Here is a tip for you; please do not even think of purchasing the very first magnetic mesh screen you see in the first go because not all of them are like what they look like. So, we are here to give you a better and in-depth understanding of what you should be thinking of while buying the magnetic screen doors.

The top 10 and best magnetic screen doors in 2024 have been listed here for you to review thoroughly. They are absolutely fantastic and outstanding to use. Scroll down and get your hands on one of the best ones!

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Top Picks

1. Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Curtain

Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Curtain


Highlights of the product:

  • You can find more than one thumbtacks
  • The Velcro is of full-frame
  • The polyester used is of high quality
  • The length and width are such as; 39 by 83 inches
  • All doors that are of 36 by 82 inches can be fit easily

The most appreciated and awesome feature of the Magic Bug door is its ergonomic design. There is not only a way of setting up fast and easy, but, it can be used to be utilized on a daily basis Without moving your attention away.

This happens all because there is not much to do with this Slim build door, henceforth, you do not have to face any kind of mess because of this. This Specific features also let you travel around with this one anywhere and everywhere you want.

The process of installation is pretty easy and you do not need any more tools as a help system. Also, it is up on you when you feel like removing it and install it again whenever you want. Moreover, the material used for making the Magic Bug heavy duty magnetic screen is the Polyester mesh screen.

It has been fixed in place with the help of 26 magnets and this lets the Door open and close easily with no use of force at all. When you have this screen door, we can assure you that there will be no insects or bugs, especially when you are letting in the cool air in Your house.

Customer Reports

This mesh door went up very easily with the velcro strips. FYI, even though you might want to mount it so that it is taut, it closes better with just a bit of slack across the door. We did find it useful to add a couple of extra velcro mounts. I thought it would be removable and while it would be easy to do, it does leave those velcro strips visible on the frame when not in use. If I were doing it again, I’d try to find white velcro strips to match the woodwork around the door. All these slightly negative things aside, I love the door and no longer worry about birds flying in when I leave the door open to allow air into the apartment. Flying insects have a less welcoming opening to visit as well.

Luis Barragan


  • This is high durable
  • Made out of high quality polyester
  • The magnets let you move your hand freely
  • You can wash it
  • The installation plan is pretty simple
  • The design is eye catching
  • Some buyers complain about the item not lasting long.

2. Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 72R Instant Screen Door

Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 72R Instant Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • The design is pet friendly
  • Designed in a portable manner
  • There is a split opening of 25/75 side
  • Overlapping of 2”
  • There is a simple way of adjusting the height and width
  • Mix is included and hardware can be matched with it

The Bug Off 72R by 96 Instant Screen can a life-saving thing for you because if you are a pet owner, it can let your animal move around in the environment freely and you do not have to open it again and again.

To be precise, the screen of it, in other words, is the screen curtain because it has been designed like a two pieces’ shower curtain which comes with a tension rod. Other features that serve as an aspect for buying this for your home is the free hand pass, nice and portable design and last but not the least the magnetic closure. For barbecues, we have the perfect solution for you.

Moreover, when we assure you that all kinds of bugs will be staying away from this, the design of the door is built as such that it brings fresh air to your home. By simply using your both hands, this can be installed very easily.

The screen door has a very different design. Unlike the other typical 50/50 center split opening doors, this one has a 25/75 split opening. In other words, you can say that the door opens in the middle of one door, totally depending upon you which side you want to open. Keeping aside all the mentioned features, this heavy-duty magnetic screen door has these unique features as well:

  • Without causing any harm and damage to the door frame, there is an adjustable spring tension which helps in installing the door a bit too quick. Hence, this saves up a lot of time and energy as well.
  • Into the screen, you will see a second tunnel that lets you install this screen on other smaller doors as well. This makes it very convenient to use in different places.
  • There is an overlapping of 2” in the center, letting you and your pet enter freely and making sure that it closes as soon as you enter, on its own.
  • For increasing the durability, there is a weather-resistant webbing that is sown right at the bottom of the screen.
Customer Reports
Luke Kunselman

A must-have. Does a good job of keeping most bugs out. I had to staple the velcro pieces to the door frame to hold because the sticky stuff on the back was a bit as strong as my dogs. My labs have no problems getting in and out; although there do take a running start to get in. My chihuahua struggles and doesn’t always make it through on his first running attempt.


I installed this about 2 weeks ago and it seems to be holding up great. The fit is perfect. The bottom of the screen has a little weight to it, so it returns back to its original position nicely. Very easy to install.

  • You can enter and exit with free hands
  • The split opening of 25/75 is very convenient
  • It last longer when there is webbing
  • Requires professional enterance.
  • Little bit pricy.

3. Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door

Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • It has been approved by the military
  • Strong breezes can also be withstood
  • There is a warranty of a lifetime
  • The nets on it close pretty quickly

You don’t need to worry more about finding the perfect screen door anymore, because your struggle is over because Inspire Home Living magnetic screen door is here and it is a durable and heavy-duty door. Moreover, it is very stylish and it is equipped with 60g of mesh other than the standard 30g. So you don’t need to worry about its durability. It has the capacity to endure high volume traffic for many years.

These screens come with 26 very strong magnets and 8 strong gravity sticks that why these are considered premium magnet screen doors and to save time these magnetic doors stay open for your ease. The loop fastener is fitted in it to ensure that no bugs can trespass inside. You don’t need additional tools and technical persons to get them installed. It takes only 10-15 minutes to get installed in a worst-case scenario.

Customer Reports
BA Dare

I needed to adjust the size in order to fit to my door (which is smaller than the product), but the seller was excellent and it’s been in place for a few months now and not one fly has entered the house since. This is a great product, does exactly what was needed (in this area there’s always a major problem with house and other flies throughout the summer).

A Jensen

Having previously purchased cheaper versions of this type of product that fell apart or lost its connectivity and was more on the floor than the frame, I was a bit apprehensive to pay more in case the same thing happened. The joy of joys this one is brilliant. It has excellent Velcro around three sides, which does stick firmly to (previously sugar soap washed) PVC, the magnets are stitched in the seam and it is made of a strong mesh. My cat can get in and out and the door curtain does all it says it will do. Love it.

  • Can be installed very easily
  • It is highly durable
  • You can find it in various colors that fit in all environments
  • This has also been approved by the military like the previous one
  • Lacks settlement for generic size.
  • A bit expensive than others.

4. Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • The edges are sewn properly
  • This is a reinforced form of Velcro
  • Overlapping is 1”
  • There is a complete guarantee of refunding
  • The magnets used to make it are powerful
  • Fiberglass mesh material has been used

Lux Screen Door is a top-rated heavy duty magnetic screen door you can consider this option carefully if you are looking for a reputable magnetic screen door with quality and sturdiness.

Lux has added many different approaches in this unit, they haven’t used the normal polyesters but fiberglass mesh material is used for your ease and comfort while using this product. You will be amazed to know that this product is 10 times stronger than the simple polyester these advance technologies make it a stronger and heavy-duty product in the market.

Its full-frame is lined to the screen with better enforcement of Velcro in fine detail what increases its sturdiness. This magnetic screen door is a good fit for a large number of traffic moreover it is very durable and designed according to your requirements. It fits up to 34/82 inches door.

And the screen comes with 26 magnets and these are firmly fitted to ensure the grip to keep your work easier and it saves you from injuries, and it makes sure that there are no gaps in it. Apart from the weight and sturdiness its door opens and closes with ease and comfort. But if you want to get maximum results out of it you need to use it with proper operational measures and procedures and you have to leave one inch overlapped to ensure it is functioning properly with maximum productivity.

Customer Reports

The magnetic seal is quick and complete. To account for our aluminum frame not being tall enough I had to sew up the bottom vinyl strip to the screen material. I also sewed into the fold four ( two on each panel) 1 1/2 inch 1/4 inch rods to help in the screen panels coming down quickly into place. These were about an inch apart starting right at the inside edge of each panel. Took about an hour for both sides.


I bought this because I have little dogs who like to go in and out and I don’t want bugs in the house. I was able to install this on my porch door in less than 10 minutes and found the magnets held tight. The dogs got used to this and with a little time, we’re able to go in and out. no bugs! Love this product!

  • The quality is pretty good
  • Simple installation process
  • The material used is quality wise better than the mesh screen
  • Until and unless it is under great pressure, it will not rip apart
  • The magnets used are very strong
  • Sometimes some customers find low-quality material.
  • Sometimes Velcro does not stick perfectly and the screen gets to fall down.

5. Homitt TIAN-30 Magnetic Screen Door

Homitt TIAN-30 Magnetic Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • 32 by 82 inches doors fit well
  • Magnets are really strong
  • Warranty of 1 year is guaranteed
  • The measure is 39 by 82 inches
  • It has the Velcro design of full-frame
  • Push up pins are supported well

This screen door is ideal for the people who live in the areas where wind and storms are common, its gravity is very strong which holds it tightly to get fitted properly and keeps you falling away in stronger storms and winds.

That’s why its unique selling point is considered the way it holds the Magnetic Screen Door in weather conditions and people want to spend their money on it because it is good to fit to fulfill their Magnetic Screen Lock door in harsh weather where other products fail to sustain and perform.

If you talk about its size it is 39/83 inches and it will get fir to the door up to 32/82 inches. If you compare it with other screen door models, it is slightly dark that’s why some people would not like it but it has heavy-duty performance in stormy areas. If you neglect the looks you would know you have spent your money on the right thing.

It comes with seven set of magnet and seals are consist of six sets of magnets. You can get great durability and limitless traffic can pass through it for a longer time period and if your concern is durability in Magnet Screen Door then you should not delay anymore to think about the pricing and installations because it is a good fit according to your needs.

The best thing is you get six days money-back guarantee on purchasing to ensure that this product is a good fit as per your requirements. And one year warranty makes it a completely trustworthy package for you that means if this is the right product for you then you need to worry less about the other thing and you should start cross-matching your needs with its features and specifications.

Customer Reports

Works well and our cat enjoys coming in and out of it. I had the whole thing up in 5-7 minutes.I suggest reinforcing it with pushpins or a staple gun. We used additional double-sided tape, but it was no match for our recent heatwave and after a month or so melted off. It’s been sturdy every since we added the pushpins. Also, the other reviews complain about the magnets not sticking together. Just remember to mount the middle (where the doors meet) slightly higher than the corners (an inch or two) and the magnets will close just fine.


This is probably the best purchase I’ve made in a long time! Paid for itself the very night it was installed by keeping out mosquito hawks and a wasp. The magnets are great, and it only needs a little help swinging shut every now and then.

  • It has a sturdy build
  • Simple process of installation
  • Does not need any maintenance
  • The firmness is increased through the gravity sticks
  • Can be closed tightly
  • Slightly darker than other products

6. Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • Doors of 34 by 82 inches can be easily supported by this
  • 36 by 83 inches is the accurate measure
  • High-quality plastic is used to make it
  • A guarantee of six months money back
  • They have provided you with extra push up pins

If you want to buy a good quality Magnetic screen door with durability and beautiful design, then you should consider this product for sure. You can match it with your interior because of its sleek design that could generally get similar to your home decor.

It ensures that there is no insect inside the room and at the same time it gives you a cool breeze and it is a hustling free product that decreases your operational stress because it is a user-friendly product.

You can install it easily as its name suggests, you don’t need professionals to get it installed and you don’t need extra tools for the installation. It can be fitted to 34/82 inches but its actual size is 36/83 inches before buying it you should check its features and specifications as per your requirements to avoid any inconvenience and you can buy the right product according to the necessity.

As it is a reputed product and we have learned from many customers review that it is durable and you can keep it for a longer time. You can add some extra pins to it which you can find in this box. You will get six months money-back guarantee can you can install in anywhere; inside the house to match with décor or outside the house. It give beautiful look to your décor so you can enjoy the protection from insects and bugs while having a beautiful product at home. SO it adds value to your lifestyle, you should consider it while you are looking for Magnetic Screen Doors.

Customer Reports
Casey Stewart

Very easy to install, beginning with the top center area. Making sure the two panels were completely even in length ensured the best result, and my fears for good visibility with black rather than gray color turned out to be groundless; photo included to demonstrate just how much of the view is retained. The fabric is medium weight rather than flimsy and all seams are completely finished…the magnets are fully enclosed and I actually only had a single druther.


It’s doing it’s purpose. We’ve had it for a few months now but it has got increasing warmer and the adhesive at the top is actually coming off the plastic/rubber part I stuck it to on the inside of the door frame. it didn’t stick well to the wood on the door frame. i am going to modify the top and sew through the sticky adhesive and rubber/plastic part to better secure it.

  • It can last for a very long period of time
  • You do not need any tools while installing it
  • While the air comes through, the bugs remain away
  • The push pins provide extra support
  • Prices are bit high

7. Easy Install Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty

Easy Install Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty


Highlights of the product:

  • Installation is very easy
  • You do not need any tools while installation
  • It has a DVD tutorial provided for guidance
  • The opening and closing function is automatic

You would be amazed to know that this is one of the simple yet easy to install products available in the market with very good features and user experience. You can install it without any tutorials and any professional assistance.

You will find very few options available in the market to compare with it. To make it the best quality product it has 26 powerful and heavy-duty mesh Velcro magnets that are installed in it to make it perfect for your use and get the maximum potential out of it.

You would find it one of the best Magnetic Screens Doors available in the market but before spending money on it read carefully about its features and check if this product is a good fit for you then you are good to go for it.

Its gem works as auto close, it gets closed automatically when you passed from it so the Magnet door makes it sure that no insects or bugs trespass through the gate after you. It comes in black color having 1.15 pounds of weight.

You can use it at the door which dimensions are 34/82 inches. This is a durable magnet door and you need to consider it for your household appliance because it is designed to give a nicer look along with that it can last for a longer period of time so you can get an idea that spending your money on it should not be a bad idea. It adds value to your lifestyle due to its heavy-duty material and rechecked edges to fill all the previous gaps.

Customer Reports

I love this product. It was incredibly easy to install, as long as you measure correctly and clean the area which you intend to install. My animals quickly learned how to use it with some positive reinforcement and I’ll very likely be buying 2 more of these for my other back door as well as my cat room door. Would highly recommend it.

K. Cooney

This is terrific! Wish I had bought one sooner. My dog learned to use it really fast. Now I don’t have to keep opening and closing the door!

  • Magnets used have a strong grip
  • Velcro is of high quality
  • When reviews are considered, it has got some great reviews
  • You will get you entire payment if it does not work well
  • Some buyers complains item not long lasting.
  • Not holding well.

8. Premium Magnetic Screen Door

Premium Magnetic Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • The polyester used is of good quality
  • Velcro with a full-frame
  • There are more push pins
  • The magnets are perfectly concealed
  • Doors of size 36 by 82 inches can fit easily

The Premium Choice Products premium magnetic Screen Door is one of the best product available in the market and because many customers have shared their experience with this product that it has a strong built and on the top of it design is also beautiful with constantly smaller holes and higher thread count.

It is machine washable and it is built with high-quality polyester that why it is durable and you can wash it in the machine to give it a new look whenever you will wash it.

We can clearly observe the creativity in its construction. As the magnets of Premium Magnetic Screen Door are shown in new and very creative ways you would love to check its fixing. This is an amazing flawless overlap because its fabrics are fixed properly instead of only fixing the fabrics on the edges which don’t give it perfect looks according to your décor selections we can get an idea from the product models.

Its high-quality material is the reason behind its success in the market otherwise many other products are rushing in the market but Premium Magnetic has its valued customer, who know its worth for the household and that’s the reason people love to buy it because Premium Screen Door is not the expensive one and it fits to the door size of 36/82 inches.

Its own measurement is 39/83 inches. Its dimensions are also perfect for its easy installation without taking any help from technical persons it makes your life easier you can get maximum of its benefits because it is high quality and durable product on the top of it you can enjoy its operations without any distractions and troubles. Spending your money on Premium Magnetic Screen Door could be a wise decision.

Customer Reports

I just purchased this product and installed it last week. It was easy to put up and works great. I have a toddler constantly in and out of the house. I would have 30 to 40 flies most days buzzy around. Since I have had seen 3 in a week.


It’s great for letting my kids and pets out easily. I don’t have to think about the screen door being left open anymore. Our 100lb dog runs through it daily. It’s still holding up after several months with no signs of wear. It seems like good quality durable fabric and it’s working for our family much better than a screen door. The magnets click together fast after going out and it keeps bugs out too.

  • It has been designed beautifully
  • The installation is very easy
  • The high quality material used makes it durable
  • Can be found very easily
  • Not so heavy on your wallet
  • The company needs to make it wider.
  • Some packages do not contain instruction book

9. Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 32 Instant Screen Door

Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 32 Instant Screen Door


Highlights of the product:

  • 32 by 96 inches is the accurate measure
  • 96 lbs is the weight of it
  • It closes on its own
  • The price is very affordable

If you check operationally then the best feature of this product is that it can be easily installed and if you want to remove it then you don’t have to face any difficulties. You can find out that Wolf and Moon Product, Inc. have the expertise to design products lie this which comes with screen door which provides ease and freedom on installations to users. If you are quick in working then the installation of this product would not take more than 10 minutes and you will be able to get its benefits at your place.

It is portable with Bugs off 32/ 96 inches of screen, as it is a portable screen so you can move it easily from one door to another door without having any troubles. The Bug Off 32/ 96 is not an expensive Instant Screen. But it offers you some features which you can only find in high-end magnetic screens doors, for example, it has the ability to get rid of bugs by performing bug mesh duties if required.

It weighs 13.96 lbs and it measures 32/96 inches. Bugs Off 32 by 96 Instant Screen, ensure that you get hands free entry through the door along with your pet by getting rid of pesky bugs that can get on pets from outside. It works as a sliding door as well as it works and opens like French Style doors.

Customer Reports
Elizabeth of L.A.

We were looking for an way to enjoy some evening air circulation and cricket/water sounds through a variety of doors without committing to a Year-round screens that would require an extra hand when going in and out or obstruct the view when we don’t want it there. This works perfectly for us.

Sarah S.

This is the second one I’ve purchased. The first one I bought 3 years ago and still works great. I needed one for another door but Bug Off was out of stock in the size I thought I needed so I ordered another brand. Turns out I needed a larger size but I wouldn’t have kept the other brand even if it fitted. The quality was low in both the mesh and magnets and ease of putting it up is so much easier with the Bug Off. The Bug Off takes 5 minutes as they provide a tension bar for the door top which makes a huge difference in stabilizing the Mesh screen. It is also thicker with a superior magnet. You get what you pay for and the Bug Off is so much better in quality and to look at. Arrived earlier than expected from the seller so I’m very happy.

  • Very durable in nature
  • Holds great value in terms of quality and money
  • Installation process is very quick and easy
  • Difficult to install at odd size door
  • Fits well but the magnets are only in two locations.
  • The adhesive provide is not very strong.

10. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door-Full Frame

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door-Full Frame


Highlights of the product:

  • The doors of size 34 by 82 inches fit the best
  • The edges have magnets sewn in it
  • It has a Velcro full frame
  • It has 26 very strong magnets

These are one of the best Magnet Screen doors which you can find in the market and it is unique among other available options due to its best features and specifications. This door is equipped with a High-Tech iGot technology Screen door, which is not offered in other Magnetic doors.

That why it is one of the prestigious and leading names in the market and manufacturers of magnetic screen doors, you can check it by looking at the features and look and feel of the products moreover you can check reviews of existing customers before making the decision of buying this magnetic screen door.

This Magnetic door has compelling design, it is equipped with 26 powerful magnets which constantly seen the construction of the heavy mesh. There are no chances of dust and insects to trespass through it.

As mentioned earlier it is a different and perfect product among the available options in the market because it come with video tutorial for the as a user guide to know how you can install it, all the steps are well mentioned in it. But if there any chances that you don’t like it after purchasing then the company gives you the opportunity to refund on return so their amazing features along with the best deals make it worth spending money.

  • In hot areas, there is a perfect system of air circulation
  • They have a guarantee of returning your entire money
  • There are no gaps between the magnets
  • It has been built strongly and that makes it even more durable
  • 34 by 82 inches size fits really well
  • Cutting out the bugs and insects
  • Keeps your home free from dust and dirt
  • More than one screens are required to install
  • Heavy in weight
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Customer Reports

I purchased this product a couple months back and it had started to develop a hole at the bottom half of the panel (possibly caused by one of my small dogs so I will be using the “chip clip” idea seen in one of the other comments). I contacted the seller and they immediately responded without hesitation and sent me a replacement right away. I am very pleased with the product as well as the awesome customer service!


Bought this over two years ago and love it! We have had zero problems with this magnetic screen and it’s been on our main door for over two years. It may not be the lowest price screen on the market but it has held up and works very well. It’s nice to leave the door open and not worry about bugs coming in and in the south the bugs are plentiful : ) We have a manufactured home and how our driveway and carport are located we use the backdoor as our main door, and yes it opens outward so no real way to put a screen door on it. This little gem works perfectly on the inside of the door, in fact, like with groceries you open the main door and instead of opening a screen door you just push through the magnetic screen door with a load of groceries. Great item and works very well.