Academic Appeals Process and Why You Need Academic Appeals Lawyer

Most universities and colleges experience incidents where students are not satisfied with the academic results offered to them. In such a scenario, a grievance procedure and a complaint procedure is put in place for the students. Universities avail an academic appeal process in which a dissatisfied student presents their complaints. If the student exhausts that, they are granted the right of complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator(OIA).

At this level, you will need to have a lawyer who will walk with you and present your academic satisfaction case to court or the office of the independent adjudicator. It is tricky to achieve a successful appeal on your own. With an academic appeals lawyer such as Lento Law Firm you will be able to demonstrate that the university has misplaced its rules regarding your case and how this has affected your performance one way or another. But who is an academic appeal lawyer?

Who is an Academic Appeals Lawyer?

An academic appeal lawyer is a legal advisor to students in universities and colleges to help them understand their rights and present their academic appeals to the court. The lawyer needs to get facts, write the appeal and submit it to the college or the university, and present a legal argument in front of the school’s legal advisor on behalf of the student.

Circumstances In Which You May Need an Academic Appeal

  1. A decision has been made affecting your progress- Sometimes, a decision might be made that can hinder the continuity of your studies—for instance, a decision to terminate your registration.
  2. A decision made to lower your award- You might be transferred to a lower award after probation, which will be dissatisfying. This calls for an academic appeal action looking to get that decision changed.
  3. A decision to make no award to you- Following a decision not to award you,  your studies will be terminated. It will not be fair not to get certified by your university after all the time and money you have invested in that course. Appealing for a change in that decision is the way to go.
  4. A decision to award you a lower qualification than what you are qualified for In some incidents, you might get recommended for a course lower than what you registered for. For example, you might register for a Master’s degree, and you recommend a postgraduate diploma.
  5. A decision that forces you to interrupt your studies – For instance, you may be granted an opportunity to get assessed again in your previously failed modules in a resit without residence year.
  6. A decision leads to underperformance – In some cases, you may experience poor supervision, bullying from senior students and lecturers, and ill health during an examination, which can lead you to underachieve your targets.

Reasons Why You Need an Academic Appeal Lawyer

As a student looking to challenge university or college seniors’ judgment against you, an academic appeal is the closest thing worth considering. Below are the reasons you should have a lawyer while making an academic appeal against your institution of study.

  •         Trustworthy- If you are filing an appeal against a decision made by your institution of study, this makes you their challenger. In such a situation, you cannot trust or expect them to make the next decision in your favor. You can only trust your academic appeal lawyer to ensure a fair decision.
  •         Reliable and available – Academic appeals lawyers will be available to you and your case from the beginning until the case is resolved. You can rely on your academic appeals lawyer to get better resolutions to your case since they have the experience and knowledge needed.
  •         Ensure successful outcome- With the knowledge academic appeals lawyers accumulate over the years, it is a guarantee that your case will be resolved in your best interest.
  •         Provides written samples.- Your academic appeal lawyer will obtain a written statement that you can refer to as a template. The lawyer will also send an appeal on your behalf to your institution of study.
  •         Reduces stress- Having invested your time and money into that course can be draining. The news that you may not live to see your graduation day is heartbreaking and stressful. An academic appeals lawyer at your disposal will ease your frustrations.
  •         Speeds up the process and gets resolutions faster.
  •         Gives you legal protection against the institution – Due to lack of legal knowledge, you might be exploited by the institution in different ways, such as financially, emotionally, and academically. With an academic appeal lawyer, you stand to be secure of all that.
  •         Provides smooth studies and minimum changes in your daily timetable- You do not have to put your studies on hold to attend to the appeal process with a lawyer at your disposal. Your academic appeal lawyer will attend to your grievances while you continue attending classes for the other course you are taking.
  •         Provides educational law knowledge necessary to propel your appeal to success. Education law knowledge is the basic tool for a successful academic appeal case. With an expert academic appeal lawyer, it is guaranteed that the prior decision will be reconsidered.

Process of Filing an Appeal With an Academic Appeals Lawyer

Filling an appeal with the help of an appeal lawyer is easy. All you need to do is follow up on the few steps outlined for you.

  • First, you need to identify a lawyer who is an expert in dealing with academic appeals.
  • After identifying, you will need to contact your lawyer through the mail, pay a visit or just make a call.
  • After connecting with your academic appeal lawyer, discuss your particular matter and how they will help you.
  • Once instructed, your academic appeal lawyer will conduct research if necessary, arrange a detailed consumption and provide you with written documents.
  • Your academic appeal lawyer will also represent you at hearings if necessary.

Parting Shot

Ranging from academic suspension appeals, academic dismissal appeals, grade appeals, and probation appeals, an academic appeals lawyer is the key ‘ingredient’ to a successful academic appeal of any kind. You do not have to worry about putting everything on hold in order to deal with your ongoing academic appeal case. All you have to do is contact the best academic appeals lawyer.