5 Alternatives to a Night at the Pub: Alcohol Free Friendship

For many people, the pub is the place to meet friends. It’s what us men have always done right? Have a chat over a few pints and if we wake up with a hangover, we wake up with a hangover. It’s not exactly healthy though is it?

In fact, it can often be the root of addiction, with constant trips to the pub leading down a road of alcoholism. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be like that, and if you have stopped drinking, you don’t have to stop seeing your friends as a result.

There are tons of alternatives for evenings out with friends that don’t need alcohol, so why not give one of these five options a go?

Board Game Cafe

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Board game cafes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They offer a great alternative to the pub, where you can spend hours playing your favourite board games over drinks and snacks. Board game cafes have an extensive collection of board games, from classic games like Monopoly and Cluedo to modern games like Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity. The staff at these cafes are also happy to explain the rules of the games to newcomers. Some board game cafes also offer food and drink, making it a perfect place for a night out with friends.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a fun and exciting way to spend an evening with friends. You and your team are locked in a themed room and have to solve puzzles and clues to escape within a set time limit. Escape rooms are a great way to challenge your problem-solving skills and work as a team. There are many different themes available, from horror and mystery to sci-fi and adventure. You can even make it a competition between different teams.

Comedy Club

A night at a comedy club is always a good laugh. You can enjoy drinks and snacks while watching a variety of stand-up comedians. It’s a great way to unwind after a long week and have a good laugh with your friends. Some comedy clubs also offer food and drink packages, making it a great night out for a group of friends.


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Karaoke is a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening with friends. You can sing your heart out to your favourite songs, and even indulge in some friendly competition. Many bars and clubs offer karaoke nights, and some even have private karaoke rooms. You can also rent karaoke machines and host a karaoke party at home.

Mini Golf


It’s a classic game that’s fun for all ages. You can enjoy a round of mini golf with your friends or family while sipping on drinks and munching on snacks. Mini golf courses come in a variety of themes, from pirate and jungle to space and medieval. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, and you can even make it a competition with your friends.