The Meaning of AGG – AGG means “Cool“. It is an internet acronym. What does AGG mean? AGG is an abbreviation that stands for “Cool”. Check the content shared below on this pAGGe to find out AGG definition and all the information related to acronym AGG in FAQ format.

What does AGG mean?

AGG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “Cool”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of AGG

AGG means “Cool”.

What is AGG?

AGG is “Cool”.

AGG Definition / AGG Means

The definition of AGG is “Cool”.

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Other terms relating to ‘cool’:
· 2K4U To Cool For You
· AWESOME Amazing, wonderful, cool
· BADASS Cool, confident person
· BEASTLY Being good at something, cool
· BOOK Cool (predictive text )
· BOSS Cool, awesome
· BRILL Brilliant, cool
· CAAC Cool As A Cucumber
· CAT Cool person
Computed Axial Tomography
· CEWL Cool
· CLASS Cool, excellent
· COO Cool
· COOL Awesome, great
· COOL BEANS Cool, awesome, great
· COOLIN same as CHILLing
· COPACETIC Cool, OK, excellent
· CSB Cool Story Bro (sarcastic)
· DAVID Cool guy
· DECK Cool
Punch hard
· DEECE Decent, cool, great
· DEF Cool, great, excellent
· DENCH Awesome, cool
· DIAO Cool, hip
· ENO Awesome, cool
· FETCH Cool, trendy, awesome
· FIRME Cool, good, nice
· FLY Zipper
Awesome, cool
· FRESH Very good, cool
· GROOL Great and Cool
· GROOVY Cool, awesome
· HCIT How Cool Is That?
· HECTIC Cool, good
· HEP Hip, cool
· HIP Cool, stylish, contemporary
· ILL Cool, tight, etc
· ILLY Fresh, cool
· JYEAH Cool version of Yeah
· KEWL Cool
· KIFF Cool
· KK OK, cool
· KL Cool
· KLKL Cool Cool
· KOO Cool
· KOOL Cool
· KUL Cool
· KWEL Cool
· KWL Cool
· LEKKER Cool, sexy
· MEAN Cool
· MINT Nice, cool
· N/C Not Cool
· NANG Cool, wicked, good
· NATTY Natural Light beer
Smart, good, cool
· NEAT-O Cool
· PRESH Precious
Awesome, cool
· QL Cool
Quietly Laughing
· RAD Radical, cool
· RAPID Cool, excellent
· SICK Awesome, cool
· SKN OK, cool, whatever
· SLICK Sharp, cool, smooth
· SOLID Cool, awesome
· SOOD Cool
· SOUND Cool, awesome, good
· STOPE Awesome, cool
· SWAGG Style, coolness, confidence
· SWANK Cool, classy
Single Woman And No Kids
Second Wife And No Kids
· TCFS Too Cool For School
· THE BOMB Really cool
· TIDY Cool, good
· WEPA All right, cool, yeah!
· YC You’re Cool/Cute/Crazy