most of the features with many other similar products, the main difference is in its length, which is 48 inches. Using a slightly shorter stick can be especially beneficial for younger people and amateurs. Also, it is lighter than most pool sticks, with a weight of only 16 ounces. You can easily transport it since it can be divided into two pieces, while details made of ABS, metal, and rubber, will provide the player with better accuracy and grip. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest ones with such quality, with a price of 40$.

Last Words

Billiard is a very interesting game which can bring a lot of a great time in your home. When it comes to choosing a proper pool stick, you should consider various factors such as materials, dimensions, weight, and quality. The market is full of all kinds of pool equipment, but choosing the cheapest one is not always a great solution. In that matter, always look for cues made of maple wood, and with details made of rubber, metal, and silicone. Also, pay attention to the tip, since it represents the most important part and can be crucial for better accuracy.