Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoe – 2024 Buying Guide

Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis shoe is one of the best shoe suitable for tennis players featuring with breathable synthetic mesh and rubber sole for utmost grip on the court.

Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Approach Tennis Shoe


Adidas Men’s Approach tennis shoe is well-made and good quality product that offers comfort and stability, moreover, the price is very attractive. This Adidas shoe is for those tennis players who play on hard court. Because, the ADIWEAR outsole of this shoe; provides stability and good movement.

The sole could also be for the players if they are looking for excellent cushioning with allowing feet to breathe. The upper of the Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoe has made of synthetic fiber which helps to stay comfortable during playing game by improving breathability.

One of the great things about this shoe is ADIWEAR outsole which keeps the shoe stable throughout the game. Simply, this feature offers the shoe to last long. 

Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis shoes are a high quality, excellent shoes for tennis players with good resistance and manufactured with rubber outsole for a stable grip. And, it helps the shoe lasting for a long time.

Synthetic upper with perforations provide ventilation and prevent the foot from overheating. ADIWEAR outsole provides durability. The low-top shaft from arch offers perfect fitting of the shoe.

Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoes has a chassis that creates higher stability and support in the midfoot to provide extra flexibility and freedom in the forefoot. With a firm and robust under the heel cushioning, you get better comfort and tender service. No more worries about pains and fatigue after a long game. Sole is made with the best rubber which is more sturdy and longlasting than other materials. It can withstand the pressure caused by the harshest weather conditions and also wet terrains. Wear them with peace of mind, not minding about the atmospheric conditions.

Another feature is the soft synthetic upper made to improve breathability and ensure you have ultimate comfort. Besides, your feet will stay dry, alleviating you from problems caused by humid temperatures such as odors and also bacterial infections. The outsole on this shoe is probably its best feature.

This is designed to be an everyday training shoe, so it’s going to stand the test of time. The cushioned midsole also provides explosive power in every step, which means you can get around to the other side of the table quicker than ever before.

Looking at the design, the picture tells you all. It is so fashionable with the lace-up closure. Beautiful stitching could also be seen along with the feet protecting cover.


Product dimensions 13.6 x 9.1 x 4.8 inches
Item model number BB7664
Synthetic Yes
Imported Yes
Sole Rubber
Shaft measures Low-top from arch
Adizero Approach Yes
Outsole Rubber (Excellent Grip)
  • Affordable.
  • Durable material.
  • Breathable design.
  • Little bit expensive.