Funny 12 Days of Gift Ideas for Christmas: Spread Laughter!

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than by putting a new spin on the “12 Days of Christmas?” tradition? Why not inject humor and creativity in your gift giving this year instead of the usual partridges and pear trees, and maids-amilking?

This article will explore 12 unique and hilarious gift ideas to celebrate each day of Christmas. These unconventional gifts will bring laughter and joy to your loved ones!

What does “12 Days of Christmas” mean?

The popular Christmas carol “12 Days of Christmas”, which begins on December 25th, ends on January 5, lists 12 gifts that are given in the 12 days after Christmas. Each verse introduces a new gift. The traditional meaning behind each day’s present is:

  • A partridge in a pear tree: The symbolism of Jesus Christ is represented by the partridge, which represents Christ, and the pear trees representing the cross.
  • Two Turtle Doves: Symbolizes the ancient wisdom from the Old Testament, and the new beginnings in the New Testament.
  • Three French Hens is a symbol of the three virtues (theological virtues): faith, love, and hope.
  • Four calling birds: These are sometimes called “colly” blackbirds and represent the four Gospels Matthew, Mark Luke and John.
  • Five golden rings: This represents the Torah, or the Pentateuch.
  • Six geese laying: the six days of creation as described in Genesis.
  • Seven Swans Swimming: This symbol represents the seven gifts of Holy Spirit: prophecy (prophecy), ministry, teaching (exhortation), giving, leading and compassion.
  • Eight Maids a-Milking represents the eight beatitudes of Jesus’ Sermon on Mount.
  • Nine Ladies Dancing: This is often thought to represent nine fruits of Holy Spirit, including love, joy and peace, as well as kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control.
  • Ten Lords A Leaping: According to some interpretations, these lords are the Ten Commandments.
  • Eleven Pipers: This piping represents the eleven apostles who remained faithful to Jesus following Judas’ betrayal.
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming: This is a common way to represent the twelve points in the Apostles’ Creed.

The meanings listed below are only one interpretation of the song’s symbolism. Over time, the song has evolved and been changed. Different cultures have different interpretations.

What is a good gift to give 12 days before Christmas?

In addition to the actual meaning of gifts like funny personalized funny gifts, clothes, books, etc.. we’ve created a list with 12 funny Christmas gift ideas. Let’s enter the world of creativity and laughter!

  • Day 1: Parody Portraits

Gift your loved one with a parody picture to kick off the 12-day laughathon. You can replace the classic Mona Lisa with your friend’s goofy smile or make them into a historical figure with a funny twist. This gift will make everyone laugh.

  • Day 2: Mismatched Socks

Give mismatched socks as a gift on the second day. Not just any mismatched socks, but socks with outrageous designs, funny faces or hilarious puns. These socks will add a little whimsy and a smile to the face of your loved ones.

  • Day 3: Quirky coffee mugs

Consider gifting a set of unique coffee mugs on the third day. Find mugs that have witty slogans or amusing caricatures. You can even find mugs that change color when you fill them with hot beverages. This is one of 12 funny Christmas gift ideas for mornings that are sure to be more enjoyable.

  • Day 4: Wall Clocks


Surprise your friend on the fourth day with a funny wall clock. Choose a clock that has funny animations or unusual shapes. They’ll remember your humorous and thoughtful gift every time they look at the clock.

  • Day 5: Rubber Chicken Orchestra

On the fifth day, create a rubber chickens orchestra. The rubber fowls aren’t able to sing, but their silly squawking can certainly make people laugh. This is a great gift for people who enjoy offbeat humor.

  • Day 6: Comedy Club Tickets

Treat your loved one on day six to a night full of laughter in a comedy club. Book tickets to a comedy club in your area for an evening of laughter. This gift promises to bring you a lot of laughter and create unforgettable memories.

  • Day 7: Punderful Books

Enjoy wordplay and puns on the seventh of July with this collection of books. These puns will make you laugh and groan at the same time. This is the perfect gift for any pun lover in your life.

  • Day 8: Dancing Gnomes

Introduce dancing gnomes to the garden of your loved ones on the eighth day. These dancing gnomes will delight anyone who watches them. These gnomes are a great addition to any outdoor area.

  • Day 9: Inflatable Sumo Suits

Sumo suits will bring the fun to a whole new level on day nine. These inflatable costumes are so big that they will make any event into a hilarious wrestling match. This gift is guaranteed to bring out the best in people.

  • Day 10: Silly shower curtains


Bring humor to the bathroom on the tenth. Use a funny shower curtain. Choose a shower curtain with an unexpected design or a funny optical illusion. This gift will make your daily routine a laugh-out-loud experience.

  • Day 11: Chuckle-Inducing Chocolates

Chocolates that make you laugh are the perfect way to sweeten your day eleven. Find chocolates in funny shapes and with humorous messages. This delightful treat combines chocolate and laughter.

  • Day 12: Whoopee Cushion Bonanza

Wrap up 12 days of laughs with a whoopee-cushion bonanza. Spread whoopee pillows around the home, office, or car of your loved ones. The whoopee cushions will make you laugh long after the holiday season.

Wrap your gifts in style to make Christmas extra special


Here are some great gift wrapping ideas to make your Christmas extra special.

  1. Wrapping paper with a classic elegance: Enhance gifts with festive, high-quality wrapping papers. Precision cut and discretely taped. Add a beautiful bow or ribbon for an elegant, classic touch.
  2. DIY Personalized Wrapping: Create custom wrapping paper to add a personal touch. Decorate your wrapping paper with hand-painted patterns, stamps or drawings. Personalize the gift with a message or the recipient’s first name.
  3. Use reusable fabrics like scarves to wrap your gifts. Furoshiki is a beautiful wrapping technique. Finish off with stylish bows or knots to add a unique and sustainable touch.
  4. Gift boxes and Tins: Add a decorative touch to your presentation by using gift boxes or tins. Tissue paper can be used to cushion and add color. Decorate your gift with ribbons, stickers or ornaments to give it a polished appearance.
  5. Mason Jar presents: Ideal for homemade goodies. In mason jars, layer ingredients or other items. For a thoughtful, charming gift, top with fabric or paper. Secure with twine or a ribbon.
  6. Nature-Inspired wrapping: Bring nature inside. Use pinecones or dried flowers. Add evergreens or holly to the wreath and secure with twine for an eco-friendly rustic touch.
  7. Photo Gift Tags: Replace tags with your own photos. Attach the recipient’s photo or favorite memory. This adds a personal touch to the gift.
  8. Create unique gift boxes using decorative paper. Fill with ribbons or paper bows and finish. Online tutorials for Origami help you create unique packaging.
  9. Multi-layered wrapping: Build anticipation by using multiple layers of paper. Each layer is a different color or pattern, which adds excitement to the unwrapping process.
  10. Choose stylish bags, and then fill them with papers to create a plush base. Add small ornaments and greenery to give your gifts a unique, elegant touch.

These 12 funny Christmas gift ideas will make you laugh and bring joy to your loved ones. These gifts will create a lasting memory and bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces. Don’t forget the suggestions we have given above to make your gifts special. Prepare to celebrate the holidays in a humorous, warm, and whimsical way!