Aluminum Vs. Other Materials: Making Informed Choices For Your Windows And Doors

One of the most significant gifts one can give their family and feel happy about is a properly – designed house. A home’s layout greatly impacts how a family lives day to day and how the loved ones feel. The doors and windows, however, are what people see first when they enter a home.

When deciding whether to replace the home’s doors and windows, there are numerous aspects to consider. Simple factors to consider are the pricing, the style and the material. Other additional considerations include weather performance, security, and ease of maintenance. Aluminum windows perth is a fantastic option for better-quality windows and doors if one plans to make the best decision possible.

Considerations for Choosing Doors and Windows of Aluminium versus Other Materials


Aluminum windows and doors can be a good investment compared to other materials if searching for something that will give one’s house a modern, clean design in fashion right now. They are strong and energy-efficient, allowing for long-term financial savings. Additionally, confirm that the frame is sturdy enough to support the glass. Verify that the frame on all sides completely encloses the glass. One can install the ideal aluminum doors and windows quickly by considering these criteria.

1. Light-Weight

With a weight of only 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, aluminum is a light metal, around one-third that of copper or steel. It is one of the lightest metals readily accessible on the market. This makes it suitable for door and window frames, but utilizing a lightweight frame is crucial for fitting curtains on the wall. The lighter, the better for curtain walls because they are unstructured and can support their weight only.

2. Corrosion Resistant


Aluminum is the best option compared to other materials if one wants a window that requires minimal maintenance because it is decay resistant. It is because aluminum instantly forms an aluminum oxide coating when contacting with air. Moreover, whatever the weather conditions, aluminum window frames won’t be expanding, breaking, splitting, or warping over time, including wood and PVC-U ones will. Covering the surface with paint or anodizing it (often a powder coat) can further strengthen corrosion protection.

3. Would Not Break

Aluminum is ductile and malleable, which means metal can be twisted, molded into any shape, or made into a thin wire without losing its toughness by cracking or breaking. It is hence flexible rather than brittle. This is great news for anyone who wants a curved curtain window or wall since it makes it possible to bend or press the metal frame profiles into the desired shape.

4. Fully Recyclable


Regarding recycling metals, aluminum is exceptional compared to other materials. The quality of recycled aluminum is the same as virgin aluminum and is 100 percent recyclable. This implies that it can be recycled repeatedly. Today’s consumption accounts for nearly 75% of all aluminum ever created. This is fantastic news for the supply of aluminum, especially since the global demand for aluminum has increased to over 29 million tonnes annually since the first industrial quantities of aluminum were produced about 100 years ago.

5. Too Powerful

Extremely robust aluminum alloys are utilized to create door and window frames. This is due to the low tensile strength of pure aluminum on its own. However, it gains significantly more strength when alloyed with other elements such as silicon, manganese, magnesium and copper. Pure aluminum’s tensile strength is about 90 MPa, but it can reach over 690 MPa when combined with other metals. When utilized as an alloy, aluminum, among the lightest technical metals, has a much greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel.

6. Frames Could Be Made Easily


Aluminum frames are simple to manufacture utilizing the extrusion technique, that comprises pushing the hot alloy aluminum through a dye to generate the finished aluminum product. The frame is created by joining these profiles together. The window frames’ distinct features result from the design of these profiles. They can have elaborate features, but happily, they can be produced using a single extruded segment, making the profiles sturdy and long-lasting. Additionally, aluminum is well-suited for machining, making it simple to build the aluminum profiles into the window frame precisely.

7. Stylish Design

Aluminum can be given a textured finish by powder coating or anodized. In other words, doors and windows made of aluminum function well and look great. Anodizing is accomplished by submerging the aluminum in an acid electrolyte solution and running an electric current. This creates an attractive, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide finish on the metal surface. It is incredibly robust since the aluminum oxide is completely bonded with the aluminum and cannot peel or chip.

Since the aluminum oxide is porous, sealing is necessary to make it corrosion-resistant. Anodized aluminum can be found in various colors thanks to the sealant, which can either be clear or contain specific dyes. An alternative is to paint the aluminum with a powder coating. The metal can be powder coated in any RAL color after being pre-treated to provide a corrosion-resistant barrier using anodizing or a chemical reaction.

The already treated aluminum bars are fixed in the ground, and as the paint powder exits the guns, it receives an electric charge. This makes it easier for the powder molecules to adhere to the bars due to electrostatic charge, just as dust particles adhere to the TV screen due to electrostatic charge! After that, the bars are cured in an oven where the powder melts, creating a homogeneous, smooth finish that is 25 years weatherproof.



Compared to other materials, doors and windows of aluminum are the best choice for homeowners looking for a minimal maintenance, high-performance window option at a reasonable price. They create a happier and healthier environment. Aluminum is the chosen metal for manufacturing because of its inherent strength, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion. Modern aluminum frames are a fantastic option for finishing a contemporary home or improving curb appeal. It enhances the stylish appearance of the house.