5 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Human Hair Weaves

Did you look yourself at the mirror and thought – wouldn’t it be nice if my hair were thicker? A couple of weaves here and there, and you’d be much more comfortable plus you’d have more confidence. We all did. At least once. The next step towards your new goal would be to check out the hair weaves market and what do popular websites have to offer. This is the critical moment where you can seek quantity over quality since the low prices can look tempting and the hair can look gorgeously real on the pictures. The problem is, it’s not the case in reality. Opting for cheap hair extensions is like a quick band-aid, it maybe helps for a while but the problem beneath remains the same – if you don’t treat it properly. In the case of hairstyling, you don’t have to treat anything but to follow your needs, but that’s exactly the reason to do some research and to keep yourself far from the cheap and bad solutions. What do we mean when we say bad solutions? Those are the hair weaves that will leave you more unhappy than you were before you got them. It’s counterproductive to use products that are not working in your favor. The reasons for that are endless. Here are the reasons we wanted to talk about.

5 Reasons to Avoid Buying Cheap Human Hair Weaves



You got your new hair. Now it’s time to style it and assemble it. But, you’re most likely going to face the fact that you can’t get your hair waves to look like anything you’ve planned. It just doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Cheap hair extensions often have clip ins that are loose and are hard to keep in one place for a longer period of time – as a matter of fact, it’s even hard to style them in the first place unless you use a crazy amount of heat, desperately trying to make it stand like you wanted it to. Cheap hair can also be very thin so you can’t really use the hair curlers or straighteners like you would with your natural hair. Or you can, but with little or no results. And with a potential danger of ruining it. That sounds like an alert for wasting your money, right?



We all wash our hair every 2 to 3 days. What is the case with our hair weaves? According to Sunber Hair, we should be washing our extensions less often than our real hair, but most certainly once a week. The reasons for that are obviously hygienic, but also have a lot to do with how your weaves look and feel like. They should look shiny and should feel and smell like they’re clean. The only problem is, with cheap alternatives, you can’t wash the waves in the first place. The moment you wash it, it becomes unusable and aesthetically unappealing. Maybe it will stay the same for two or three washes, but after that, it is common that it loses the shine and the quality. It starts to get tangled and it changes the texture. When you’re buying hair weaves, you should go for the ones that can last a longer period of time, remaining the same or at least close to what they looked like when you first bought them.


Another reason to consider buying the more expensive product is the fact that labels are often lying when it comes to the cheapest extensions on the internet. Even bad marketing is good marketing, since the low prices attract people’s attention and make them want to give it a try. You think it’s possible to make a product out of the real human hair, and make it cost a bargain? That’s not possible in the real world. Not necessarily, but quite often, the price does represent the quality you get. You don’t want your hair to be made of synthetic materials, since wearing plastic on your head not only looks awful, but it’s also unhealthy and most certainly, unsustainable. There are also animal weaves that are no different in the way they look compared to your real hair – disastrous. But the most important aspect of the cheap hair is that it can irritate your scalp or damage your natural hair, and you sure don’t want that to happen.



Cheaper versions of weaves will never match your hair, no matter how great they look on the picture. It’s the texture that gives away the real difference between the natural and the fake. Oftentimes, you’d get hair that doesn’t match your color either, since natural hair has a huge variety of colors and shades, while cheap extensions only come in a couple of colors. The point of buying any of them, either expensive or cheap, is to make you look better, save your hair from harsh weather, allow you to experiment styles and change and play with hair colors. However, unless you choose the renowned, made with real hair ones, you’ll probably be left disappointed, since you won’t look the way you wanted. Incorporating the bad extensions into your real hair will only emphasize the shine, the volume and the color of your real hair when they sit next to each other. No matter what you do, and how you style it, it will still be visible enough for you and the people around you.


In the short-term, it probably does. But it’s important to define what short term means. If your cheap weaves only last a few days before you wash them, style them with a curler or simply wear them and they get tangled, rough, lose their shine, what do you get as a result? You’re left with an option to purchase another one and that process could be endless. Repurchasing and throwing them away is not cheap nor good for the environment. On the other hand, if you buy real, human, vegan, high-quality hair, you’ll be able to wear them for a long time, and you’ll be able to do whatever you would do with your natural hair. This means you can dye it, bleach it, curl it or straighten it, wash, condition, blow-dry it, pretty much anything you can think of. They last for a very long time if well treated, washed and looked after. If the ends change, you can simply cut them off and you’ll have the perfect hair again.

Less is more is not the case with the weaves. More quality checks, more expensive, more sustainable, everything you should go for is more. This way you’ll be amazed by the way your hair can look. And you’ll be only getting compliments!