The Meaning of AIGHT – AIGHT means “All right“. It is an internet acronym. What does AIGHT mean? AIGHT is an abbreviation that stands for “All right”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out AIGHT definition and all the information related to acronym AIGHT in FAQ format.

What does AIGHT mean?

AIGHT is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “All right”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of AIGHT

AIGHT means “All right”.

What is AIGHT?

AIGHT is “All right”.

AIGHT Definition / AIGHT Means

The definition of AIGHT is “All right”.

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Other terms relating to ‘aight’:
· I8 Aight, aite, alright
Other terms relating to ‘right’:
· AIKRN All I know right now
· AMIRITE Am I Right?
· BRB Be Right Back
· BRH Be Right Here
· BRT Be Right There
· CTRN Cant Talk Right now
· DRM Digital Rights Management
· DRT Dead Right There
· DTRT Do The Right Thing
· HRC Human Rights Campaign
· IKR I Know, Right
· IKTR I Know That’s Right
· IMSMR If Memory Serves Me Right
· INORITE I Know, Right?
· IYT All right
· IYTE All right
· JDLR Just Doesn’t Look Right
· KRO Keep Right On
· NAIL IT Complete, get right
· NQR Not Quite Right
· PLR Private Label Rights
· PLRN Please Leave Right Now
· RAWR Right Answer, Wrong Reason
· RBAU Right Back At You
· RBAY Right Back At You
· RFT Right First Time
· RHD Right Hand Drive
· RHS Right Hand Side
· RITE Right
· RKBA Right to Keep and Bear Arms
· RN Right Now
Registered Nurse
· ROAR Right Of Admission Reserved
· ROS Right On Schedule
· RWNJ Right Wing Nut Job
· RYT Right, alright
· SWIR So Wrong, It’s Right
· WAYDRN What Are You Doing Right Now?
· WEPA All right, cool, yeah!
· WONKY Weird, not right
· WTTIR When The Time Is Right
· YGTR You Got That Right
· YITE Are You All Right?
· YR Yea, Right.
· YRO Your Rights Online