11 Best Luggage Accessories Every Traveler Needs to Have

Everyone loves to travel and explore new places or attractions. But do you know what people dislike when it comes to traveling? Packing and getting ready for the trip. This can be stressful to a lot of them, especially those who are last-minute packers. Is this you? Well, if so, this list will help you pack and prepare for your next trip! Here, we will focus on all the little accessories that are mandatory and essential for making your trip practical, fun, and easy to navigate! Keep on reading and discover all there’s to it down below.

11 best luggage accessories every traveler needs to have

1. Your earphones


You can completely zone out and enjoy your time with the right podcast, show, or favorite song or album! Wireless earphones have amazing and impressive battery life and are super practical yet tangle-free, with no hassle whatsoever! If you get nausea easily or if you like to have your ”me time” simply disconnect from the world and enjoy great tunes. Do not forget to bring a charger for them, possibly a portable charger.

2. A book


One of the ways you can relax is by bringing your Kindle along with you on your journey, or you can opt for an actual book (if you like to read). If you are on a 3-5 hour flight this gives you just enough time to educate yourself, fall in love with a new character, or get inspired by your chosen novel. Let your imagination go crazy and make this time precious. If you plan on driving yourself we recommend sticking to Kindle.

3. Document organizer

If you are a frequent traveler chances are you already own this item and handy little accessory. Packing your documents such as papers, passport or nowadays proof of vaccination (unfortunately) can all be sorted out in one neat way. Prevent others from talking behind your back about how slow you are when at the airport and speed up the process with your handy little organizer. This item is practical yet super affordable.

4. Selfie stick


A selfie stick with Bluetooth is the perfect way to take pictures when traveling. It can fit in most bags and will suit your cabin backpack. If you want to create memories and remember all the places, people, and culture – be equipped! Only a high-quality camera, good angle, and a practical selfie stick can do the job. No reason to set a timer or ask strangers to take pictures no more!

5. A face mask

In the last two years, N95 face masks have been true life-savers (literally). They are used to fight off bacteria, germs, or allergens, and are used as a protection from Covid. Nowadays a lot of places forbid access to the facility if you don’t have a mask, so it is better to be prepared and safe rather than sorry, right? You can also opt for some other less expensive masks, just bring them with you for your own safety.

6. A first aid kit


You should carry a mini first aid kit with you in case something bad happens. You never know what or how your trip is going to look like. So, make sure that your kit consists of bandages, some plasters, safety pins, and even disposable gloves. Rubbing alcohol and painkillers is also a good idea. These can come in handy if your car breaks down, someone gets injured out on the road, or if a stranger asks for a bandage on the plane.

7. Compression socks

Are your feet naturally cold? Can they swell up quite easily? Do you dislike long trips? Throwing on a pair of compression socks when traveling can help with circulation and solve a ton of different problems. Compression socks squeeze the entire foot giving it stability and support. You will also reduce swelling, and won’t have an issue going for long walks later on. No reason to worry about air pressure either.

8. Travel pillow


Travel pillows are soft and lightweight, oftentimes a necessity for long trips and flights. The best part about them is that they don’t have to be pricey. These will give you just the right type of support without irritating your neck. They’re helpful in small, tight, and uncomfy spaces + you’re going to adore the additional yet smooth padding. Perfect for those who have back pain, neck pain, arthritis, or super-sensitive muscles or joints.

9. A hand sanitizer

When traveling overseas, one of the best ways to avoid getting sick is to use hand sanitizer. Although it does dry out our hands it can be used in a smaller quantity or followed up with a hand cream to balance the feeling out. Unfortunately, a lot of people get sick quite easily since they can’t handle high-pressure, thin air or bacteria, especially at airports. Be sure to look for alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which are more effective than wipes or soaps.

10. Toiletry bag


The best toiletry bag for your suitcase would be one that would keep any spills or leakage contained. This bag wouldn’t allow for your favorite perfume to leak or for your hand cream to burst. If you have to and can, bring your little toothpaste, wipes, and moisturizer with you. Arrange and sort everything out so that it is in order, convenient for you to use or reach for. Aim for mini-sizes or samples since they are a lot more lightweight and practical.

11. The right luggage

Fit your accessories in a proper bag, luggage, or backpack when traveling. It is essential to store your accessories in a high-quality, sturdy, non-breakable, and trustworthy big or small bag. Sydney Luggage Centre’s range of luggage includes suitcases, carry-on luggage, Samsonite luggage, hard suitcases, kid’s luggage – you name it, they probably have it! You will easily find an item for your convenient use and travel. They also do free shipping in Australia on orders over $100.