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5 Best Job Platforms for Massage Therapists 2024: Where to Look?

Finding the right job platform can significantly ease the job search process, especially in specialized fields like massage therapy. As we move into 2024, massage therapists have a variety of platforms tailored to their profession, offering unique opportunities and resources that can help them advance their careers.

This blog post delves into the top five job platforms that massage therapists should consider when looking for new opportunities.

1. AMTA Job Bank

Membership in AMTA comes with numerous benefits, including access to their job bank. This platform is unique because it connects members with a vast network of employers who are specifically looking for professional massage therapists. Furthermore, AMTA offers tools for continuing education and professional development, making it a holistic choice for career growth.

To make the most of the AMTA Job Bank, therapists should actively engage with the platform’s resources, including updating their profiles regularly and participating in AMTA’s continuing education programs. This not only increases visibility but also ensures that therapists remain competitive in the evolving wellness industry.

2. Indeed for Health and Wellness

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Indeed allows for detailed search filters such as location, company, and job type, which helps therapists find positions that match their skills and career goals. Additionally, Indeed’s resume uploading feature enables employers to find you, increasing your chances of landing a job.

To stand out on Indeed, therapists should use keywords related to their skills and certifications in their profiles and resumes. Regularly updating your profile and applying promptly to newly posted jobs can also increase your visibility and opportunities on the platform.

3. 마사지구인 on Therapy114

Therapy114 serves as a significant platform in South Korea, specifically designed to facilitate 마사지구인, which translates to “massage recruitment.” This website is dedicated to connecting them with potential employers, offering a specialized portal where both parties can find mutually beneficial opportunities.

It is tailored to meet the needs of the massage therapy community, focusing on job listings and recruitment services within South Korea. The site provides a user-friendly interface that allows massage therapists to search for job openings by location, type of employment, and specific job requirements.

Employers, on the other hand, can post their vacancies and browse through profiles of potential hires, making the recruitment process more streamlined and efficient.

4. LinkedIn

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By creating a detailed profile that includes your professional achievements, skills, and endorsements, massage therapists can attract the attention of potential employers who use LinkedIn to scout for talent.

Active engagement on LinkedIn—such as connecting with industry leaders, participating in relevant groups, and sharing insightful content—can improve your visibility and lead to job opportunities. Regular interaction with your network keeps you at the forefront of potential job offerings and can provide valuable career advice.

5. Health eCareers

The platform is tailored for healthcare professionals, making it a great place to find jobs that require specific medical knowledge and expertise in therapeutic practices.

Using Health eCareers effectively involves setting up alerts for massage therapist positions, customizing your resume to highlight relevant medical skills, and regularly updating your profile to keep it current with your latest certifications and experiences.


By exploring these platforms, massage therapists can find numerous opportunities that align with their career goals and professional development. Each platform offers unique benefits, and by utilizing them effectively, therapists can enhance their job prospects significantly in 2024.