What Can Happen When I Take Adrenal Fatigue Supplements?

Adrenal fatigue is a condition that develops when the adrenal glands have become weakened due to the production of excessive amounts of cortisol. Once the glands are basically exhausted from the effort, it’s no longer possible to product healthy amounts of cortisol. The result is that fatigue impacts the body in a number of ways.

The good news is that it’s possible to overcome the condition using nutrition. With the aid of the right adrenal fatigue supplements at Supergoodstuff.com, the adrenal glands can recover and once again function normally. Here are some of the benefits that come your way as the nutrition in the supplements begins to take effect.

You No Longer Feel Tired When You Wake Up


It’s no secret that adrenal fatigue has a negative impact on sleep. For some, it’s the quality of the sleep; it’s never quite deep enough to truly provide refreshment. Others develop insomnia that robs them of all but the smallest amount of sleep. In both scenarios, morning doesn’t come with a sense of feeling rested and energized. Instead, the fatigue is still there.

As the supplements begin to nourish the adrenal glands, sleep begins to come more easily. Best of all, it’s the deep recuperative sleep that everyone needs. The result is that you slowly begin to feel more revitalized in the morning instead of remaining tired.

There Aren’t Sudden Bouts of Excessive Fatigue During the Day


Adrenal fatigue also causes sudden drops in energy throughout the day. Above and beyond the general fatigue, you may suddenly feel as if there’s no way you can put one foot in front o the other. This can happen any time of day, but it’s more likely to be worse in the afternoons.

As the nutritional supplements begin to kick in, you’ll notice that the general feeling of fatigue is not quite so pronounced. At the same time, the frequency and severity of those sudden drops in energy during the day lessens. As the adrenal glands begin to recover and once again product reasonable amounts of cortisol, you may find those bouts go away completely.

Your Mood Becomes More Even

Adrenal fatigue affects more than your physical well-being. It can also do a number of your emotions. Specifically, you may be on edge more often. Every little thing gets to you and could cause anger. It’s also possible that you begin to experience anxiety or have panic attacks from time to time. Those only serve to make the fatigue worse.

Thanks to the supplementation, you notice that your nerves seem to be steadier. The potential for panic attacks or general anxiety begin to wane. You also notice that your mood is more even and that things don’t get to you quite as often. This will be relief to you and certainly help keep your relationships with others on a more even keel.

And It’s Easier to Handle Day to Day Stress

There’s no such thing as a day without stress. No matter what you do and where you are, there will be some. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and normally your body would produce enough cortisol to help you handle the stress. With depleted adrenal glands, that’s no longer the case.

With the healing of the adrenal glands comes the ability to produce enough cortisol. You in turn are once again capable of dealing with stress at work, at home, or wherever you happen to be. That will go a long way toward helping you get through the day.

Concentration is Easier Now


One of the things that adrenal fatigue robbed you of was the ability to focus on tasks and get things done. Common tasks that you once did almost without thinking now require a great deal of concentration. That’s not the way things have to be.

Thanks to the aid provided by the supplements, you begin to recover the ability to concentrate and focus. That makes a world of difference when carrying out responsibilities at work, getting special projects done, or even trying to follow a recipe when making dinner. You’ll even find that reading a book or watching some type of entertainment is more rewarding, since you can focus enough to follow the action.

Food Cravings Return to Normal

Owning to the condition of your adrenal glands, food cravings have increased. At times, you crave something salty. There are other times when you want something that’s sweet. Even when you’ve just had a meal and are full, the cravings persist.

The nutrition that comes from the supplements helps to correct this. As the adrenal glands improve, those cravings are less severe and don’t happen at all. You’ll still have cravings from time to time, but they will no longer seem to be constant or as severe.

Your Immune System Gains Strength Too

The havoc that adrenal fatigue wreaks on the body and mind also place a burden on the immune system. Keeping up with all the effects caused by the fatigue and trying to counteract them can lead to a weakened system. As the adrenal glands improve, some of that burden is alleviated and your immune system can once again function normally.

You Enjoy Coffee For the Taste and Not Because of the Caffeine Boost


You loved a cup of coffee in the morning long before developing adrenal fatigue. It was a pleasure that you enjoyed. Sometimes you even had a cup with dinner. While you did enjoy the slight boost, the main draw was the taste.

With adrenal fatigue, you found yourself downing coffee more often. It was the caffeine that you hoped would counteract some of the tiredness. Coffee was no longer a pleasure but a necessity.

With the supplements helping to boost your glands, the dependency on multiple cups of coffee begins to subside. It once again becomes all about the taste, the temperature, and the chance to relax for a little while. That’s a good feeling.

The key is to find the right adrenal fatigue supplements that address the severity of your condition. A healthcare professional can assess your situation and determine if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue or some other ailment. Once the supplements are selected, give them a month or two to begin repairing the damage. Little by little, you’ll begin to feel like yourself again and have enough energy to get through the day.